Best Parkour Classes Colchester Near Me

1. Ultimate Ninja UK - Colchester

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Ultimate Ninja UK
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Address: 259 Greenstead Rd, Colchester, CO1 2SJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 16:00

Telephone: +44 1206 870700

Business type: Gym

Ultimate Ninja UK: what do users think?
Stephanie Moore
Stephanie Moore: My son came down for the camp this Easter half term. He had recently tried many camps and I was called within the first half as they couldn't cope with his needs. He recently joined sd marital arts three weeks prior so decided to give Ultimate Ninja camp ago as it is familiar environment. What can I say he flourished in this environment. Came home smiling everytime. I could not thank camp leaders enough as they given my 8 year old safe and happy environment. With full inclusion to his needs. I would recommend this place anyone also Any children with special needs.
Gemma Cutter
Gemma Cutter: We went for the first time and it will be our last. The staff are friendly, which is why it got the 3 stars. The place is smaller than you think. The activities are difficult to work out. It would of been better if you were shown how to use each one, rather than just walked round and unable to hear everything. I think anyone who is small, so under 10ish, will struggle with some of the bigger activities. I had to walk my 9 year old niece round as she was confused by the whole thing. There was also a holiday club on, this clogged up some of the activities in their big group. The eldest child couldn't wait to leave, the middle child thought it was ok and the youngest felt frustrated and disliked it. So, we tried it and it wasn't for us. We went to castle park after and they had more fun there.
laura baskeyfield
laura baskeyfield: Fantastic venue with everything you could want to have some ninja fun! Two warped walls and some really technical rigs. The addition of the pool table and places to sit and eat it is brilliant. There is a huge dojo and even a boxing ring. A fully equipped gym and the cage was also a great surprise. You really couldn't asked for anything else and there's somewhere to eat and get a drink. The staff are super helpful and we will be returning soon. Highly recommended.
Steve Foley
Christina Williams
Christina Williams: Kids had an amazing time playing on the obstacles and really did challenge themselves and it's a reasonable price. It wasn't as big as I thought it would be and one of the Marshall's was more interested in posing and undertaking the course himself rather than watching and helping the kids. although the other one was great and much more involved with the children
Kerri Hegarty
Kerri Hegarty: Friendly staff. Great way to tire the kids out at half term!
John Black
John Black: Not sure what is going on but just tried to use the website to find out more about the park, what is has, get through to the booking page etc... none of it worked and so I've moved onto looking at a competitor.
Tammy Belshaw
Tammy Belshaw: We held our 9yr old daughter’s birthday party at Ultimate Ninja and the children had an absolute blast. The staff were brilliant and added to the fun. We also had delicious food in the canteen afterwards, which is a must to re-boost energy levels. Would highly recommend Ultimate Ninja for a birthday celebration!
A C: Our children (since age 7+) love this place. There’s a good selection of physical challenges and the staff are always friendly and helpful. The one criticism is how difficult it is to get in touch and book slots. We have to travel quite a distance and would love to be able to plan in advance. A better website/booking system would be a huge help. But once you’re there - 5⭐️
Eden Lythgo
Eden Lythgo: Positive:Professionalism
Brad Smith
Brad Smith: Best experience ever 10/10 recommend
Marie Johnson
Marie Johnson: This is a brilliant place to visit, so much fun regardless of physical ability, all the staff are brilliant and covid checks all in place! 👍
Peter Delf
Peter Delf: Great fun for the kids. Excellent birthday party idea.
MICHAEL BRYAN: I went with my 2 girls today and they had free run of the place good staff Jude was great sorry if I spelt your name wrong thanks for helping with the girls I will go back
Matt Simmons
Matt Simmons: Great place, can't believe how much there is there! Massive ninja warrior course, amazing gym, huge dojo, great cafe, spin studio and a beauty studio!?!?! Thoroughly impressed
Daniel: Really good fun. We arrived as they opened so had the place to ourselves. An hour goes quickly, definetly worth a visit and I recommend it to anyone who watches it on tv and thinks it looks easy.
Patricia Karlsson
Patricia Karlsson: I have been here a couple of times, but would not come back. It is very limited in terms of actual extensive physical activity as it is required to know a lot in advance - majority of obstacles are unachievable for someone who comes on their first visit. They have sections for children too so I think would suit better coming with family.
steve peck
steve peck: Fantastic facility, really varies in difficulty, something for everyone. Very seriously tough if you wanted to be. The staff were friendly and really helpful. They were very patient and instructive giving really good tips to go over each obstacle.This is a fantastic movement gym, with a course that really mimics the TV show...
Thomas Solomon
Thomas Solomon: Great equipment, great course, some rough sharp edges on wooden obstacles need sanding down. Wish I lived near a gym like this.
Joy Gammon
Joy Gammon: We've celebrated both our boys birthdays here, have been really impressed. Boys have loved the challenges on the course, was tempted to have a go ourselves! Staff really friendly, giving encouragement. Really recommend, great way to spend an hour on the children's birthdays.
F Trewick
F Trewick: Although plenty to do more geared up for older children or adults. Marshall's to busy standing around talking rather than watching out for people's safety. I have to question if all Marshall's have been correctly trained

