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1. Market 32 - Worcester

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Market 32
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Address: 72 Pullman St, Worcester, MA 01606, United States

Schedule: Open until 00:00

Telephone: +1 508-854-8474

Business type: Supermarket

Market 32: what do users think?
Conor Abbatessa: managers do nothing. When I started in 2021 the store was great. It since has fallen apart , this company feels the need to cut back from the true employees that help them the most. True class act of an American culture of laziness at its finest.
Jeffrey Brady: very good, organized and clean
Samantha Lynn: They have a new manager from Gardner who is a real space case. She is rude and bossy. I refuse to shop there as long as she is there. She talks about people and thinks she is better than everyone.I have never had trouble at this store and liked shopping there. Please send her back to Gardner. Better yet send her to stop and shop, she will drive away there customers.
Tyler Wills: Also seems to be crowded. But some good deals. Unfortunately, I went here yesterday 6-1-23 with my dad to do Bottle & Empty returns . I had multiple issues with trying to get an associate to help me out at Bottle & Empty returns it took multiple times for an Actual human being to actually come both me and I down had to go inside the store and ask and they said they'll be coming about 10 to 15 minutes.Later, they finally came, and he kind of had an attitude. The The machine gym for some reason then I had a problem with customer service, that was my next poor In counter I was waiting patiently in line while the store front "Head Floor Manager " I asked him a question it at At one point look like he was going to help me then ask time proceeding, he goes in the back and I ask are you going to help me he avoids me and it's on his cell phone. taking a personal phone call , meanwhile from there than walks away. I was so furious and upset. How extremely unprofessional to have a 4 manager avoid a customer when? I said I am a customer here, but you can't see that something to that effect. He bluntly ignored that me and just continued talking on his cellphone and said it was a very important call so Unprofessional on many levels. We love shopping here all the time. I mean it's a great store but this needs to be addressed ASAP. That is why this Review is getting too stars. I will change the review if stone is willing to address my situation further this. We do love shopping at the store and other Market 32 & Price Choppers. My family's been shopping with them for many decades.
Hismastersvictrola: Market 32 and Price Chopper used to be our favorite markets. Lately they no longer carry many of our favorite items. If they stop carrying what you want what's the point and the Bakery is horrible. Most items are over done. They never have enough checkouts open 4 tops. Market Basket has 16 open all the time. Never takes more than 5 minutes to check out! Market Basketsc Bakery is fantastic. Market Basket is the best Market around. They carry our favorite items. They have a amazing selection of prepared foods. Best of all our overall food bill is less.Market Basket kicks A$$!!!
Katie P: Clean. Well stocked. Well staffed. They have great options for produce, booze, and a great selection of pastas & sauces. Open until midnight.
Posi Cast: The floral department as of late has been pretty dissapointing. I usually go here for my flowers but lately I've noticed that there's a lack of care and upkeep. Half dead flowers, moldy stems, stamens not taking out of the lily's and staing Yello because of it. The roses are expensive for what you get. They look very dried out and on their way out the door. Over all the store is cheap but I wish the floral dept would step it up a bit more. For the prices of flowers they should be putting in more work
Tobias Fox: Good. Still.
Aria “아리아”: I have a unknown transaction which was $67.34 and they never gave me a refund back, i even called the bank to dispute the transaction but the claim was denied because Market32 send them the proof that I received the product which I HAVE NOT. They even checked the security camera for me to see if it was me or not and they said they will void the transaction but THEY DID NOT. Worst experience ever, donated $67.34 to them LOL
Chad Graham: Update, down voted to one star. Ridiculous that they converted to support self checkout and have limitations on what you can and cannot buy at them. No cash, no wine. Instead, was forced to stand in like for over 10 min for for items because they only have 4 registered open during the after work rush. Each is backed up to the beginning of the aisles. All this for 4 items. Strongly recommend going anywhere else if you are in a hurry.Surprising selection and clean. Customer service leaves a little too be desired.
jennifer vicario: This is easily the best supermarket in the area
Ronald Fletcher: Called multiple times to talk to Me at Dept. To no answer. Very poor customer service.
Karen Casamassa: The butcher was more than happy to cut 2 roasts for me since they had run out in the case.
Mark Laferriere: Great selection, but like everything prices are out the roof....
Jasmine Torres: Jeannie the register older blondish lady with glasses was so so beyond rude. Avoiding her in the future. She Treats people like they are stupid. They never have fresh bread at 0800, why have a bakery open? So expensive there. Wish market basket was closer.
Ms Tee: Could be stocked a little better. Not the same as Market Basket.
Luis Vigo: Fenomenal, I like todo todo.Gracias
Joyce: Good prices w the PC Card, good people, produce, variety of foods. Tried their baked goods twice and both times not so good. Open late and love them best in the area anyway. If they improve baked goods I'll buy cakes, cookies from them too- hint hint!! :)
Joshua Rosa: I like their selection of meats and produce. But everytime i go there the doughnut case is full of flies. It's disgusting they need to fix this problem.
Amy O'Keefe: Not bad prices. Nice and clean, no lines.
Nahani Meuse: Nice, spacious, clean supermarket. Friendly helpful staff. Ample parking. Fresh produce. Fresh meat. Huge variety.

