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1. Sara M. Bolton, M.D. - Concord

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Sara M. Bolton, M.D.
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Address: 91 Main St, Concord, MA 01742

Telephone: (978) 369-1924

Business type: Psychiatrist

2. North Star Guidance Center Inc - Chelmsford

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Address: 21 Glen Ave, Chelmsford, MA 01824

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: (978) 256-0667

Business type: Mental health service

3. McLean Hospital - Belmont

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McLean Hospital
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Address: 115 Mill St, Belmont, MA 02478

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: (617) 855-3141

Business type: Psychiatric hospital

McLean Hospital: what do users think?
Blue Vanilla Slush: ECT has saved my life. I have dealt with chronic suicidal ideation for years on end, and after starting ECT in August 2019 I am finally at a place where my days are no longer consumed with thoughts on death. It’s been four years in this treatment and I am still seeing benefits with each session.I’m eternally grateful to McLean. Don’t let the negativity and bias of ECT prevent you or a loved one from receiving this treatment that could potentially save your life.
Z Peverill-Conti: Good experience with receiving the care I need for persistent issues.
Claire Laws: Taking professionally diagnosed people’s (with DID) social media videos and using them without permission to be ablest and claim they are faking their illness, and basically humiliated them. Horribly unprofessional. All the one star reviews are more than deserved.This is why people with mental illness (me included) are terrified of drs. Absolutely disgusting.
Ash: worst hospital i've ever seen
zombie langan: you want to be medically gasslit and abused by people who are clamming they want to help you? then defiantly go there
Erika Rose: Don'tgo here expecting help. However, if you want to be retraumatized, this is the place for you. I was forced to sit through program while enduring a migraine with visuals. I learned no grounding techniques. I could not talk about my actual issues. I ended up disassociating and very, very angry. This hospital is supposed to be excellent. World renowned for mental health. But they don't give af. They just want participation and it doesn't matter if you're ill. Go somewhere else if you want real treatment. This was the trauma focused group. They did a fantastic job at setting back my progress and not making me feel safe. F McLean.
Dee Anne: I was a patient here recently, and my whole experience was odd to say the least. Staff does NOT communicate well amongst each other at ALL. I was in the trauma unit and in my paperwork and in person I told the staff who can visit me and who cannot (those who cannot pose a risk of triggering me). There were multiple occasions when the staff permitted visitors, who I explicitly said pose a risk to my health, to see me at the unit, and I was utterly appalled. One time when I was having a break down in the unit, and the staff was nowhere in sight, a few of my fellow patients were trying to help me, then one of the NP’s finally shows up and says “You guys cannot socialize here.” When I was finally due to be discharged from treatment, and given my paperwork, they told me to grab one of the MHS’s and let them know I’m ready to leave. I told Aasira (I may be misspelling her name) that I received my discharge paperwork and I am ready to leave the unit and she looked at me and said “OK” with a blank stare… to which I responded “OK…. May I please have my belongings and leave? My grandparents have been waiting for 30 minutes now.” (They told me my grandparents can pick me up at 12pm). I received my discharge paperwork at 12:30pm. I had to grab another MHS, William, who apparently did not know that I was ready to leave and was surprised that I was still there. I had to speak to 2-3 MHS to finally get my belongings from sharps and be escorted out, they did not tell my grandparents where to pick me up so searching for them was a hassle. To conclude, my grandparents had to wait an hour for me to be discharged because of blatant incompetence. Whoever is in charge needs to review their staff, especially in the Dissociative/Trauma Unit, because there should not be deadpan, rude staff members there who are simply there to collect a check. I’ve seen patient’s symptoms worsen due to staff’s lack of care and communication, it’s utterly discouraging and inappropriate.P.S. they claimed to offer every patient a survey after they get discharged and they failed to provide me one even though I kept asking for one (probably because they knew i was going to give a poor review) and, even worse, my psychiatrist forgot to provide me with a doctor’s note to give to my boss.
