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1. The Silk Road Lounge & Cocktail Bar - Colchester

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The Silk Road Lounge & Cocktail Bar
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Address: 4 St Botolph's St, Colchester, CO2 7DX, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 PM

Telephone: +44 1206 548123

Business type: Hookah bar

The Silk Road Lounge & Cocktail Bar: what do users think?
Chinedu Odukwe
Chinedu Odukwe: Had fun!!! Ambience nice and the DJ was goooood the day I visited. Would definitely come again
Faizan Shah
Faizan Shah: Worst service and is overpriced.
Henry Thomas
Henry Thomas: Pretty good music and nice venue
FEH BUMA: Good and nice area
alexandra cernescu
alexandra cernescu: Super
efe emerhirhi
efe emerhirhi: Lovely place to be, enjoy your wkend, very affordable
Grigorr Maresi
Grigorr Maresi: friendly staff, good music, fun
cristyvlogs: Meh......
Olusola Samuel Durojaiye
Olusola Samuel Durojaiye: Nice place for a great night out
Justine Hogan
Justine Hogan: UPDATED 06/05/22A girl who loves her food also loves to dance!!This place is very popular, to be fair as are all the other clubs in you see the long queues of clubbers waiting for their turn to enter the doors that lead to a fantastic night out!As the weather changes & the nights get shorter you see the queues get even longer.Everyone wants a great night out in Colchester.You can literally club crawl around Colchester Town Centre visiting all the various clubs. ATIK, Yates, Coda, Silk Lounge & lots more.The music is what I love the most, proper club tunes played loud & proud!Bring it on.....I very much highly recommend visiting Colchester for a girls/lads weekend away, you'll not be disappointed.Age is no limit as long as you're legal to drink of course then even the golden clubbers can have fun too....Enjoy!!Love a girl who will always be 25 & dancing. Love as always Justine xXx StyleOutYourHomeORIGINAL REVIEW:Very highly recommended indeed!! Fantastic place with a range of cocktails & drinks for all tastes. Music is absolutely banging with awesome tunes.Open until 5am, last man standing on a weekend!Totally enjoyed my night out.
hayley straight-crisp
hayley straight-crisp: Popped in for one lovely girl served us and great cocktails
CALVERT JOSEPH: Absolutely lovely place, the garden is amazing.
Metal Dragon
Metal Dragon: It depends what you're after, if you like afrobeats and reggae, you're going to love this place!
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang: Great music
Joel Lawrence
Joel Lawrence: Best club there.....
Juan Carlos Cabrera Rodríguez
Juan Carlos Cabrera Rodríguez: I been with friends, and having a good laugh and fun. People around our age, plus some youth but they behave well.
Todor Petrov
Todor Petrov: Thank you people for my best party
Vincent Cantlow
Vincent Cantlow: Fantastic venue and great crowd
Stanislava Radusheva
Stanislava Radusheva: ❤🥂❤ lovely place
Spencer Clarke-Griffiths
Spencer Clarke-Griffiths: Regular in this place most weekends. Staff are friendly and venue is nice. The smoking area I'd always good to socialise and the music is generally enjoyable.Drinks a but expensive for colchester but to be expected with the late closing time.
Vilma Nice
Vilma Nice: Nice shisha bar, woman toilets are super clean and spacious. Cocktails are worth a try, taste amazing. Saturday night you need to pay for entry a fiver even if you just go to the shisha bar.Place stays open till 5am.

2. Gru Bar - Colchester

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21 reviews
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Gru Bar
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Address: 10 Crouch St, Colchester, CO3 3ES, United Kingdom

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +44 1206 767155

Business type: Hookah bar

3. The Bubble Lounge - Colchester

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0 reviews
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The Bubble Lounge
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Address: 10 Crouch St, Colchester, CO3 3ES, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5PM Fri

Telephone: +44 1206 700980

Business type: Cocktail bar

4. Albatta - Colchester

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245 reviews
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Address: 18 Sir Isaac's Walk, Colchester, CO1 1JJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 5:00 PM

