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1. Long Meadow Pet Resort - Himley

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Long Meadow Pet Resort
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Address: Long Meadow Cottage, Himley Ln, Himley, Dudley DY3 4LP, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1902 893495

Business type: Pet boarding service

Long Meadow Pet Resort: what do users think?
Alicia Bail: Attended to look around the kennels after explaining by emailed I wanted a quiet kennel for my dog. I was greeted by a lady who rolled her eyes when we asked if it was push chair friendly. I was taken to the most basic kennel which I asked to be shown the quieter kennels, she scoffed and said they’d all be booked for the time I wanted. She then went and checked for me and explained they were both booked up. Made us feel very unwelcome & I won’t be leaving my dog here.
Amanda Harper: My dog has just spent 5 days here and it was his first visit. He has come home looking well and happy. The staff are lovely especially Emma.
Paula Richards: Eric's third time here. Staff always friendly and attentive. Recommended 100%
Graham Timmins: We have just collected our Labrador from Longmeadow pet resort. She has been so well looked after by real animal loving staff that I would recommend this place to anyone.
suzanne mcintyre: We left our 2 dogs for their first stay in kennels at Long Meadow Pet Resort on 20th January 2023. Unfortunately things didn’t go well. We explained that we would call the following morning to see how they were doing, I called just after 10.00am and left my message on the answering machine, having received no reply by 3.30pm my husband called them again. He spoke to someone who was very disinterested but said that Calli ate well and Teo our old poodle had been fussy with her food and ate maybe half of hers. When we picked them up 2 members of staff came out with our dogs, the older woman was brash, rude and constantly talked over us when we were voicing our concerns about not getting a call back. To sum her comments up we were rude and our dogs had received excellent care. My thought then are “why was my dogs bottom covered in dry and wet diarrhoea!! I won’t be taking my girls there again
Paul Davies: We have used longmeadow for many years with our 2 dogs when we go on holiday the staff always remember the girls names and the girls always seem excited when they go never been worried about leaving them and the checks they do before you can use the service give you confidence that these people are professionals in what they do.
Alex Lane: Our Lab has stayed here a couple of times now, he appears to settle well and we’ll be happy for him to return to Long Meadow in future. Thanks
Tracy Stone: Brilliant!!
Theresa Lewis: Just picked our small timid rescue dog up after a two night stay.It was the first time that we had left her anywhere in the two year's she has been with us.She came out very happy and we were reassured that she had been fine and enjoyed her cuddles now feel confident to leave her again knowing she will be well cared for. No hesitation in recommending Long Meadow.
rogalsiu: Best kennel I came across so far. My dog is not very trustful for strangers and suffers anxiety, but those lovely people knew from the very first minute how to deal with him. I'm actually going to book another stay right now.
Adam Neeld: Just picked up my German Shepherd after his first stay and the staff were really friendly and helpful and Peanut seemed to really like them, so we'll definitely take him back next time we go somewhere he can't come
Diane Smith: Thanks guys for looking after our dogs Archie and Louis while we were away, they can't waitto get to you. You are so good with them and it gives us peace of mind that they are safe and well looked after. I cannot recommend you enough to family and friends again thankyou and see you soon xx
Jo Cartwright: Just picked our whippet up after his first stay. Checked in on him mid-week and was reassured he’d settled, was eating well and enjoying his walks and cuddles. He’s come back looking great. They also administered his medication no problem. Wouldn’t hesitate to use again!
Chrissy N: This was the first time I have ever left my cat, let alone using a cattery. I chose Long Meadow Pet resort and I could not of picked a better cattery!From the moment I left my cat to the moment I picked him up, he was well looked after and proof was in the pudding when I went to collect him to see the love and affection he gave Sian.Whilst away I had regular updates on how he was getting on, my cat being a picky eater and not eating much wet food (although filling himself up with treats) the staff did everything they could to get him to eat (including a banquet of different foods)…what can I say my cat was truly loved, spoilt and well looked after whilst being at Long Meadow Pet resort, I am not sure it should be called a cattery but instead a country retreat for pets. I cant recommend this place enough, I am already looking to get him booked in again for next year. I would defo recommend Long Meadow Pet resort as you pet will truly looked after.A big thank to all the staff for looking after my cat and spoiling him!
Vickie Davey: Amazing resort for your pets....ours can't wait to get in there as soon as we open the car doors so that says it all. All animals are very well looked after. We've used this resort for several years now and it's always peace of mind whilst your away whether it's for a weekend or a long stay. Already booking holidays for next year knowing that Jax, Ben and George will enjoy their break too. Lovely staff and fantastic facilities don't hesitate if your thinking of booking.
Laura Pinion: Freddie has had a brilliant time yet again at Long Meadow. Thank you so much for looking after him
Sam Bomorse: I had high expectations for this place after reading the reviews.I booked my young cat in here for 12 days and I brought his vaccine record with me so they could see it. Whilst on holiday I had an email requesting I send them proof of his vaccines - despite them having seen it when I went in in person to book it. Luckily I had the forethought to take photographs of his vaccine record for just such an occasion.When I went to collect my cat the woman brought the wrong cat out to me, similar names I guess and an easy mistake to make. However when I was asked to fill in the paperwork I was chided for not leaving his vaccination record there. I told the woman that I had provided it in person when I booked the stay. She then blamed her colleagues and said "I didn't book him in" No apology offered for the fact it was their ineptitude which lead to the issues.However my most concerning issue was when I got my cat in the car and took a look at him. I had left him with a wool pompom for him to play with and he had completely destroyed it and pulled all of the wool threads out. This was left for him to play with/chew/swallow for God knows how long! This is extremely dangerous and can cause intestinal obstruction which in severe cases can cause death. This is basic stuff, they should never have left him with it after he pulled it apart. I was paying for them to look after him and he could have potentially become seriously ill.Talking of paying that brings me to my final complaint.I paid for them to provide food for my cat, yet due to his fussy diet I brought my own. I wasn't offered a refund for this. They also advertise the fact that if you collect your pet before 12PM you don't pay for the last day. Yet this wasn't mentioned or offered to me.I will never use this place again and I urge you to think twice about leaving your precious pets with them.
Collette Evans: First time my fur babies went to this place very friendly and staff very helpful and are dedicated to their job of looking after your fur babies already booked them in for their next stay, the owners always on hand to answer any questions you have and the place is spotless,Well done to all of you 100% hoilday hotel for furry friends
giedre kay: We visited for lunch in the week. Food was very nice, will come back for drinks.
Victoria Smith: Great facilities, clean and tidy. Staff looked after my dog well, she came back as happy as ever. 5* Highly recommend
Dan Halsall: Kept my dog there due to issues around his behaviour and personal circumstances sent him there on 1 food he came back on another there excuse was he wasnt doing well on it funny when theres so many other foods availablehe was put on the cheapest possible....my dog has deteriorated health wise and is current undergoing vet/physio intervention