2. Colchester School of Gymnastics - Myland

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Colchester School of Gymnastics
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Address: Brinkley Grove Rd, Mile End, Colchester, CO4 5DS, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 20:00

Telephone: +44 1206 844188

Business type: Gymnastics center

Colchester School of Gymnastics: what do users think?
BARBARA HALL: Watched my 6 year old granddaughter. I was impressed by the equipment, but thought strengthening would be a benefit, especially for back circles. If there's no time in the class, something to practice at home
Donna Bouttell
Donna Bouttell: Friendly & good coaches. Great equipment
Emma Burton
Emma Burton: 6 years we have been here now. Every week. Even in lock down they did their best to keep going. Know each child individually makes it feel more personal.The coaches are great, and see the potential in each child
Steven Adcock
Steven Adcock: Great setup for recreational and professional gymnastics. My son has been here for about 7 years now. He loves it.
Julie Turner
Julie Turner: Best gymnastics school around with some amazing coaches.
Elizabeth Roberts
Elizabeth Roberts: First time attending school of gymnastics, place clean and tidy. Equipment it good condition and the team was friendly and excellent with my children keeping them engaged and having fun at the same time.
Megan Lindsay
Megan Lindsay: Excellent Provision. Super Covid Aware and friendly. Top Marks!
Andi Mill
Andi Mill: Safe place to learn flips has a great adult session
Maria Cojanu
Maria Cojanu: Great
Carmen Hargreaves
Carmen Hargreaves: Very well organized. Great gymnastics school.
Laura: Great pre-school session on a week day. My little ones love exploring!
Mark Pennell
Mark Pennell: Brilliant venue, best place for children to develope to elite competitive gymnasts, also great for pre school and adult gymnastics
Joy Crookston (Crooky144)
Joy Crookston (Crooky144): Great options for Preschool aged children. Amazing equipment and friendly staff
David Ball
David Ball: My daughters loved learning gymnastics here. Parking can be a bit of a problem
Laurence Hurtado-Read
Laurence Hurtado-Read: Great facility at low price for baby and toddler play
Paul Jones
Paul Jones: Brilliant gymnastic school, my girls love it! the instructors are very friendly and helpful with great size instruction classes so no one gets left out.

3. Energyze Gym and Fitness Centre - Colchester

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14 reviews
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Energyze Gym and Fitness Centre
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Address: Adrenalyze Leisure, 259 Greenstead Rd, Colchester CO1 2SJ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 20:30

Telephone: +44 1206 860008

Business type: Gym

4. Team Kinetix - Witham

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40 reviews
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Team Kinetix
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Address: Kinetix Academy, 3E Moss Rd, Witham CM8 3UW, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 12:30

