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1. MedicSpot Clinic Dudley Priory Road - Dudley

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MedicSpot Clinic Dudley Priory Road
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Address: 95-97 Priory Rd, Dudley, DY1 4EH, United Kingdom

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +44 1384 319384

Business type: Medical clinic

MedicSpot Clinic Dudley Priory Road: what do users think?
Nik Southall: Easy to use and excellent speed of service. Staff were helpful with my prescription. The doctor I saw was very reassuring and listened. You clearly get what you pay for!

2. LymphCare UK - Dudley

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LymphCare UK
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Address: Central Clinic, Hall St, Dudley DY2 7BX, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1384 365014

Business type: Medical clinic

3. Northway Medical Centre - Wolverhampton

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8 reviews
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Northway Medical Centre
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Address: 8 Alderwood Precinct, Dudley, DY3 3QY, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1902 885180

Business type: Medical clinic

Northway Medical Centre: what do users think?
Rowan Warmington: My wife and I have only recently joined this practice after moving into the area and so far i cannot fault them, they are attentive, helpful, considerate and informative, in this current climate of a lot of General Practitioners not really meeting the grade and falling short of expected service. Northway Medical Practice sets the bar well and truly higher. My wife has had direct contact back from GP's and not messages passed via reception staff and we feel like the surgery makes it their ethos to offer a person centred care approach so that we feel valued. Incredible and should be awarded for such patient care. I really hope this continues.
The Bandit: Never Had a problem with the Medical staff at the surgery, but bee on your toes with the Counter Staff. Like all NHS underpaid understaffed.
Victoria Copson: Very efficient doctors surgery.. receptionists are pleasant and really helpful. Doctor is the best I’ve ever dealt with.
Lee Mcarthy: Have never had an issue with the doctors or the reception staff, they're all lovely. My stars are not related to their professionalism but are related to the difficulty I've always had when attempting to get through, the phone is always engaged which can be quite frustrating when you need to speak to a doctor.
jennifer davies: Both myself and my husband have had our covid vaccinations with you. I would like to say thank you to all members of your vaccination team, for their professionalism, pleasantness and slickness of the sessions we attended.Take care, keep safe.
Susan Lee: This has been my Doctors surgery for over 30 years since i was a child. Can be difficult to get an appointment at times but this is like any other doctors surgery. I couldnt get an appointment once when suffering from bad anxiety but they managed to get me in when i explained how ill i was. Dr H Moran is an excellent doctor and extremely thorough.

4. Lower Gornal Medical Practice - Dudley

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15 reviews
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Lower Gornal Medical Practice
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Address: Bull St, Dudley, DY3 2NQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1384 322422

