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1. Krav Maga Stourbridge - Dudley

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Krav Maga Stourbridge
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Address: Pedmore Technology College, Grange Rd, Pedmore, Stourbridge DY9 7HS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8PM Mon

Telephone: +44 7958 923379

Business type: Martial arts school

Krav Maga Stourbridge: what do users think?
Greg Lee: Have been training with Chris for a year, his training skills are excellent. Not only teaching krav maga but the encouragement he gives during training is great. From having no experience or confidence to now having confidence, being  fitter and healthier. Also have made a great group of friends, can't thank him enough.
Michael Richmond: Training is decent but their payment subscription is ridiculous/a scam!Equivalent to £10 per session for a single hour session weekly (Definitely not worth) or you are stuck with paying £59 a month for (up to) 4 sessions a week BUT its in 2 different cities meaning twice a week is more likely. So 8 sessions a month is £59. (so £7.37 per lesson/hour)They would be so much better if they just made a subscription you can pay for 2 sessions per week at one site at £4-5 per session. Theres also a £45 joining fee to top it off. (and then pay for their uniform on top of that).Pure predatory tactics for money.For this reason i'll stick to my jiu-jitsu/muay thai gym that is 6 hourly sessions a week (11 sessions for advanced) for only £75 a month and at one site (just over £3 a session for beginners and £1.70 for advanced students if you went to all classes) and only a £30 joining fee.
Harry Watkins: Un professional
David Cooper: Fantastic atmosphere, great people, great instructor.
Darren Kiteley: With a relaxed but effective training,like minded people and a confidence inspiring instructor Krav Maga gives you self belief and fitness with a smile. Chris Lee is a wonderful instructor giving clear demonstrations with calm but clear training. So glad I joined and met great like minded friends.
ODS SHOP: I have been training with Chris just under a year now, he is by far one of the best instructors I've ever trained with, I've enjoyed his classes, you really breaks down each manoeuvre and we go over it again and again until we get it, I have actually used one of the moves taught by Chris in a real face-to-face confrontation at work, and I didn't even need to think what I had to do,,, I just did it because it became second nature!! I can't thank you enough for what he has told me so far and what he is going to teach us in the coming future, I highly recommend Chris as your Krav Maga instructor, he is as opening honest as they come, he really put his heart into teaching and one can tell when one trains with Chris!!!
Tracey: I have been Training at stourbridge Krav Maga for around 6 months and have gained lots of knowledge and confidence, Chris is a very patient instructor with lots of experience and the whole group are very friendly and welcoming.whether your looking to improve fitness or learn some potenentially life saving skills id reccomend.
James “Jimmy” Barnes: As a new comer to Krav Maga, but with martial arts experience I can say these classes are excellent. Everyone is welcoming, friendly and supportive whilst pushing you to train hard. Whether it’s to gain fitness…build knowledge or improve self confidence these classes deliver. The instructor, Chris, has a wealth of knowledge that is evident in his teaching. Highly recommended!
Glen Taylor: Fantastic tuition, Chris runs a really great class and the students are very friendly too.
Lisa Marsh: My son has so much more confidence now & has learnt some really important new skills... Chris has been an amazing instructer & I strongly recommend him as a teacher. He's fab! I'll definitely send my other kids when they hit 16!
Martyn H: Highly recommended, comfortable atmosphere to learn in. Good clear instruction from Chris 👍
Allia Khan: Chris is a very experienced instructor and all sessions are fab. Highly recommended. He provides open minded training and delivers an aggressive and realistic survival system.
Emily Moseley: I joined this club with my dad and boyfriend, we are all very impressed by the classes. The instructor Chris is brilliant and everyone is really friendly. We would all recommend this club!
Krav Maga Bristol: Lovely Instructor in Chris Lee, highly reccomended. If you are looking for a friendly group and great Instruction give Chris a try.
david campbell: I've been training with chis at pedmore tech for almost a year now and i cant recommend him and his class enough , Chis is patient and thorough with the students and despite me feeling apprehensive at my first lesson he put me at ease almost immediately . The class is a good mix of people of all shapes ,sizes ,abilities and ages . there is a really good atmosphere at the class . id recommend it to anybody both for fitness and self defence . both my fitness levels and confidence have increased dramatically