Telephone: +44 1376 337315

Business type: Physical fitness program

Team Kinetix: what do users think?
Maria Barnard
Maria Barnard: What an amazing place! Both my children enjoy there parkour and ariel hoop class here, great coaches who take the time to teach and help them improve 👏 they always look forward to there classes every session.
Nevaeh Heaven
Nevaeh Heaven: We had my little man's birthday there today 4/2/2023. There was three three boys all have ASD and special needs. I can honestly say I've never been more proud of them boys. Jack the coach was amazing he was so patient and managed to get the smallest one involved from the get go. (He normally hides and won't join in) so thank you Jack and Brad for making this day possible and so amazing. I highly recommend you. 👌 we will be back the hour and a bit drive was well worth it. X
Kathy Adamson
Kathy Adamson: Excellent. My son has been coming here for four years now and always enjoys the sessions. Coaches are friendly, helpful and supportive
Emma Munday
Emma Munday: My son just had his 6th birthday party here and all the kids had an amazing time. Felix and Tommy were so good with the kids. Would definitely recommend.
Ross Wyatt
Ross Wyatt: Visited Kinetix this morning for the younger years class with my 2 year old daughter, she had so much fun climbing, running and jumping across the obstacles they had set up. Brad who ran the class kept changing the course and challenging them to use different movement skills. Will be definitely going again
Cara Handford
Cara Handford: My son age 6 has attended over half term and absolutely loved every minute. Brad and his team have an excellent set up.
Dean Wells
Dean Wells: Absolutely amazing
Cheri Mackay
Cheri Mackay: My son has been attending the summer club and has had a brilliant time. What I love is the club is inclusive and the coaches have such a good rapport with the children. My son mentions Felix a lot, when I collect him he tells me all about his day and what he has been learning etc, he is also impressed with the world records Team Kinetix hold! I wish I'd discovered Kinetix earlier as it is perfect for an active child who loves Parkour. Highly recommended.
A C: Fantastic. The staff are all brilliant with the children, friendly, clean and fair. The kids have a great time doing something just a little bit different. Also great if you have a child that can’t be still. The children are given positive encouragement and individual feedback. I highly recommend this place!
Fraser Crosby
Fraser Crosby: Great experience. This is a professional and well run outfit that continues to be innovative and inviting. My son has been attending classes for a while and he recieves great care. There are always loads of coaches on hand to offer advice and support. There is very little waiting around, the kids are always on the go and engaged.
Chris Steele
Chris Steele: Great place for children to burn off energy, get strong and keep fit!!
Malcolm Claridge
Malcolm Claridge: Grandsons first time, he thought it was fantastic and now we are booking him to attend every monday.
Hels Eggleton
Hels Eggleton: What a brilliant set up they have at Team Kinetix we have had our first experience of what parkour is all about and my boys and his friends are all big fans.We had my sons 6th birthday party and thanks to Tommy who was a great leader he and his Team gave twenty two children the best time. It's well set up for all ages and they were all brilliant with the kids and the kids got to experience whats its all about. It's all extremely safe and the Team lead by Tommy were extremely engaged with the kids. They all loved it and would thoroughly recommend this 👌
Liam L (Monkey2064)
Liam L (Monkey2064): Been training here since they move to Witham - excellent facilities & great coaching team. Always a good group at the adult classes - chill, inclusive & a mix of abilities.
Rachel Watts
Rachel Watts: First visit today and I literally cant fault the experiance.My girls aged 9 & 6 loved it.Their confidence grew so much during just 1 session.I love the fact that team work and encouragement is such a focal point.The Instructures really new there audience and made it such a fun time.We will be back again soon.Thankyou so much
Patsy Fitzpatrick
Patsy Fitzpatrick: My 2 boys love doing parkour here. It's loads of fun and the coaches are ace.
Drew Ratcliff
Drew Ratcliff: Amazing place, amazing staff, amazing atmosphere.Everyone there is super knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Absolutely fantastic place. If you have any doubts, don't!100% reccomend
Disastrous: I've been going here for about 3 years now and have got to know some of the coaches as they are very friendly.There are obstical courses and many things to: climb, Jump, run, pass over and through. Team Kinetix is helping alot, whether or not it shows, i'm getting fitter and stronger. I can't wait to go back!Milo
A K: Not great to be honest
Simon Spicer
Simon Spicer: Suitable for kids of all ages (including those in their 40s). I have been going with my children for a while now and we love it. The instructors are amazing, I cant recommend the club highly enough.
Kirk Jewell
Kirk Jewell: Highly qualified and friendly staff, great atmosphere. A safe and fun way to learn how to safely freerun/parkour.