Théo LS.: Great place all around! Everybody I met was super friendly and helping.
Sophie B.: Shame on you for your disgusting behavior towards DID Systems.
invikta: Absolutely disgusting that a hospital staffed by "medical professionals" would endorse the humiliation of a formally diagnosed DID system to try to spread malicious, ignorant misinformation about how the disorder presents and manifests, all without ever obtaining that system's consent for their face or content to be used in this manner. McLean Hospital should be absolutely ashamed. You're lucky that the victim of Dr. Robinson's careless and ignorant actions is not pursuing legal action.
Phoenix Oleander: Dr. Robinson accused multiple professionally diagnosed people with DID of faking their illness, took their videos without any prior contact or consent, and basically humiliated them for his own gain. If I had been one of them I’d likely had tried to harm myself because of it. Horribly unprofessional. All the one star reviews are more than deserved. Stay mad, ableists.
Leiah D.: Unethical use of their credentials. Misinformation and biases through their educational videos. Horrible institution
kara tiller: Dr. Robinson will get videos without your permission and parade you around as if you’re a hypochondriac. He’s proud of this and the hospital backs him up. Do not go here just to be re-traumatized. Seek real professional help elsewhere.
Katherine Mogg: The video featuring Grand Rounds with Dr Matthew Robinson on February 23, 2023 and posted to the Hospital's YouTube Channel 3 days ago is blatantly unethical. It features social media content of individuals discussing their experience of mental health diagnosis and treatment. Dr Robinson (without evidence and without having contacted any of these people) then goes on to allege that they are "self-diagnosed". He then further alleges that this trend in "self-diagnosis" is somehow contagious and has led to a rash of new inquiries at his practice. At least one of these individuals is public about their formal diagnosis and subsequent treatment. McLean Hospital should remove this video immediately. Dr Robinson should issue a public apology to each of the individuals featured in the video and give serious consideration before he speaks in public again.
Madeleine Williams: Mental health patients’ (such as me) experiences here include invalidation and an expectation to stay unhealed. Shouldn’t we be allowed, and even encouraged, to be happy and healthy? “Dr.” Matthew Robinson is especially problematic in his inaccurate research. He has tried to diagnosis strangers over the internet while claiming that that’s not what he’s doing. He is opening the door to even more invalidation for people with severe mental illness who are just looking for help.
Jordon Nolin: Wow this place should totally be disgusted with it self. They have people who drink and drug on the job real nice and this is a 110 percent fact! How can you get help when you have NURSES DRINKING ON THE JOB!!! Because they are understaffed ??What a shame!! Do better!!
Julia Sart: My experience was at the expensive Pavilion and I can’t say how unhappy I was with the experience. Nurses and support staff were lovely but the program promised way too much and didn’t deliver. Just tried to have me continue expensive care with their team and when I wanted other options was not provided any. Was promised family therapy and was not given any. Really all I can say was it was a total waste of money and time.
Kathy Alexander: I found it to be odd that they wouldn't tell me if there were any available beds. I was calling on behalf of my daughter who wasn't in a position to make phone calls herself and was not providing any personal information or asking for any personal information. They seem to really discourage patients advocating for themselves instead of relying on an overworked and overwhelmed emergency room staff. I was told that we HAD to work with the ED staff but when I called other facilities they were ok with saying yes they did have beds or no they didn't at the moment.
J D: Don't come here unless you want to be section 12'd after you come on your own free will. This is a 1950's era phych unit with ECT. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS.
J4Jabbar: I am surfing from death anxiety since 4years, I want proper treatment face to face please tell me if it is possible I am from Pakistan I want to spend may all Eraning on it but please I want proper treatment.
A.J. Sound: Great place for treatment. Terrible place to work—if you don’t have at least an MSW after your last name.