2. Krav Maga West - Wolverhampton - Wolverhampton

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Krav Maga West - Wolverhampton
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Address: Newhampton Art Centre, Dunkley St, Wolverhampton WV1 4AN, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30PM Tue

Telephone: +44 7939 183173

Business type: Self defense school

Krav Maga West - Wolverhampton: what do users think?
Luke Southall: Great experience with a great bunch of people. You learn a lot in each session and have a great time. Harj is a great teacher would highly recommend.
Terry OBrien: Krav Maga West are great classes for both the social aspect and also learning different skills weekly. Harj is an excellent instructor and his knowledge and experience stand out for all. I’d recommend to anyone thinking of learning a new skill set, fitness, self defence and a great bunch of people to train and socialise with.
Jag K: Not often your expectations of groups like this are surpassed, but the breadth of knowledge shared in these sessions is excellent.Would highly recommend a taster session, Harj and the group will ensure you’ll return. From situational learning, to expert techniques translated into enjoyable practice sessions and 1.5 hours of a cardio workout … without doubt, one of the best groups I’ve joined.
Rebaz Freestyle: Great way to learn real life self defense here! Coach Harj is very professional and knows how to teach in a best / friendly way 👊
Gary Hardiman: Harj is a great ambassador for Krav Maga, he's warm and friendly which really helped a new starter like myself. The training is paced for all levels so you won't feel left behind, and the other students really made me feel welcome.
Gurdip Aujla: Would highly recommend checking KMW out if you're on the fence. Many light bulb moments for myself with regards to technique - with the help, advice and hands on mentoring with Harj. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Andrzej Rajski: Very good place 👍🏼
Lauren Allman: Everyone is so friendly and approachable and Harj is a great leader, explaining each step and incorporating it into the wider environment. Can't wait to go back
Rod Phillips: From the outset the team were warm and welcoming. Then once the training began it was intense and exciting
Nathaniel O: Great in-depth training, taken through all possibilities and the best outcomes
Alistair Ridley: Instructors are extremely friendly and down to earth and have a passion for ensuring safety. Students here are polite welcoming and caring. I had to stop due to work and being unable to commit however i have learnt valuable life lessons in identifying threats and how to deal with them adaquately.Would recommend 100%
Surinder Bains: Excellent instruction by harj, great bunch of people to train with too. Very welcoming for a Newby .But as a self defence , and I've only been hear a few weeks, this gives you a lot more self confidence.Highly recommend KMW and harj.Absolutely awesome school.
Stacey and Rob Belcher: I have been attending Krav Maga West for just over 6 months now and I LOVE IT!It is way out of my comfort zone as I don't swear and have never been in a fight. However, everyone in the class is friendly and willing to help. Harj our instructor is fab, his style of teaching is excellent and he has patience with you if you don't quite get it (which he needs with someone as uncoordinated as me!).I look forward to Tuesday every week and can't wait to find out what we are going to learn.If you are looking into self-defence lessons I'd definitely recommend Krav Maga West!
Murray Kelso: It always sounds like a copy/paste advert when people say "suitable for all ages and fitness levels" but this really is. I'm 49 and started a couple of months back having realised that I needed at least some level of fitness to help with my middle-aged aches and pains.KMW is suitable for all ages and fitness levels - and I'm the proof. There's no pressure, no singling people out (just the regulars who are comfortable with helping to demonstrate) and nobody shouting in your face like a sergeant major. In fact Harj, who leads the class, is a softly-spoken fella who encourages and explains rather than bullies and forces you to take part. He's lightning fast and hits like a sledgehammer, though, so don't be fooled 😉Other than the age/fitness thing, KMW is a mixed class and fine for all shapes and sizes. It's hard work and you might get a bruise or two, but it's a contact fighty thing, so... you know.Well worth giving it a shot if you fancy doing something martial-artsy or just simply getting fitter without going for boring runs.
James Isaac: I have recently taken up training at KMW, and I am loving it so far, I have learned so much in the short amount of time I have been going and looking forward to how far I can push myself.The trainers are professional, and teaches the principles and understandings of each move taught. My confidence has grown since starting this journey more then I thought it would, I look forward to the next training session and learning more.I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to push themselves.
Jimmy Ashley: I have been training with Harj and Rich for four years and have loved every minute of the journey so far. Krav Maga has improved my fitness and situational awareness beyond measure and has given me a new sense of self confidence. All training is delivered in a measured and professional manner by fully qualified and knowledgeable instructors and is as realistic as scenario based training can be. If you are considering giving it a try book in you won’t regret it.
Tony: From my experience, KMW classes are taught by Harj with a particular focus on practical applications for both amateur and expert in mind. His energy and evident experience match his ability to demonstrate and teach scenarios/situations clearly and concisely.
Rycki Jay: I started here about a year ago. The class is brilliant and very welcoming. The instructors are awesome and helpful. I can't recommend these enough, take the first step and try your first session!
Adam Cooper: I'd recommend KMWest to anyone who is looking to learn some real world self defense or just to increase their fitness and confidence. In terms of instruction, it doesn't get much better that Harj and Rich who run KMWest. They are always there to push you further than you thought you could go, and both of their skill and knowledge sets are mind blowing!
Dominic: Recently joined the club and very warm and welcoming.Professional coaches with real insight into the subject, would reccomend.
Chris Parkhouse: Met some great people and the instructors are super friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about joining