5. Repz Gym - Colchester

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38 reviews
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Repz Gym
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Address: Unit 4, 96 Brook St, Colchester CO1 2UZ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 22:00

Business type: Gym

Repz Gym: what do users think?
Robert Waterhouse
Robert Waterhouse: Such a fantastic facility, great selection of machines and free weights hand picked nothing generic, very well maintained equipment and cleanliness!. The staff and owners are absolutely awesome and will certainly be back to train here in the future. Highly recommended
Kierran Clarke
Kierran Clarke: Very, very good and well run gym. All of the equipment is hammer strength and other top notch equipment with a machine for everything you could ever need. They also make/sell their own pre-workouts, meals, protein shakes and other snacks. They have a specific posing area, proper deadlift/squats racks and platforms too. Can't be beaten 🤜
Tom Hudson
Tom Hudson: Gym was 10/10 in all aspects , Pat was more than sound . Will definitely be returning !!!
Aaron Beazley
Aaron Beazley: Trained here a couple of nights ago. Been to countless gyms over the years but this place is so so cool. Great music, atmosphere, selection of kit and staff were very friendly, heated up one of their meals after, just all around great place. Bless you REPZ GYM
James Sumner
James Sumner: The right amount of equipment and space for the size of the gym, I can not fault the place.
Athanasios Ioannidis
Athanasios Ioannidis: Excellent facilities. Friendly and very helpful staff. Not very crowded even on rush hours. Ideal to focus on strength training and muscle building. High recommend!
sean: Really good bodybuilding gym, nice grunge feeling to it, really good staff, music is on point👌 atmosphere was great to workout in
Mahmoud Aljajeh
Mahmoud Aljajeh: The best gym in Colchester & EssexClean and so friendly people you feel like family there
Andrew John
Andrew John: Super independent place for those tired of commercial gyms. Specialist resistance machines with a playground of attachments not found in most gyms. Great atmosphere. Pre and post work out supplements available for convenience.
WilliePete: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityJust joined with my partner, and got a great discount because we joined together. The staff were really friendly and extremely helpful, showed me how to use machines, and set me a goal for my first session. Lots of equipment to use and well laid out.
Catharine Hamblion
Catharine Hamblion: Positive:Communication,ProfessionalismRecently joined and can already see it's a great gym. Loads of equipment, loads of weights. Good atmosphere too which really makes a difference. Staff were friendly and helpful. Got a couples membership which gives great value for money. We will be going regularly.
Harry Curtis
Harry Curtis: Amazing gym...Great people who will help with anything also great selection of supplements
Christopher Graham
Christopher Graham: Great noncommercial gym for the serious of gym goers.No waiting forever to get on a piece equipment as there's more variety for body parts. Also people are considerate I.e put weights back and don't sit on equipment playing on phone and then say "I've still got 10 more sets".It is smaller than a commercial gym but as I mentioned plenty of equipment to get a great workout. Great atmosphere. Staff are friendly and helpful.Would highly recommend if your serious about your training, that being if your a beginner or veteran.
junaid malik
junaid malik: I recently moved to Colchester and looked a few gyms but Repz caught my eye as I am an Iron lover. Joined and everyone was really polite and anyone I asked for spot did without any hesitation. This is a fantastic environment with loads of physique competitors who can help and motivate you. I felt motivated and determined to smash out my pb's whilst i'm here. I would definitely recommend this gym as it is by far the best in colchester.
David Hang limbu
David Hang limbu: Repz gym the best gym ever around colchester, the vibes in this gym is so 🔥 amazing and aswell as gym members 💪.
ES Gas
ES Gas: Friendly staff, clean, great set up! 👌
jordan dean
jordan dean: This gym is like a big family, everyone motivates one another and its refreshing to see! Recommend 100%.
Angus Poole
Angus Poole: Great gym. Great gear. Friendly and helpful staff
Ashley Fleuty
Ashley Fleuty: Awesome gym 💪 so much equipment and very clean! Definitely worth a visit 😁
Scott Leman
Scott Leman: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityBanging sound system, lighting, array of equipment and nice atmosphere - Benny the owner was very friendly and also Will on reception - 5*****
Liam Polley
Liam Polley: Positive:QualityGreat gym would strongly recommend. Lovely helpful staff. Will was very polite and overall a great gym atmosphere packed with amazing machines and amazing people. Great gym to try out.