Business type: Medical clinic

Lower Gornal Medical Practice: what do users think?
Molly McCallum: It’s really hit or miss with this place my gp is lovely however I have to agree with the other reviews about one of the receptionists we’ve had issues in the past with her being mardy or when I was under 16 acting off about my dad calling for me even though I was struggling with depression and anxiety and she was rude as it is. Another thing is when I was discharged from hospital they said they’d call back when they got the paper work but never did. I saw another man at ridgeway from there who was quite dismissive and rude and told me I have no issue with my liver despite being told in hospital I do. Also I was told I couldn’t get prescribed antidepressants without going down there which I felt I couldn’t do because of my mental state and I’m quite reliable on them and hadn’t gone out the house for over a month but was prescribed them over the phone today I understand they need to assess you however when you’re in that head space is stressful enough to call up or get out of bed, shower ect
Martin Meddings: This practice needs a better to way to book appointments, phoning is ridiculous can never get through
Laura Round: Deserves zero stars. Never ever answer phone. Total waste of time. Wish I'd never registered here. Moving my family elsewhere..
Colin Smith: Waste of space if you get an appointment it’s like winning the lottery
Jayne Bailey: Awful, receptionists are clueless, Drs don’t care and are never available, too busy just sitting at home getting paid 🤬
paul S: Just waited 8 days for a repeat prescription unbelievable , apparently had consultation on my records earlier on this year which never happened unbelievable
katie smith: Staff are ridiculous down there. They text you your appointment which is very unprofessional. Then when you get there they refuse to see you. Then expect you to make another appointment. Not one member of staff could see me. I am currently off sick with a leg injury for me to walk all the way down there for them not to see me is disgusting. Disgusting behaviour for people who are meant to care. What if my asthma was bad and you just refused me. Disgusting.
LDMC TEST: Whilst I understand the pressure that our NHS services are under, receptionists shouldn't be so rude, unhelpful, and dismissive. I called to explain I have symptoms as a result of a previous unhealthy lifestyle, and wanted to rule out any underlying, undiagnosed health conditions. I'm training for a marathon and engaging in lots of intense exercise. I've previously suffered dizziness, heart palpitations, and chest pains. I was told there were no appointments, I said I'll call back Monday and she said don't, you'll have to try later next week. I've now started the registration process to change GP practice. The receptionist there has already been extremely helpful and reassuring.
Sue Attwell: Rang today at 8 kept redialing 71 times when I got through at 8.20 no appointments. Has anyone got a doctor you can see ??? Ring back tomorrow!
Zanyar Ali: It makes sense why the rating is 2 🌟, I've moved to gornal and I'm literally within 0.4 miles from the surgery, unfortunately they didn't take me as a new patient for no reason. I hope it wasn't the matter of my race 😕
Jack Hancox: Can’t even get in touch with them, joke.
Maggie: Absolute waste of time. Refused to give my elderly mother a face-to-face consultation because the surgery are "not doing face-to-face appointments for coughs". My mother has been ill for almost a month now and all she was offered was a phone call (waste of time as she is almost totally deaf), and a prescription for antibiotics, in spite of not being examined.How long is this surgery going to keep using covid as an excuse? 3 bloody jabs, masked up to the eyeballs, but won't see anyone with a cough. Absolute disgrace, as is most of the NHS now.
Andy Whitehouse: Now well over 30 attempts to actually get through on the phone but automatic call end everytime and website doesn't accept on line forms at the moment because they are busy. Arent we all.
Love Our Travels: Called yesterday for an appointment to be advised that as I am not vaccinated I am not entitled to have a face to face appointment which is against the discriminatory act by law! Eventually the on call doctor who was lovely agreed to see me after kicking up a fuss.This medical practice is breaking the law and I will be making an official complaint
True Form: My wife was in pain with gallbladder shortly after having our second child and even told them what she had. We went for a check-up but the doctor wouldn't prescribe anything and wouldn't allow her to go to hospital to be checked out. Later that day we had to call the emergency line for an ambulance as she was in severe pain. You could be standing there with your arm hanging off and they will tell you to just sleep it off.
tracy lowe: Paul is absolutely brilliant. But otherwise a little disappointed. I rang this morning at 8. The phone kept saying number unavailable. I eventually got through. Waited another 25 minutes on the phone for them to tell me I'd get a call back during the day. As it was for my 13 year old son I had to take the day off work. They never rang me back.
Awarrior 154: Receptionist is useless
Jay Jay: I left a negative review the last time, and at the time that was my view. My view has changed. I think Paul is fantastic and talks on an understanding level when it concerns my mental health. I've had no issue with reception, or prescriptions, recently. The COVID issues have made things difficult for every industry and the surgery is likely under a lot more pressure to deal with patients under and already stretched NHS. I'm glad we have an NHS, and good healthcare because in some parts of the world this isn't true. So I count my blessings and thank the staff for doing a difficult job at the moment.
Crystal Mason: One Receptionist can come across very sharp on the phone and make you feel belittled, I dread when I have to ring, as for the doctors iv never had a problem when I finally get through to them but I find it frustrating that I never feel listened to like I have to beg to be seen, I was left outside in the heat with a newborn for a long period of time during the pandemic and put in the hall to wait with a fidgety toddler till I could be seen for his injections which was incredible fustrating, I just don't feel comftable at this practice
Sam Willis: Good doctors awfully rude receptionist everyone in Gornal knows she’s vile
Kailey Winkett: Phoned 5 times still this morning still no answer after leaving it ring for ages not happy at all. Only wanted to join the practice definitely don’t want to no now tbh

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