Telephone: +44 1206 618121

Business type: Restaurant

Albatta: what do users think?
Shafaat Hussain Lak
Shafaat Hussain Lak: Recommended dishes Lamb ShishMore
Khalid Qureshi
Khalid Qureshi: It was closed
Faizan Shah
Faizan Shah: Food: 3/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More
Ma Ghonim
Ma Ghonim: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Nathan J Bolton
Nathan J Bolton: Best place in Colchester.
Ahmad Ali
Ahmad Ali: Great restaurantI can't wait to visit the place againFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Anamaria Ruxandra Gubernu
Anamaria Ruxandra Gubernu: The food was excellent, tasty and proper size, enough choises for everyone (kids and vegetarian). Friendly atmosphere and good quality of service. No wheelchair access. The closest parking space is about 3 minutes walking.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Lamb Shish, Hummus, Hummus Dip, Flat Bread, Baklava, Chicken Wings, Chicken Kebab, Kofte Kebab, Kafta, Starter Platter, Lamb Chops …More
Razvan George Gubernu
Razvan George Gubernu: Best Lebanese in townFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Lamb Shish, Hummus Dip, Leg of Lamb, Baklava, Chicken Wings, Chicken Kebab, Kafta, Lamb Chops …More
Bisma Firdous
Bisma Firdous: Love the taste and quick service and friendly people , nice place to hangout with friendsRecommended dishes Hummus Dip, Hummus, Leg of Lamb, Starter Platter …More
Stephanie Curtis
Stephanie Curtis: i went here about a month ago with my husband and a friend, the food was brilliant, very filling and service was quick. highly recommended for a tuesday evening.
Em-Elle Kay Gee
Em-Elle Kay Gee: One of my favourite places to eat in Colchester. Amazing food with an extensive menu, although not many options for vegetarians on the main menu. Staff are fairly friendly and prices are reasonable.Food: 5/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5Recommended dishes Hummus Dip, Falafel, Greek Salad, Starter Platter …More
Anca M
Anca M: We ordered chicken shaworma and bearily any pieces of chicken inside could not see, not happy of the food, disappointed
Isa Al H
Isa Al H: مكان جميل جدا و هو الوحيد الذي؟يوفر مأكولات عربيه اصليه في المدينه وانصح بشدة لزيارته ... تحياتي لكل العاملين هناك ... very good place offering real arabian food and grils with a great test .. dont miss the open buffet on Fridays. I recommend it very very much.
kathy Hutton
kathy Hutton: Karaoke Tuesday afternoons, has a lovely community feel, and the hosts has a beautiful voice too!
Mike Flower
Mike Flower: Mixed grill for 2 was delicious. Dips and bread lovely. Very friendly. Great value.
George Ennifer-Stanley
George Ennifer-Stanley: Great shisha garden, almost felt like being abroad 😅
Justine Hogan
Justine Hogan: As a girl who loves her food & enjoys trying out new foods & dishes, it was the turn for Albatta.The menu has lots of lovely dishes to try & the pictures do make the food look mouth watering.As I was wanting to try several dishes we ordered various ones from starters to mains.The food order was placed & delivered very quickly indeed.No complaints here at all.It arrived & upon opening the lids up the food was indeed hot.No complaints here either.We had half a chicken with rice, a mixed platter dish, with hummus, fried potatoes & salad on the side with dips.The food did indeed look as good as the menu pictures showed.So no complaints here.We dived straight in & I had a bit of everything, the hummus was a particular stand out for me, it was simply delicious!The half of chicken was a bit overcooked & too dry for my tastes. The mixed platter dish was a bit hit & miss for me, the sausage shaped kebab again was delicious but the lamb wasn't.Again it could be my particular tastes are different to someone else's.So for me personally this experience was a mixed bag as I thoroughly enjoyed some of the food (as above) but then I didn't like certain things.Would I want to try this food again? I'm unsure as whilst the hummus & kebab was both lovely the majority of the meal wasn't.So I've given this meal 3 stars.I do hope you try for yourselves as you're experience may somewhat differe from mine.Love as always Justine xXx StyleOutYourHome
F M: His behaviour is so bad
Victoria T
Victoria T: Always come here for lunch when I am in Colchester. Lovely Lebanese food. I love the wraps. Such good value for money. Lovely staff. Highly recommend.
Peter addinall
Peter addinall: Eaten here many times both dine in and take away and it’s fantastic. The hummus and labneh are 10/10
Zak Shaar
Zak Shaar: It’s really guys go try it

5. ATIK - Colchester

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98 reviews
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Address: 131 High St, Colchester, CO1 1SP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Fri