2. Price Chopper - Worcester

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Price Chopper
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Address: 221-223 Park Ave, Worcester, MA 01609, United States

Schedule: Open until 23:00

Telephone: +1 508-798-5178

Business type: Supermarket

Price Chopper: what do users think?
Tracy C: Good selection, clean and helpful employees.
serwaa bonsu: Ashley A, one of the supervisors is one of a kind, friendly and save me when I needed help so bad. She need to be promoted to higher level. God bless her kind soul.
Mark Santiago: I have lived within a 5 minute walk if this market for nearly a decade. My wife and I now consider a drive to other stores rather than waste a trip to this place. Poor selection, dirty isles, NEVER enough registers open. And most recently, two of the four self checkouts broken and only one register open with a person. During after work rush. It took me over 20 minutes to pay for a single package of sour cream. I could’ve gone a couple miles down the road and back quicker than this.
Ben goobidiegootch (Spaghetti): understaffed, understocked, self serve checkouts will break and stay broken for weeks on end. prices are often times twice as much as other grocery stores. hot ticket items don't get restocked despite demand. selection is slowly dwindling as the store replaces quality brands with their low quality in-house "Pics" brand.Basically imagine Trader Joe's except the worst quality products and a 50-100% markup.If you have a car go anywhere else I promise you will save so much money.
Mary McCarthy: I would give 0 stars if possible... a visit here is ALWAYS a huge regret of the day! Worst grocery store in Worcester!!
l m: bakery is gross. seems like they dont sellmuch and they sell baked goods thats been there for days. The cakes in the freezer have freezer burn and lots of ice on it. Rotate your products!. Id prefer Big Y bakery, fresh muffins, and cookies & rolls baked daily!. Walmart has a better bakery than this location.
Anhr Dawoud: Love the staff, the red head lady at the self checkout is awesome. The bakery always has fresh pastries and is always satisfactory. Definitely recommend for a place with more of a feeling of community
Adrien Desillier: Good selection of food with fair prices.
Colleen Chickering: Perfect opening time, perfect spot and the morning crew at the location near Elm Pard is awesome!!! Jen is an exceptional person that's a fact!
Maryjane Greenfields: A lady named Ashley has been super helpful. As for seafood, if you can't have a lot of sodium, or prefer your fish a specific moisture amount & not paper dry when finished cooking, you may want to only order 1/4a pound fried first. See if it is up to your standards first, before getting say 5 pounds fried. I recomend Mark for high quality fried fish. (always Mark)! I've recently learn to cook, a piece of fish. Apparently it can only be in heat a very short time. If fish is put to heat over that time, it is ruined. There is ĺmportance in "not" over heating raw seafood. Never walk away from seafood, when you cook it. Aways pull off heat before you think it is done. Check for moisture. add heat if still raw, & only if still raw. If its kver cooked cover it in anything moist, so it can be swallowed, & if it is as dry as paper. Like LaChoy Teriyaki sauce $3.00 or prego marinara Italian Sauce $1.50 for 23 oz. sodiium 480 mg per 1/2 cup, so I add Wegmans chunky applesauce, no sugar added, sodium 19 mg per 1/2 cup, cuts the sodium in 1/2 & improves that awful salty flavor. You can't even tell it has apple in it. Even sour cream, or avocado, 1.50 each (about) will make an over cooked fried fish, moist enough to swallow. Add a buritto shell, & salsa. Call it a fish taco. Buritto shells 2 to 3$ for 16oz, salsa cut up 1 onion, 1 vine ripe tomato, 1/10 of a jalipino, mix in small zip lock. = your home made salsa. I'm sure there are better recipes out on pinterest, but these are what I've come up with. Stuck with over cooked fish, & the horror of returning to customer service desk. Good luck to all of us whoes parents didn't teach us to cook, & are used to going into the kitchen to call & make reservations. I always bring reusable bags. Light weight cheap plastic bags get picked yp by wind curant. They end up in the water ways. Eventually turtles think they are jelly fish, eat them, & suffer. So keep a turtle healthy, reuse sturdy tote, or bag, for our oceans.
Brenda Dickerman: Customer service in self check out was bad today. The girl was stuffing her face with cookies and laying on the register.
John Larsen: WPI '05 checking in
Laurie Cruz: We just recently moved to the area, and ran into this gem! This store is beautiful. The flowers, amazing, fruit& veggies were beautiful, isles neat. This store is also very well stocked. Overall, this store was the best one I've been to in a long while!
Vince McAlpha: I found everything right where it should be found
Brian odhiambo: Good
Bhushan Rane: Nice groceries and dairy products available
JAMES LOCKWOOD: Great place to shop
Yvonne Melendez: I hate shopping at this location because every time I come to do an order for a customer whether it needs to be deli or the meat department. It’s 6:30 PM but they’re closed and the sign clearly says closes at 8 o’clock but they don’t bother to put a close sign.
Juan Collazo: The bagels are kosher. There's a rabbi there sometimes and everything
Ann Capone: What they do job interview very illgal they question you ask about criminal background and Cori check or not if you say nothing male Spanish guy judges you right there then refuse answer phones call backs interview process it is illegal ask about background before hire process even epics tell you il fel process and count as pre discrimination against equal opportunity
Brian R: I come here in a pinch if I need something. It's an okay store, has the basics and arms stocked and clean which is all that counts. Could benefit from an update.

