Best Stores To Buy Women's Quilted Coats Bolton Near Me

1. ZARA - Natick

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Address: Worcester St #1245, Natick, MA 01760, United States

Schedule: Opens at 12:00

Telephone: +1 646-923-9638

Business type: Clothing store

ZARA: what do users think?
Karina Perozin: Always so messy, you can never find anything. And this is the only store where the fitting rooms are full of clothes and is always closed.
Diego Rojas: I hope that Zara realizes that customer service still matters in 2023 and invest a little bit more in training their employees. The guy at the register was not helpful and straight up rude. He threw the merchandise at the table when I told them that I didn’t need a bag and was constantly talking with his coworker even though I was asking questions.
Annaya Gabriel: Had an amazing experience during checkout with cashier Daisy. She was very helpful during my complicated return and purchase!
Catia Souza Terapeuta: I love the store but lines is always insane… Fitting room is also not open which makes you stay in line for purchase and later to return…You his is everytime I shop at Zara. I am giving up just for the inconvenience of been in aline for line for more than 1 hour.
Crab Cakes: Limited selection. Long waiting lines. Terrible customer service.
EDan: Everything you read in the reviews are true. Extreme bad customer service. All fitting rooms were closed and we had to locate someone that spoke English, the girl in the fitting room said she didn’t speak English. What a joke! Was told if we wanted to try apparel on we had to go to the mall bathrooms LOL…..apparently all 3 fitting rooms were closed and appeared they were being used as storage, there was stuff everywhere in all three areas.Stores a mess and resembles an outlet store….pretty chaotic and yes the whole time I was there the lines were long and slow.This store is nothing like the other Zara’s stores I have visited. I recommend just order on line and return if you don’t like.This store needs managerial help!
Michelle K: Customer service level is at an all time low at this Zara. I come here all the time and am never impressed, but today, a middle-aged blonde woman (seemed to be a boss of some sort) was giving attitude to every single customer coming in over a new scanning system that they decided to debut today - with what seems like no plan ahead of implementing the new system. It was an absolute mess and instead of being apologetic, she was very rude. Do better Zara!
Marisa Fuller: Super long line every time I come and today the fitting rooms were closed! Who closes all their fitting rooms? That’s ridiculous and there should be no reason why there is a line all the way to the door and only TWO registers open. Hire more people! Get it together.
Sharang Jindal: Very bad experience, it feels like the employees on the billing counter are trying to take as much time as possible. Super inefficient people
Jaime Martin: This store is a complete joke. Fitting rooms are closed. One register open for 20 people in line. Staff is miserable!
Luz Mery Parra Acevedo: Venden ropa muy bonita. Espero la visten .
Vinit Modi: Worst shopping experience. They have checkout lines until the entrance but still they would not have more counters open. Slowest ever checkout process. Shop only if you have time to stand in long checkout lines.
Kamiya Thakker: Worst store and staff!! We went there on weekend and they said our trial rooms are closed on weekends because we can’t accommodate so many people!! If that’s the case then why don’t you close your store on weekends as well?? How can we buy things without doing trial? I won’t recommend visiting to this store.
Chad Williams: Understaffed and no fitting rooms open, just winging it these days
Patrick McKenna: This is the first time I have been to this Zara. Normally I go the one downtown in Boston as it is closer. That being said while the selection seemed to be decent, the line was the whole way to the door to checkout. Not to mention when I asked to try something on, the employee rudely stated that they were closed and you will need to make an educated guess. There were people just trying stuff on all over the store!!!!I’ve realized it’s pretty normal for the line to checkout at Zara to be super long and slow, I never expected the dressing room of a clothing store to be closed!! I was shocked and speechless. I won’t be coming back as I’ll stick with the one downtown.The only plus is that it’s in the mall on the second floor near Nordstrom. It was really easy to park under Nordstrom and take the elevator up.
Raquel Sunshine: Wonderful place , wonderful clothes
S P: Very common for these guys to keep just one register open and make 30 l(sometimes more) people wait in a line. Three sections(mens kids womens) and one register. What kind of joy the store manager gets by doing this I have no clue!
Rasheed Wande: Haven't been here in awhile but this is my favorite store in the world! Before they opened a Zara in Providence I would drive to Natick just to shop here. Side note; Natick might be one of the best malls in New England!The Zara store has a great selection of men's clothing. Customer service always outstanding!
Bradley Reitzel: Fitting rooms closed. Forced to use self checkout (put clothes in dirty bin, remove all security tags yourself), rude store employees/management
Cansu: I drove all the way from New Hampshire to shop at Zara and fitting rooms are closed for no reason.
LuLu Jersey: The store manager rocks 🌟 she helped me with a situation that I could say to her. Thanks forever.

2. Primark - Burlington

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Address: 75 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803, United States

Schedule: Opens at 10:00

Telephone: +1 781-272-0792

Business type: Clothing store

Primark: what do users think?
Rajini Kalluri: We Love Primark
Jonelle Winkler: Good value. Quality is decent. Always a little messy, but thats bc people are animals.
Anthony Garcia: Prices are great, quality is not bad and location is good. The 2 big issues are with checkout and layout. Rather then normal cashier at the front or back of house. They have it in the middle of the men’s section behind a wall of shirts. The lines don’t move and wrap around. Since this is a boxed in area, there is no moving air and lots of people. 4 buck shirt that rang in 5 after a 40min line I just said ok and wanted out.
Nicolas Holthaus: Great selection of you're a wigga.
Jian De: I bought so many stuff and I didn't double check the items upon checkout. I found a number of items missing after got home. I think the cashier put the stuff into two bags behind the counter and only gave me one bag after I paid for everything. I could not see it because it is behind the counter. The store is too far for me to return the same day and I tried calling, no body answers the phone. You need to DOUBLE check yourself as the cashiers are NOT responsible.Follow-up: Got some voucher as store credit
Chris Ryder: So many great values. Never know what you will find.
Julie Ford: Amazing place to shop. The store is huge. You don't know which end to begin shopping. It's busy, but the lines on the checkout area are very fast.
Amit Kumar Singh: Great variety of clothing at awesome prices
Gerald Sousa: My wife loves Primark I can never get her to leave the store
Saad Farooq: Great prices for every day items
Tatev Khachikyan: great prices great shop
Tanya Shpyrko: Very affordable, not the highest quality. But good anyways.
Rae G: Great selection of clothes for all. Prices are very reasonable
Wendy Thomas: This location is very clean.
Ssesanga Yas: Affordable store around the mall
Katrina: Place is clean and has a bunch of options the down side is they never have any cashiers so there is always lines wrapping around the front
Jim McSherry: A little disappointed in lack of inventory in my s8ze
Debra San Soucie: It's okay for clothing
rubia pereira: Very good..
Seema Tom: Some cheap items but colour. I don't know the quality because we just bought it
Luz Dary Moreno Cortés: Variety and good price

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