3. Krav4Kids - Kingswinford/Dudley - Dudley

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Krav4Kids - Kingswinford/Dudley
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Address: Crestwood School, Bromley Ln, Kingswinford, DY6 8QG, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30PM Thu

Telephone: +44 7866 725387

Business type: Self defense school

4. Krav Maga West - West Bromwich - Sandwell

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Krav Maga West - West Bromwich
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Address: Lodge Community Centre, Lodge Rd, West Bromwich B70 8PJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:45PM Wed

Telephone: +44 7939 183173

Business type: Self defense school

Krav Maga West - West Bromwich: what do users think?
Sophie K: Cannot recommend Harj enough. I’ve had a couple of sessions so far and I’ve learnt so much already and feel so much more confident. Great teaching style and well planned lessons. I am excited to continue my journey 😁
Annamika Kalsi: Absolutely love and look forward to every lesson. Everyone is so welcoming and professional, with intent to learn. Harj is an excellent teacher, and will always guide you individually if you do struggle. He always looks out for his students in case of any injuries, in and outside the lessons. I really would recommend to anyone who is willing to learn and is serious about Krav Maga.
Sunny Singh: Really friendly welcoming club and instructor. Highly recommended for all levels of ability 👍🏽
Jonesuk: Really friendly and welcoming. Never done anything like this before and I'm really glad I joined. Jabir xxx
Adem Altinsoy: Friendly members and instructor is amazing.Highly recommend KMW for anyone
Andrzej Rajski: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueVery good place 👍🏼
James Roberts: Great place to train, the Krav Maga system is by far the most effective I've seen and Harj is a great teacher. The classes are a blast, hard work but always fun, I would recommended to anyone.
harpal johal: Hey I’d like to recommend Krav Maga West as a great place to learn self defence to help deal with real life situations. The Trainer Harj Sohal is very experienced and highly engaging with superb communication skills and teaching style. Harj makes the class very engaging and fun.I highly recommend anyone looking to improve their knowledge and skill set in martial arts to try Krav Maga. It improves your self confidence whilst arming you with practical solutions to many everyday situations that occur in society on a daily basis. I’m thoroughly enjoying my experience at this club. Hopefully you will too.
Sebastian Lason: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Shaun Senior: I had been waiting to join this club for sometime but due to covid it was delayedI was kept in the loop by email what was happening I managed to book a taster sessionI was greater by everybody at the classI have been trying to find a club that's not all about the moneyThe class is taught in an excellent manner and is broken down in easy stepsI would recommend this club to anybodyGreat club great atmosphere
Justina Gibbs: Just started training at the West Brom class. Harj is an extremely informative and knowledgeable Instructor. The classes are delivered at and for all levels and delivered to a high standard. I feel I've learnt so much already. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. I definitely recommend training here.
Louisa Fleming: Great place! Really welcoming, and instructor and content couldn't be better!
Chris Mellor: Fantastic instructor and a super bunch of people. Would definitely recommend 👍👍👍
Daniel Turner: Great club! Great instructor! Great people!
Raj Kang: The classes are well structured and the content is very applicable to real life situations. The instructor definitely knows his craft and i recommend this class to anyone who wants to know how to defend themselves
Andy Mullan: I've been training here for 3 plus years, the lesson learned and the increase in confidence is tremendous, I would recommend it to both total beginners with no experience through to seasoned martial artists to develop their skill and increase their street safety.
Jason Gregory: Brilliant instructor brilliant people brilliant content. Can't recommend these guys enough. After over three years with these people you still learn something new every class. If you want a friendly non intimidating professional well structured Krav Maga class then this is for you.
SPARTAN Polska Szkola Walki: Best Krav Maga class!
Karamjit Singh: The class is run by an unpretentious, good humoured instructor who carefully plans lessons. The classes offer realistic solutions to scenarios that we all hope we will never have to face but unfortunately we need to be prepared for. My only regret is that I did not join the class sooner.
chris williams: Brilliant and informative class with a very personal feel. Highly knowledgeable instructor who is able to make the material accessible from the very first class. Lovely group of people too!