3. Price Chopper - Shrewsbury

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Price Chopper
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Address: 731 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA 01545, United States

Schedule: Open until 00:00

Telephone: +1 508-791-7142

Business type: Supermarket

Price Chopper: what do users think?
Lukas Iadarola: Great selection good money saving deals lots of top shelf produce
Steven Capuano: Good place to shop
Jatnna Medina: Conveniently placed. The prices aren’t bad & they have a points program that isn’t bad either you can either go with gas ⛽️ option or cash value option which means you get to buy your grocery’s with points. Also it is very convenient that they have grocery, pharmacy, Starbucks and LQ all in one. The only thing is that I wish it went back to the 24 hours as it was before covid.
Aishwarya Ramakrishnan: 24/7 shop. Good good fresh flowers
Angela Goodwin: My shopping experience was good until I got in line and an employee loudly and falsely accused me of cutting the line and made me look like a bad person in front of the busy store, I caught her name tag and I think it said Chelsea. Never coming back again.
Maria De Felice: The staff is rude
Elizabeth Montoya: Very good
Don Williams: Great prices
Mani Kandan: This is definitely my go to super market. They have every household needs. Biggest plus is that they are open all night. Having a super market nearby which is open all night is definitely an advantage.
David Lovely: It’s a Horrible store . I did all my shopping and at the checkout after ringing everything up they told me they couldn’t accept debit. I wasted my time shopping. I only had my debit card on me. Why was no one at the door telling people. Good luck calling them. They don’t like to answer the phone. It was the worst customer service I have ever had. I wish I could give it 0 stars. Go to Market Basket instead
Mark Laferriere: Great deals for your food shopping needs
james macmillan: Clean and well stocked, a little pricey, but the meats and produce are worth the few extra pennies.
Dave Evans: My all time favorite Supermarket out of NY and MA, and they have beer. Cold, cheap beer in twelves packs, and pale ale too! Iv'e been the 3 fancy beer stores and they didn't have pale ale.Big open space with lots of premade food for a cheap meal, big isles that are easy to navigate and very aesthetic; it just looks awesome in here.Keep up the good work guys.
Jonathan Campbell: Been a great place to shop since they fixed the place up
Bruce Willard: Friendly and helpful staff. Clean store.
carolyn martello: Expensive ,and entrance area very dirty. parking is limited. NOT WHAT IT USED to be.
Joetrish Neeland: Great deals!
Maria Antonia Silva: Fresh bagels every morning!!! Love it!
Malcolm McMann: Amazing. Excellent selection. Late night deals. Open till midnight! Only place around. Can't beat it!
Tammy Arnold: In today's world looking for bargains everywhere. This store has very affordable prices and great sales.
john francis: Nice, great selection

4. Market 32 - Marlborough

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Market 32
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Address: 240 E Main St, Marlborough, MA 01752, United States

