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1. Sky High Studios | Pole Fitness & Dance - Marlborough

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Sky High Studios | Pole Fitness & Dance
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Address: Antico Business Center, 289 Elm St Unit 114, Marlborough, MA 01752

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30PM Mon

Telephone: (508) 251-1302

Business type: Fitness center

Sky High Studios | Pole Fitness & Dance: what do users think?
Eden Garden: Lots of opportunities to take class, from conditioning, to many levels of pole, liquid motion, and twerk! It's amazing! Already recommended to a couple folks. I'm planning on being there a LOT in the coming months!!! So glad you guys are doing so well!!
Leo Kelly-Beaulieu: I was looking for something to motivate me back into working out after a long stretch of not moving my body much, and I am so lucky I chose Sky High as that place! The environment is inclusive and so supportive, and the instructors make pole approachable and fun!
Jessdalis Cruz: Exactly what I hoped my first time on a pole would be like! Very fun and encouraging ❤️
Dina Giffone: My daughter Anastasia Giffone has been going for four weeks now and I can't tell you how great class has been for her. She struggled with feeling good about herself and this class at skyhigh studios has really boosted her confidence. Not to mention she is getting great exercise and coming from a someone who doesn't usually connect with many people she races about the teachers as well as the other people in class. Everyone has been super accepting and kind to her. And to boot it's super affordable! I can't say enough good things about Sky High studios in Marlborough!!!
Alyssia Cutler: I have been wanting to start pole for years and researched many facilities near me. I'm glad I chose Sky High Studios as a starting point. The instructors are kind, funny, and welcoming. I unfortunately quit this studio, as I felt I was being overlooked in their classes (too large of a class size in my opinion). I wasn't progressing and was stuck in intro to pole for way longer than I needed to be. I moved on to another studio to continue my education.
Brydie Grover: Beautiful studio, great atmosphere and wonderful staff! I am officially hooked
Brenna Rainey: OH MY GOD!! This studio is JUST like my home studio back in jersey! I had an amazing experience at the studio. I’d like to thank Hillary for the support during class especially during my inverted crucifix (that I’m terrified of) I think I’ve found my new home studio!!! Friendly!!! Inviting!!! Very positive!!!!
Monique Howell: Bought a 3 class intro pack and I am hooked. So much fun, and I felt surprisingly comfortable even though I thought I would feel awkward.
Amber Ritter: Naomi was so friendly, I'm a thicc girl and was a little nervous walking in there but everyone was so welcoming and positive, it was a GREAT experience. Pricing and membership options are appealing too. Honestly I love it and can't wait for my next class
Emily Sama: I've coming here since 2019 and I love it. If you've been thinking checking it out, get on it. I promise you won't regret it
Eric and Sarah Olsen: Wonderful studio. Very welcoming and comfortable. Lovely instructions who love thier job and just want to share the joy of dance. Definitely will be back!
Letícia Castro: Game changing!Sky High Studios was my best choice!I’ve been having classes since July and they provide an amazing experience in everything, they are so supportive, kind and patient!They have such positive atmosphere and I feel so comfortable that I am slowly letting go of my shyness. Would recommend to anyone looking to gain a little confidence, move their body while having lots of fun and learning pole from the beginning with the best!
David Weinhaus: My daughter has had an amazing experience at Sky High Studios. Both Lauren and Erin have given her private lessons. Lauren has a strong focus on form, technique as well as strength and conditioning so that she can perform the skills safely. Erin has helped her choreograph her competition routine and her creativity and ideas were incredible and really improved the flow and style of the routine. In addition, the studio is clean, the height of the poles is higher than other studios, and the support staff are always friendly. I highly recommend this studio.
Casey Smith: I absolutely love it here!! Everyone is so kind and welcoming and every instructor is amazing. Every class I have taken has been so fun and I look forward to being here each week.
caitlin bellar: This is such an amazing studio!! Everyone is so welcoming, and they celebrate your success! I always leaving feeling a good workout and empowered! Thank you guys so much!
Laura Juda: Great teachers very sweet staff and very well organized
serena k: I first started out with pole at this studio almost 2 years ago. The instructors here are encouraging, safe, and do a great job of helping each student progress. The studio has convenient parking, is always clean and spacious, and I personally really like the type of pole they use here. Pole fitness is now one of my favorite hobbies and I'm so glad to have gotten introduced to it at this studio.
Marissa Kaminski: Yesterday was my first class, it was awesome !! Lauren was so approachable and inviting. Definitely used muscles I wouldn’t have normally used in that way, gave me a much better understanding of what kind of dance/fitness class this will be moving forward, also gave me a little confidence boost that I didn’t feel completely awkward trying this! Going back for my next few classes soon !
Nichole Keup: Jill was amazing! This was my very first class and I enjoyed every second. 10/10 will recommend to friends!
Nelson Reticence: Positive:Communication,QualityThe classes are fun!!! The instructors are knowledgeable and personable.
Wendy Ouellette: Positive:Communication,Professionalism