6. Colchester Fitness Centre - Stanway

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20 reviews
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Colchester Fitness Centre
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Address: Unit B2, Queensway Warehouse, Peartree Rd, Colchester CO3 0LQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 21:00

Business type: Gym

Colchester Fitness Centre: what do users think?
Daniel Fiddaman
Daniel Fiddaman: A fantastic place to come and train under the guise of professional instructors. I've had many years of training under a variety of disciplines and sports and know a good fitness centre when I see one.This place pushes you to the limit that you're willing to push to whilst ensuring that correct techniques etc are adhered to. It is able to maintain a strong cultural ethos through a community that welcomes and encourages you whilst promoting a positive fitness culture for all ages, genders and abilities.Signed up for the long term after just the one trial session, 5 ⭐️ rating deserved.
Biren Patel (Bill)
Biren Patel (Bill): Best CrossFit venue in Colchester with renowned coaches to suit and a community spirit.
mark hillier
mark hillier: Brilliant atmosphere, awesome coaches and simply the best. Coffee is wicked also
Louise Patterson
Louise Patterson: Fab place, super friendly staff. Come out feeling amazing and great coffee ☺️
Stacey Jose-saville
Stacey Jose-saville: Positive:Professionalism,QualityCommunity and coaches second to none :-) brilliant facility too. Somewhere to get amazing results for your health and fitness goals but also to have fun and make friends as well
Stuart Palmer
Stuart Palmer: Excellent place to train. Second to none equipment, truly great coaching and great party atmosphere. Coffee is top notch too from the sassy Libby.
Carl Saville
Carl Saville: I might be slightly biased but this could be the best health & fitness facility on the planet :)
Nicola Conquest
Nicola Conquest: Great workouts. Friendly helpful coaches. Supportive members. Great coffee
Bigsy101: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityExcellent facilities, staff that care and above all else a warm, inviting and inclusive environment.
Neel Sanghavi
Neel Sanghavi: Great new gym for all ages based on functional fitness and Crossfit...Love the community here and the encouragement and friendliness no matter what your fitness level.If your goal is to get healthy and fit while having fun... this is the place to go.... no egos here just top coaches who want to help you be the best you can be.
George Hanton
George Hanton: One of the most friendly places I've visited. Went for a hair cut, will go back for coffee and probably get me back exercising. A really nice place.
Libby Bearman
Libby Bearman: Brand new sparkly clean gym with physio, massage, plus a barber and a coffee shop. The staff are.friendly and enthusiastic and the equipment is in fantastic condition.

7. Synergy Fitness Training - Myland

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20 reviews
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Synergy Fitness Training
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Address: Mile End Recreation Ground, Colchester, CO4 5FP, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +44 7970 543959