Schedule: Open until 00:00

Telephone: +1 508-480-0109

Business type: Supermarket

Market 32: what do users think?
Wayne Peloquin: It's the highest priced grocery store around, I only go for their sales.
Karl S.: Selection is spotty, prices are too high for groceries that are no better than average. If you shop the sales, you do OK. They have rung up my purchase wrong or forgotten to bag something that I bought an astounding 10% of the time. I'd probably never go if I didn't live just half a mile away, but I can't pass on the convenience.
Dashcam Riprock: Dark and depressing since their trendy makeover, particularly the produce section. The spotlights make it hard to inspect the quality of anything.
Willian Da Costa: Local limpo,bem organizado,espacoso e bom atendimento
Jennifer Lanni: Store looks great. Hope stay open late if NOT 1 Single lane is open after 10.The place is packed, because only store open at that hour, but why stay open if customers can't check our. Self checkout even durring the day is a mess.
Dakota Amato: Very nice since it was updated great selection now sells beer and wine as wrl
Pearle Northrop: I stood at the meat counter for a very long time (close to 20 minutes) even after the fish guy paged for assistance....The fish guy would have helped me but he was busy with another order. I wanted to buy a few steaks. But left with none! The steaks in the prepackaged shelf didn't look fresh and ranged from shades of brown to grayish. 🤮I love across the street from this store but I will drive by it to go to any other grocery store in the area. Every time I's disappointing.Always check the purchase by dates....always?
Rogerio Reckel: They did an awsome upgrade.
Dave: These folks have done some work and I feel like I should recognize! This location has gone from fair to excellent in the past two or so years. Honestly the best "traditional" local market/grocery in the area as far as I can tell. A bit of a remodel/reorganization went a long way. It is more sensibly setup, everything tends to be where you'd expect, grouped together. They don't have a crazy large frozen food aisle for example. It's just better standards. This carries over through all the aisle's, slightly less is legitimately more here. What most people need or want is all here, bulk cleaning supplies, vitamins/meds/bathroom stuff. Very nice fresh produce stock overall, and a respectable beer/wine department. The hot bar here is awesome. Surprisingly well prepared comfort food. It slays Whole Foods in Sudbury, in my opinion, with less, just better quality! The mashed potatoes are buttery, rich, and fluffy. Everything I've tried is almost shockingly good renditions of wings, mac-cheese, meatloaf, ribs, pasta, nice variety. Salad bar is straight to business and excellent. Solid well stocked meat/fish departments. All this, while maintaining the price chopper motivation. If I walk out spending 70 bucks, for what I got, felt like I should have paid 100 or more is the equation. Not sure how they are doing all this and still staying easier on wallets, but keep doing it!
Fabio Pimenta: Everything perfect
Jerkface7804: Alittle pricey on things but being open late helps me out alot!
kanye west is the greatest rapper of all time: Decent place. Just miss Price Chopper's 24/7 policy.
Vilma Mandes: They have a good selection. Your in and out quick. Now this was the old price Choppers so don't expect some grand change. It seems they have made some changes to the produce depth. But that was it everything else is the same.
Victor Holbrook: Need more lactose free food.
Gutierre Santana: Ridiculous $$$$ It’s getting too expensive and looks like they’re not paying attention in the competition. They also have a lot of their promo signs not ringing at the register. Wake up!
Michael Williams: Another corporation falsely advertising quality food. Just becoming like the others, spare me with the "we're sorry" routine. It's deliberate corporate tactics to sell products. I will be contacting the health department tomorrow morning. Tired of being ripped off! There is only one reason a loaf of fresh "fresh baked bread" your brand should be mold through the loaf the next morning! Bought on the evening of the 19th, sell by date 20th, morning of the 21st MOLDED! Exactly why there isn't fresh dates on it, most likely replacing labels to sell it... UNACCEPTABLE! Corporations like this need to be held accountable!
Sarai Juarez: Always a pleasure
Brian Sloan: Great and out with no problems 😊
Gregg Hamm: Just popped in for a couple of items-had everything that I wanted at reasonable prices-checkout wad quick and easy.
Ameya Gamre: Great supermarket at walkable distance from Royal Crest apartments. Being new to the area, it was very convenient to find a grocery store nearby. I took someone's suggestion and got a store card. The only reason I would dock a star out of the ratings is that some of the prices for the most basic items like eggs seem overly expensive than they should be.Update: I will now rate it 1. I don't know for what reason are items overpriced. I just bought 18 eggs for $7.19. in what universe are eggs this expensive? Better shop at Market Basket by driving a bit further.
LuLu Jersey: The flower girl is amazing 👏

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