2. Paradigm Pole Fitness - Worcester

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Address: 51 Union St #304, Worcester, MA 01608

Telephone: (508) 304-9938

Business type: Fitness center

Paradigm Pole Fitness: what do users think?
Ally Howell: Love paradigm! All the instructors are great and try to really make the studio feel like a welcoming and inclusive place.
Katelyn Parsons: This studio is great and willing to work with all levels! I highly recommend taking classes here!
Melissa Moriarty: Definitely one of the most fun things I have ever done. I surprised my bestie coming here for her bachelorette and we all had a blast. Reina was an amazing instructor and made us feel so comfortable. So much laughing. I can't recommend Paradigm Pole Fitness enough.
Norela H.: Admittedly this studio is the only real option I know of in the Worcester area so I didn’t have high expectations when I first joined as it was my only choice. After my first class I was blown away by the attention I received from Reina. I joined Dec 2021 so the maximum was 4 students per class, which I Loooove. I’m selfish 😅 I want as much attention and help as possible. So far, I’ve take 14 classes total between Reina, Meena, and Jill. You couldn’t pay me to choose a favorite between them. The support and attention you’ll receive from the instructors is incomparable and the price point is just right. I’m not an athletic person and I don’t reeeeally workout, but this new journey has inspired me to push myself. I’ve had a bunch of really good classes that left me feeling confident. And admittedly I’ve had maybe 2? Classes that were really tough for me and left me questioning if it’s worth it… buuuut I purchased two 10-packs out of spite and bounced back with a vengeance. I’m still at level 1 but I’m ecstatic to keep going. Jill was initially a favorite for me because she goes at your pace to the utmost degree. I love how she explained things. She babied me when I needed it and encouraged very well. Meena is definitely more of a hardass but I NEED (and appreciate) that too! Reina is extremely focused on her students and clearly loves what she does. If you’re a newbie, initially go for the intro package at a killer price, but stay for the quality instructors. They don’t miss a beat.I will say that scheduling capacity for beginners is at a maximum and the online booking dynamic is AGGRESSIVE lol. You have to be so on top of your game to snag a spot. It’s worth it. I’ve heard they will be changing locations this year to a bigger studio. I know that’ll mean more spots, I hope the quality stays the same in bigger classes. If it doesn’t, that would be a deal breaker for me. But I have high expectations now since I can vouch for their quality overall.
Labbe: Fantastic place full of amazing teachers. Great place to build confidence and muscle. 💪❤️💃|
Noelle Sypteras: All of the instructors here are amazing, super helpful and bring a great energy to class.
Meena Khayami: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
Kara Boucher: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityBest pole studio I have ever been too! The instructors are so nice, knowledgable , and supportive! Maggie Ann has created such a welcoming and amazing space, highly recommend this studio!!! 😃
Emma Klim: The quality of instruction from this studio is unmatched
Charisse Shields: Lots of fun, chill environment, funny and knowledgeable instructor
Madalyne Chamberlain: The classes are amazing and so much fun!
Paige Alvarez: Positive:Professionalism,Quality
Beq Lendvay: Awesome instructors, fun classes, challenging workouts. Everything rocks about this place!