2. Creature comforts dudley - Dudley

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Creature comforts dudley
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Address: 28 Tudor Road, Dudley, DY3 1TY, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +44 1902 652585

Business type: Pet boarding service

Creature comforts dudley: what do users think?
Debbie Ensor: Thanks for looking after Ricky. Excellent price and service. Would definitely use again.
A ‘Marie: Just got home from having my chihuahua shaved and her nails clipped and I must say absolute bargain as someone who's paid up to £60 in the past. Great friendly service from all staff I encountered. So much so, upon arrival to pick up my dog I found her curled up getting cuddles from a member staff she seemed very comfortable and happy which is not usually the case around new people. Im very happy with the standard and service I received. I would recommend this groomers
Stanislav Neal: Friendly and caring. Took care of our anxious jack Russell for over two weeks.
Clair Igoe: Big animal lover.had my sfaffie lexi for a week while I was away.was well looked after.Thanks wayne
Santino Patrycja: Hello i trying to call you how ever you don’t answer i have left you hamster janosik please send me any phone number or any thing to contact you
Denise Masters: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Reliability,Responsiveness,ValueWould not want my 3 dogs to go anywhere else but here, good family who put my mind at rest while l go away for short breaks.
Joanne Hale: Excellent service, i have total confidence in them looking after my guinea pigs, Wayne is very friendly, would recommend them to anyone !!!
Darran Cornfield: Our two rabbits were very well looked after.Very reasonably priced too !!!
Nick Rockman: Fantastic service, our dog was extremely well looked after, and seemed so happy when we went to collect him. The prices are very competitive and I recommend creature comforts.
lisa Robbins: Took our rabbit here to be boarded
james bell: We left our rabbit flopsy here for a week .shes been looked after really well .we would 100% use creature comforts again .thanks you do a amazing job
Abigail Emily Ford: Thankyou so much for your help absolutely amazing service
Damon Jones: Nice little shop for your loved ones
Brenda Rogers: Thankyou Wayne for your compassion and calmness in dealing with what has become for me a desperate cry for help.. I hope you will be blessed with everything you want and need to grow. You never once looked at me with pity or laughter. You truly are what not only I but this world needs when we are beside ourselves with worry and heartache. THANK YOU XXXX
Sarah Dymond: Have used creature comforts for a couple of years now and such a great place, I have 4 rabbits and they are all so well cares for. They also have amazing kennels aswel for dogs. Would definitely recommend
Nigel Clews: Good service
Shannon Gallagher: Not amazing
Łu Za: Best caring in West Midlans. I would highly recommend!
J.I. Z.: I left my degus with them when went on holiday and they've done very good job. I'm very happy with my choice and will definitely use their service in future. There is very homey and friendly atmosphere and obviously it's ran by people who love animals. Highly recommended!
Katie Massey: I was disgusted to find that my bearded dragon has been left with retained shed on her toes and back for the two weeks she was boarding with Creature Comforts. There was no signs of a UV or heat bulb being on when I picked her up ( hence she was freezing when I got her). She has faeces on her tail so quite obviously hasn't been bathed in the two weeks. I wish I had noticed most of these things before I took her out of the house. 0/10 would recommend for a reptile.
stephen guest: Always come here for x rays and blood tests. Never waiting very long. Staff are wonderful.

3. Wood Farm Kennels - Himley

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Wood Farm Kennels
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Address: Gospel End Rd, Dudley, DY3 4HA, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1902 675220