4. New England Psychiatry - Ward 4

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New England Psychiatry
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Address: 69 Technology Way, Nashua, NH 03060

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (603) 600-8513

Business type: Mental health service

New England Psychiatry: what do users think?
Chris Clark: Doctor Gomes has a very pleasant demeanor and makes me feel at ease discussing my needs. My ambitions have benefitted in a much needed way.
kantrell lewis: Been seeing my psychiatrist Ana for a few months now and haven’t had any issues. If there’s a problem with my medication she responds in a timely matter and makes sure I’m not having any negative side effects. The communication this company has is outstanding!
Yuange Liu: 1 year edit:Still having akathisia and constant EPS symptoms. Got diagnosed as med-induced EPS as well, and informed by new doctors that I was misdiagnosed.Original comment:Dropped me(and deleted my patient account) immediately after I got hospitalized due to the akathisia(confirmed by 3 doctors) induced by the med they prescribed. Did not even bother to provide me a letter to state my condition although they "promised" multiple times that I "don't have to worry". Still suffering the akathisia. 0 ethic.
m g: Dr. Gomes is the best preceptor that I had for my PMHNP program. I have learned a great deal under her guidance. I highly recommend this treatment center.
Alisha A.: The staff are absolutely amazing! So calming and they truly show compassion for everyone in any situation. I would recommend to anyone whom I care about that needs Psych care!
Michael Zhang: Dr. Gomez has provided the best quality of care I've found in the New England-area! As someone who has sought long-term care for mental health services, I found her to be kind, professional, and patient during each of our sessions. And I was never challenged to reconsider my decision or perspective about seeking the type of treatment I believed I needed, which was a negative experience I had at a prior psychiatrist.Finally, the rest of the team at NEP have always been communicative, helpful, and prompt in following up on my general questions about billing and appointment reschedules.I'm a bit disheartened to see that a few others have had very negative experiences at this practice, but I do know that it's incredibly difficult in the mental health industry to maintain a high level of satisfaction across all those whom you care for.
Emily McNamara: I have been a patient of new england psychiatry for about 3 months now and the care I have received is fantastic. They are very communicative , comfortable and knowledgeable. Their staff is very responsive and kind , their patient platform is very easy to navigate and I never felt judged or alienated which is very important in mental health care. The office manager Christine is always so helpful and considerate regarding appointments and insurance coverage. Dr Ana Gomes is impressive but never intimidating and since becoming a patient my life and mental health have changed for the better. Thank you New England Psychiatry!
Sydney Merritt: Started off like a caring situation however got talked into spending additional money on evaluation and testing that wasn’t necessary-had to pay out of pocket. I don’t have a deductible but they kept charging me as if I did. Office went on vacation for a week and left no doctor in charge or on call and never was able to get a refill on a prescription due to that. I’ve never seen somebody charge the amounts they have to an insurance company before. money making family scam
Celine Soucy: Dr. Gomes continues to listen to my story in totality with the utmost concern, compassion and willingness to help me as best as she can. My situation is complex and requires much consideration in various cultural views and lenses and concerns across my lifespan. She takes that time needed finding ways she can best support my needs with sensitivity, care and concern needed. You don’t find many doctors who truly listen to the extent she does and consider my story. I am truly grateful for her.
Steven Rondeau: Excellent provider!
steven palermo: If I could give 0 stars I would. Absolutely horrible provider. Has only had her practice for a little over a year. Saw her for a few months and then she abandoned me at the lowest worst time of my life. Wouldn’t return calls or emails. Would not even fill prescriptions she had prescribed me even after emailing to refill them. I had had to go thru withdrawals. Obviously does not care for patients or there well being. STAY AWAY!!!!
courtney Perry: Amazing people !
Rachel Nason: I've been seeing Dr Gomes for a few months and it's been a great experience. I always feel listened to and their response time for refills and questions I have is much faster than other offices I have expirence with. I highly recommend.
James Briere: Impossible to contact or get information from anyone, and the receptionist is more than willing to hang up on you mid phone call. For a place which should be dedicated to mental health they really don't care for anyone that calls it seems.

5. Cohen Devra MD - Ward 4

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Cohen Devra MD
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Address: 6 Concord St, Nashua, NH 03064

Telephone: (603) 598-0022

Business type: Psychiatrist

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