5. Krav Maga Central - Birmingham

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Krav Maga Central
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Address: Stevie B's Gym, Station Rd, Birmingham, B27 6DN, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 7956 595224

Business type: Self defense school

Krav Maga Central: what do users think?
Donald Holder: Best gym ever,great atmosphere, loverly staff,a wealth of knowledge from Steve and Sarah.
Philip Wallace: Best gym I've ever used great atmosphere amazing owners and staff true friends
YZ: Very good gym
stas Namin: Marvellous
Sophie Shorthouse: Great gym, family atmosphere. Highly recommended. Everybody is so supportive.
Nad: I visit the Sparkhill gym.Overall average gym, especially with the better maintained chain gyms, you will get a work out, a decent one at that, but this more of a “hardcore” gym, a few things you should know-No heating onToilets out of bounds, no washing facilities during a pandemic not good.Lack of blue roll to wipe down equipment but anti bac cleaner present.1 squat rack, and some equipment has tears.Counter not manned at all times.
Iloxzl: Sick💥💥💥
Donn Alvin: Good place to work out
Munir Siddique: Plenty of free weights and parking available
Ja C: I've noticed when the Stevie leaves the young lad gets all his mates in the music is shocking, rowing machine needs fixing foot strap is snapped, you can't run long on one of the machine as the belt sticks which is dangerous....
Petru Groza: Fine
Karl Bingham: Start this month. Looks a great gym
Mild Saint: RECOMMEND 100%Great gym and Steve & Sarah are great too.... very professional but laid back they have the perfect balance... very accommodating and interact brilliant with customers/gym members.. never too busy to help or to give out advice
FLASH BASSI: Very friendly and welcoming. Amazingly equipped.
Steve Morris: My grandson loves it there
Joker: Joined yesterday definitely in my top two gyms in UK hotstuff Sarah a diamond lady and her husband Stevie a gentleman friendly vibe and great old school gym got everything you need for a great workout
Irina Hvarchilkova: Very nice and friendly staff. The atmosphere is feeling good and the people as well. The uquipment is enough for any kind of workouts (heavy lifting, cardio, HIIT, self weight exercises, etc. The number of dumbells and barbells is sufficient. There is also a big soft mat.There is no A/C however, the temperature is fine. The toilet is not perfect but it does the job.It gets a bit over-crowded between 4:30pm and 6:30pm, so if you available at other time is better.About the prices, they make us a very good offer for my husband and I. We've paid less than 180£ totally, for both of us, for a hole year unlimited access. This price is better than we've paid before.Overall we're very happy with the gym and we are feeling well there :).
Andrzej Rajski: Good
Haris Nabi: Best gym, lovely people and amazing owners
Azharul Islam: Best gym for building and martial arts.
jake stokes: I've been bodybuilding here for years. Great equipment and great staff.

6. Krav Maga Mayhem - Bromsgrove

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Address: Krav Maga Mayhem Office, 17 Marjoram Cl, Birmingham B38 9QX, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 7846 067076

Business type: Self defense school

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