Business type: Boot camp

Synergy Fitness Training: what do users think?
Accounts at K A Hedges
Accounts at K A Hedges: A really fun class, with a good work out. Really recommend Kevin he is a fab trainer.
Lili Roqueta
Lili Roqueta: What a fantastic trainer Kevin is. I thoroughly enjoy his bootcamp and personal training sessions. They're fun and just fly by. He's such an easy going and friendly person, who really knows his stuff and makes everyone of us feel like unique. The atmosphere is always great too!
Kelly McKechnie
Kelly McKechnie: I ha e been doing bootcamp for 2 years with Kevin James, I promise you will not find a better bootcamp any where else. Kevin is a great trainer getting you results you want to see with out being shouty he has his own unique way of getting you to work hard. I have made great friends here and feel like I am part of a family and class Kevin as one of my best friends. We all always have a good laugh at all of the sessions and no session is the same. Throughout lock down Kevin has made sure we have the little bit of normality by doing online bootcamp which has been awesome in this difficult time. We have great nights out together and always support each other through fitness and emotionally. So if you are looking for a bootcamp look no further this is the place to be.
Lorelee Bramhall
Lorelee Bramhall: Best bootcamp in colchester!
HAYLEY BELLAMY: Can not recommend or thank Kevin enough!4-5 weeks in, 8lb down and all the hard work from the sessions are noticeable. This is the only exercise/workout that’s actually fun. You don’t always feel like you’re working out during the session but you sure know about it the next day!Very friendly, personal and individualised training even though group session.Thank you. Xx
vnbabu jasthi
vnbabu jasthi: Very good for fitness training
Emily Box
Emily Box: I joined Synergy Fitness Training when it first opened last summer and it is the best thing I have done for my fitness. Having had numerous gym memberships, and just not finding the motivation to go, Synergy has completely changed my mindset and I now have the ‘bootcamp bug’! It is clear that Kevin puts so much work into each lesson plan (over the past year and a half, I have never been to one session that is the same as another session that I have attended) and that keeps each session feeling fresh. Every single member is friendly and encouraging and I have made many friends from getting fit! I highly recommend!!
Emma Maclennan
Emma Maclennan: Since joining a few months ago now, Kevin has managed to help me actually enjoy exercising! The sessions are varied and no two are ever the same. He is also extremely accommodating when I bring my son along to morning sessions . I was nervous about initially starting but everyone is so friendly and there is always a great, positive and supportive atmosphere! I have also recently started the small group PT sessions which I would highly recommend. Kevin caters to individual targets and I am already noticing the benefits of attending these alongside Bootcamp sessions. 😊
Lorette P
Lorette P: Kevin has been an inspirational positive influence to me, realising I’m getting older and need to pull my socks up and get healthy I went searching for fitness ideas and came across Kevin’s boot camp, I’ve since been having personal training with him. In both areas I can honestly say no session is the same and Kevin puts a lot of thought, passion and creativity into planning his sessions, he genuinely cares and has been a constant positive influence on my life and all I can say is thank you! Through his wizardry everyone keeps coming back and he doesn’t realise how special he is!
Michelle Hallworth
Michelle Hallworth: I started ‘Bootcamp’ reluctantly at a friend’s suggestion as I hate gyms and body-obsessed lycra bunnies. What I found is a bunch of fabulous, down-to-earth people who have fun whilst keeping themselves healthy. I vowed I would never attend in the snow or rain, but I have! I have got my whole family involved and made some brilliant friends, meaning I actually look forward to bootcamp. It’s helped my physical health, my mental health and improved my strength tenfold - which helps with my other hobbies. Can’t recommend Synergy Fitness Training enough. As a trainer, Kevin James keeps us laughing whilst making sure we’re moving safely and pushing ourselves. Come and join in the fun!
Jamie Whittle
Jamie Whittle: As others have said, it's great fun and Kevin is encouraging and really friendly - helping you to do well rather than trying to force you to break yourself!I'd tried going to the gym but didn't enjoy it at all. I go twice a week to the boot camp sessions and love it.It's a nice bunch of people as well, all helping each other and makes the sessions fly by.Highly recommended.
Kelda Murray
Kelda Murray: Synergy Fitness is fabulous - Every class and session is different, you won’t get bored. Great people attend who all have mixed abilities and goals. Kevin welcomes everyone! Like most people I didn’t want to be the weakest, biggest, most unfit person at the class, so I watched Kevin’s videos and updates for a few weeks before I realised I was missing out. – Gyms can be intimidating places when you aren’t feeling your best or confident. Synergy fitness will never make you feel like that. It’s great, and the best decision I made!
Jo Harwood
Jo Harwood: Kevin's small group PT sessions are by far the best training I have ever done. Kevin is hugely knowledgeable, works incredibly hard to tailor each session to each member's needs and is brilliant at keeping motivation up by supporting us to track our progress. Each session is fun, varied and full of helpful advice. The sessions have completely changed my view of exercise - I can't recommend them highly enough!
Mandeep Sandhu
Mandeep Sandhu: Fantastic set up run by Kevin, always look forward to the sessions that he plans as you know he'll always surprise you with some cracking workouts.
Katie Gementera
Katie Gementera: The best training I’ve ever done - Kevin works so hard to provide the best experience for everyone’s needs. Never the same workout twice and such a great group of supportive and friendly members!

8. Essex Weightlifting Club - Stanway

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11 reviews
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Essex Weightlifting Club
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Address: Colchester Fitness Centre Unit B2, Queensway Warehouse, Peartree Rd, Colchester CO3 0LQ, United Kingdom

Schedule: Open until 21:00

Telephone: +44 7734 864925

Business type: Gym

9. Colchester Weightlifting - Colchester

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3 reviews
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Colchester Weightlifting
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Address: 39 Heckworth Cl, Highwoods, Colchester CO4 9TB, United Kingdom

Schedule: Opens at 06:00

Telephone: +44 7578 622619

Business type: Sports club

10. Team Traceur Limited - Chignall

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Team Traceur Limited
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Address: 58 Micawber Way, Chelmsford, CM1 4UE, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 7891 769618

Business type: Training centre

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