Business type: Kennel

Wood Farm Kennels: what do users think?
Steven Mackenzie: Good prices, put my Bordeaux in there twice now both times ronnie has looked OK and happy on collecting him.Booked in for October already.Staff are friendly and knowledgeable.Only negative would be when you call they don't always state wood farm kennels just say hi or hello, minor change would make massive difference.On a whole its a great place that provide good care for my ronnie. 👍🏻
Pip Davis: Haven't actually used the facility yet, just booked.However the lovely Mary really reassured me about the standard of care,and she was very professional yet friendly and knowledgeable.I also had recommendations from work colleagues who say they wouldn't kennel their loved pets anywhere else.Feeling very optimistic, that I can enjoy my short break, and that my dogs will be lived and cared for.I have now used this kennels, my dogs seem clean and happy, the staff were lovely with me and my dogs, no sign of fear, or anxiety after there 3 days here.I will definitely use them again, and would recommend their services.Thank you to all the team there, you do a great jobEditing as we have just used again, for a longer stay this time, absolutely exceptional in every way, and actually my 2 dogs seemed sorry to be leaving, when I collected them today.
Clare Hindes: I found it really difficult to plan a holiday as I worried so much about leaving my dog and three cats. The first time our dog went to stay at Wood Farm it was only for a couple of days. He wouldn’t eat so they hand fed him. I knew then I had found a place that cared. I’ve left my dog and cats around 7 times now and they come out happy and healthy. The care that is given is second to none and I really appreciate everything that is done. Thank you all for giving Hector the best holiday and home from home and for giving us peace of mind so our holidays are completely relaxing. I can’t recommend this place enough x
Shelley Pautz: My two were totally relaxed and happy when I collected them and it was such a relief to know they were in safe hands while we were away. Lovely surrounds and they were walked in the fields daily...just loved it
Robin DaZombie Johnson: We found this kennel and could luckily fit our dog Styxx in on short notice, we were very lucky. All the staff was extremely friendly and fussed up pampered pooch, he came away really happy and excited and it even had a bath and he smelled wonderful. Thank you so much! Wood farm kennels. We should definitely use you again
Tony Harris: Looked after our two staffies nice clean place our dogs love it there👍
Dave Spruce: Had a look round prior to my little Jess going for a short stay while I'm in hospital. Really friendly staff and excellent facilities, I'm sure that Jess is going to be fine there 🙂
Charanjit Mannu: Great
Paul Corbett: I don't know what you have done to my Sammy he was soaking wet when I picked him up. He hates hosepipes. He seems scared of everything since he came home. Never again. Pity he can't talk seems like he was abused and ignored he was starving and really thirsty when we got him home. His treats weren't even opened. Don't deserve 1 star.
martin candelent: Fantastic highly recommend
Jayne: Mary goes above and beyond, very caring
Beryl Glover: Booked Wood Farm before Covid and had to cancel. Mary was very understanding. I was determined to take Tommy back. Collected him today after our holiday and he appears quite content and happy. I was quite surprised that he hadn’t chewed his bed up. That is a first! Thank you team for keeping Tommy happy. All being well he will be back.
michelle craig: Reggie only stayed one night but he was a very happy boy!!
Marie O’Nions: I am very fussy about where I board my cat, but Drusilla has come back home extremely content and relaxed.I would use this Cattery again and recommend.Staff were lovely and nice to see so many staff so you knew they were going to spend time with all the pets.Thank you for looking after Drusilla:)