Telephone: +44 1206 762555

Business type: Night club

ATIK: what do users think?
Sarah Wellings
Sarah Wellings: Went there with a couple mates bouncers we’re so rude to us my friend ended up getting spiked for the third time never going back nothing gets done about people being spiked manager was useless once I told him he said there’s nothing he can do staff at the tills made our drinks wrong multiple times absolutely awful do not recommend going
Pristine: The security injured my friend’s ankle after he was asking them why they were kicking the other friend out
Renny Real
Renny Real: My friend was kicked after being “intoxicated” WE JUST GOT INTO ATIK, no pre drinks, only one drink there. The bouncer didn’t explain why he was getting kicked out, refused to talk to me, my friend was escorted out of the club even after trying to prove that he was fine. I was pushed to the wall (it hurt my knee, I have a knee problem) and thrown out. After trying to explain the bouncers laughed at me. How is this even allowed????
Shashank Rawat
Shashank Rawat: I don't know why the bald gym with beard threw me out today , must be a racist or just bored to throw someone out.Never gonna go there again.
Kishan Pandit
Kishan Pandit: Wrost club in colchester dont go ever...
Mike Buchan
Mike Buchan: Unfortunately the song transitions have less finesse than a leg amputee with dyspraxia
Amy Brickell
Amaka Njoku
Amaka Njoku: Fun bubbly dance club. Loads and loads of fun time with my girlfriend.
Ellis Smith
Ellis Smith: No consideration for residents living near by. The bass is far to loud when it can be heard halfway down the street in a flat. It’s expected at weekends but not in the week when people have work.
Zak Shaar
Zak Shaar: Thanks Charlie
GNeibs: Cheap drinks, average atmosphere
Ella: Was there just the other day with my friend and somehow the girl at the till managed to lose my friends expensive jumper. She was not helpful at all in trying to find it and had the same level of social skills that i have in my left big toe. Didn’t even get an apology so i feel at liberty to say that her hairline looked like it was receding faster then my friends mental health on the COLD walk home without her jumper.
Sophie: Had some really good nights here. Kayleigh who works behind the bar has really good customer service skills and is really friendly. The stairs can be super slippery though so have to be really careful
K R: We had the best night at ATIK last Friday. We booked a booth, which was amazing value. All of the staff were lovely and went out of their way to make our celebration extra special (thank you so much). Our whole group was dancing until 4:00 am and in total agreement, that we will definitely be going back.
JB scooters
JB scooters: Banned for no reason
Delivery Driver
Delivery Driver: Yes zac boy
Amy Nhaylie
Amy Nhaylie: Thank you zac ❤️❤️
MAC CAB: A great place for fun.
Thomas Roper
Thomas Roper: Smells like firey poonany. Floor isn't sticky enough, bouncers are actually decent people especially when they stand there doing absolutely nothing when homies start scrappin. Smoking area is WAYYYY to big and needs to be at least halved. Could not reccomend atik enough, certainly some family friendly fun!
Jason Allen
Jason Allen: Been going here for 3years it’s a great place and has really good vibes great staff and really good prices and a really good atmosphere
Alex Birkin
Alex Birkin: Been coming here for over 4 years , staff have always been amazing , it is not as bad as people say it is the drink prices are great and the Atmosphere is always very good

6. Hudson House - Colchester

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244 reviews
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Hudson House
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Address: 19 Head St, Colchester, CO1 1NX, United Kingdom

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Fri

Telephone: +44 1206 540400

Business type: Bar

Hudson House: what do users think?
Amaka Njoku
Amaka Njoku: If you are looking for a quiet place for an intimate date , somewhere you can listen to yourselves without shouting and have a lovely conversation with a superb beautiful ambience and decor , look no further than Hudson house . The sheer beauty of the space got me . The only down point for me is that they don’t have a kitchen . If that’s fine with you and you want bottomless drinks 🍹, then no worries .
Bethany Reid
Bethany Reid: I had an amazing time, George was amazing as well as (Karl)? I did t quite catch his name but he was clean shaven on his head and made my drinks efficiently and expertly
Tim Brownsdon
Tim Brownsdon: Nice looking bar 1/2 empty on 11th Dec . I took 19 members of staff there but an enthusiastic member of the security decided to throw me out for no good reason. I would avoid this place
劉賢德: 沒什麼特別的,也不知道該評論什麼,很好
Chin Hao Lim
Chin Hao Lim: 非常好,环境舒适
Tawanda Chiwira Talks
Tawanda Chiwira Talks: Awesome place
JM March
JM March: Not cool
Leo Martini (Fawaz)
Leo Martini (Fawaz): Posh and atmospheric
Guren: Terrible food that I wouldn't return for. The serving staff are nice though
Oli N
Oli N: Great service and friendly staff. Food was tasty, though the chef might need to cut down on the salt (everything was very salty and covered in it). Steak was tender, fell apart, but presentation was disappointing.
James Pudney
James Pudney: Nice modern venue
Pete D
Pete D: Friendly service, nice atmosphere but pretty expensive drinks, especially considering I wasn't quick enough to stop my gin being drowned!
Chloe Rose
Chloe Rose: Hudsons is my favourite place to drink and dance.How ever me and a friend were sitting at a table near to the bar were 2 guys had a punch up, glass smashed, tables and chairs went everywere.I was very shocked at how slow the security was to get in the club and brake it up. It took approximately 3 minutes till they released their was a fight, everyone was trying to move out the way quickly till they broke it up.But apart from that everyone had a good time. Staff were friendly.
Stephen Elliott
Stephen Elliott: Me and a friend had a burger. He had beef and I had the vegetarian option. My burger was a slice of aubergine. My friends cost £6.99 and mine was £16.99. The chef came out to tell me it was the highest quality aubergine!! Hilarious.
Sarel Kitching
Sarel Kitching: Really nice inside just a pity that customers are out to destroy it by dumping all the rubbish into the sofas
Phillip Heslop
Phillip Heslop: Lovely bar, great cocktails!
Roberto Esposito
Roberto Esposito: Great atmosphere!
Oliver Findlay
Oliver Findlay: Great place for a bit of a night out. Amazing atmosphere and well priced drinks too.There was a DJ there on site adding to a buzzy atmosphere.There is a small entry charge though but that certainly didn't put a dampener on the night.Would highly recommend.
Peter Seychelles
Peter Seychelles: Nice place, good decor. Surprisingly not busy. Open late
Vicky Roden
Vicky Roden: Good night out
Luke Tonkin
Luke Tonkin: I paid £20 for drinks that never came. Ended up having to leave after 45mins of waiting to get a taxi, would not recommend

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