claire ford: My mastiff is a ex rescue and is a big shouty kennel guarder.I pre warned them, to approach with confidence and he'll be manageable. Placed him with a girl with a stroppy horse. He thrived and came back a happy boy. He normally takes 24-48 hours to get over the fact he's been transported and actually been in kennels.
S B: Our dogs are so well looked after here, I never worry when we drop them off, which is fairly frequently. They always come back worn out with doggy smiles on their faces.
Keeley Worton: Mary (owner) is lovely. She loves her animals and treats them like her own. My dog loves it here always gets excited when driving up the drive. I wouldn't leave my little fur baby any where else.
richard platt: Peggy, a stray seven year cat, adopted us fifteen months ago. She was very timid and wary of people. Although she is still a little fearful of humans, she appreciates the comforts of an indoor life style and a large garden for exploring.When we go away we use Wood Farm Kennels and Cattery. We have housed Peggy on three occasions, in the last five months.Given her background, we were very nervous and worried about how another change would effect her rehabilitation, but she always seems settled,well groomed and calm when we collect her. The carers are friendly, considerate and show Peggy a great deal of affection. They take details of her eating regime and any special foibles and routines she has, in order to make her stay as stress free as possible.We feel very comfortable and at ease now when we have a break or holiday, in the knowledge that Peggy is being well cared for in clean and warm surroundings by very considerate and competent people.Thank you Wood Farm for the kindness you always afford to me and more especially to Peggy.
John Nssh: clean tidy what else can say back McDonald’s me and my son and girlfriend who my ex girlfriend laugh out loud
Sally Howard: I have been taking my Yorkshire terrier there for 6 years their look after very well would not take her anywhere else.

4. Smaller Pets Boarding - Dudley

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Smaller Pets Boarding
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Address: 12 Tudor Road, Dudley, DY3 1UG, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 7930 924764

Business type: Kennel

5. Hickmerelands Cattery - Wolverhampton

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22 reviews
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Hickmerelands Cattery
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Address: Hickmerelands Ln, Dudley, DY3 3YX, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1902 881058

Business type: Cattery

Hickmerelands Cattery: what do users think?
Dale Burn: Brilliant service.Our ‘go to’ cattery every time we go on holiday.Really low price in comparison to other cattery’s.Couldn’t fault them at all. Highly recommend
Susan Williamson: Have left our cats here for the last few years & they are well looked after by the owner Joyce.
Lou P: My Cat stayed at Hickmerelands Cattery in August and we can not fault it. She was well looked after, the price was brilliant and the owners are so lovely. I would definitely recommend this cattery to others. Thank you.
Ian Rowley: Very caring place to take your pet. Always been happy with leaving our cat there. Real cat lovers.
Andrew Albrighton: Joyce is lovely cat always seems happy
Iain: Lovely, clean place and lovely people. Cat always comes back happy and looked after.
Carrie Ward: Would highly recommend, I would never take my cat any where else. Pets are well looked after and given all the attention they need whilst their owners are away.
Vaqar Khan: Have been using Hickmerlands Cattery for over 6 years now. A lovely, family run cattery. Our cat has always been well looked after by Joyce.
Adrian Price: Great friendly place
Karl Simpson: Great value
Melissa Forde: Lovely cattery run by lovely people. Our cat is always well cared for.
Taylor Allan: Very friendly and looked after my cat brilliantly will be using again next time I'm on holiday even kept me up to date on how my cat was while I was away.
Yvonne Riley: Very friendly lovely people good with animals always willing to help and keep informed excellent service

6. Bourton House Cattery - Wolverhampton

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25 reviews
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Bourton House Cattery
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Address: 191 Wolverhampton Rd, Dudley, DY3 1QR, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +44 1902 882296

Business type: Cattery

Bourton House Cattery: what do users think?
Portia Jones: I left my cat here and I said 6 months to a year I would be back because i had to go into a place to be moved who wouldn't allow cats after six months I spent forever trying to find and chase this cattery up only til now nearly 2 years later actually finding it on Google again. I never did get my cat back. Her name was clio a domesticated short fur white cat with two odd eyes one blue one green. I pray someone could give me details I've given up on hope of ever getting this cat back but I do hope where ever she is she's okay
Linda Manas: This website needs to be removed. This cattery closed permanently over a year ago. I booked my cat in and was advised it might close so I also booked him in somewhere else. I was not told, however, when it did close permanently. It’s a shame. It was a great cattery. I wish there were a cattery in the Wolverhampton area. They all see to be in the Dudley area!
Michael Hayfield: Nice to find a caring person who has the cats welfare at heart
Iain: Amazing people and lovely place for a cats 'holiday'. We'll certainly use them again very soon.
Phil Hughes: First class accommodation for our loved one, the owners are superb and look after her as though she were there own. Five stars from me...
Lee Timbrell: Fantastic facilities and staff who absolutely love your cats while staying here.
Joy Wilkes: I was very impressed with Bourton House Cattery. Very nice grounds and very clean. The huts the the cats were large and clean. I was asked what food cat perfered. The staff very kind and helpful. I would definitely recommend this cattery.
lyndsey pearson: Use the cattery regularly and always had good experience. :)
Tony Sangha: Amazing team so much care for the cats
Susan Richards: We are Happy to leave our Cat Lucy here..she is always very well looked after..it's run by lovely owners who are very caring..
Ann Tighe: Sam never wants to come home with me. He is loved by Ruth and Graham and their staff. I have no worries while I'm on holiday. Thank you Ruth and Graham who I feel are friends not just a place to leave Sam.
Zara Pearson: 10 out of 10, highly recommend to all!!Absolutely fantastic, a great family run cattery, our 2 cats loved their stay at Bourton in the beautiful pond cottage, the owners went above and beyond to make our cats feel comfortable.We accidentally left one of cats food bowl and a few toys at Bourton and the next day the owners drove to our house in their own time to return the item. Absolute great service and we wouldn’t go anywhere else, thank you very much and highly recommend to all.
kelly wilkes: Lovely staff very helpful and friendly
neil beard: Best cattery. They look after Millie while we go on holiday.
Wendy Lawrence: Loverly place safe and secure not had any reason to worry while away can always phone and check how my cat is doing and they love gismo
Holly Mansell: They are great with our cat, she always comes home happy in good condition, reasonable prices and very friendly
Karen Banks: Excellent holiday home for cats.
Roger Norton: Our cats appeared to have been very well looked after and the owners knew their personalities, so they had definitely received personal attention. Happily recommend them and will use again ourselves in the future.
dawn taylor: Have used these regularly for all of our cats over the years. Very confident leaving them in safe hands.
Sarah Sanford: Our 10 year old diabetic cat has just had her first stay away from home here for 10 days. I was struggling to find a cattery that had knowledge of how to care for diabetic cats who are insulin dependant. When I rang and spoke to them they explained they already had a cat coming to them who had insulin. We viewed the cattery and spoke to them and was reassured by them. The cattery was clean and she has been well cared for and her insulin administered correctly. Will definitely be using them again.

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