Chrissy N: Paradigm is the best pole studio I’ve ever been to in terms of instruction - Maggie Ann is the owner and principle instructor. She is a national and international pole champion so you know you’re in good hands. This studio builds strong foundations with an emphasis on proper muscle engagement, technique and form in order to make progressing as a pole dancer/athlete easier. There is a wide rabge of levels here from intro to level 4 (pro-status)! Maggie also has excellent flexibility and exotic dance classes to make for a well rounded pole dancer.She’s the best instructor I’ve ever had and because of Maggie I’ve accomplished tricks I never thought I would. I look forward to going to the studio as much as possible - even though it’s an hour and half from where I live ITS SO WORTH IT!I also love the Mission Motion Charity polevshows Maggie puts on as a way to perform without competing!
Audrey RS: Looooooooooove this stuuuuudio!!! Maggie and is a GREAT instructor and the studio is such a positive and fun environment!!
Alice: This studio is amazing!! All the instructors are fantastic and really take the time to make sure you feel comfortable and understand each part of a move. Most of the classes I've taken were with Maggie, so the rest of this review will be about her classes.Maggie is absolutely the best. First, her warmups are ingenious - they are workouts in and of itself (be prepared to be sore the next day) and always relate to what we will be working on later in class. So, for example, in the warmup we may do a side-ways leg crunch and 30 mins later she'll demonstrate a move that looks familiar because we had done something similar in the warm up, and our bodies already know how to get into the move.Second, she breaks down everything in such a way that even a complicated combination seems doable. And she can instantly spot what needs to be fixed to make a move stronger. And if something doesn't make sense right away, and I'm having difficulty with a particular move, she's really good at explaining it a different way or approaching it from another angle.Third, she is super nice and funny. When I first started pole, she made me feel immediately welcome, and she remembered my name the next class! (All the instructors make an effort to get to know students). And she always keeps the classes light-hearted and fun!So, in conclusion, you should definitely come take a class at Paradigm - you won't regret it! Hope to see you here one day!
Sammy Antinoro: Great friendly environment. Maggie Ann is a pro national champ and you get to work side by side with her and learn from the best. It's just a great place to feel comfortable and try something new.
Nicole Guerrero: This place is so much fun. I love Maggie 3 she pushed when i didn't believe in myself and i was able to mount on the pole. Builds a lot of confidence. Must go back!!!!!
Katie Marie: If you’re looking for a fun And rigorous workout, this is the place to be! Take one class and you can’t wait to come back! The instructors are talented and knowledgeable. It’s an upbeat, fun, and safe environment.
Sherry Pippert: At 44 years old and out of shape, I started my pole journey here - Maggie and all the instructors are so knowledgeable and fun! I finally found a great workout that I actually look forward to! Only took 44 years. So lucky to have this studio near us. Go! You won’t regret it!

3. Boston Pole Fitness - Brighton - Boston

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Boston Pole Fitness - Brighton
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Address: 414 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02134

Schedule: Open until 9:30 PM

Telephone: (781) 206-4309

Business type: Gym

Boston Pole Fitness - Brighton: what do users think?
Victoria Jones: I've taken two classes at the Brighton location and it's so fun. Claudia is a great teacher. I enjoy her class. Their website is great for beginners to navigate and understand. I signed up for the classes at my level (beginner) and know what classes I should take to progress.Update: It has been over a year since I posted my first impression. I really enjoy going to the studio and have improved. There are some teachers that don't suit certain students, so it's good to try out a couple of different classes and find the teacher(s) that work for you.
Alyssa Sierra: I’ve always been a little interested in pole fitness. One night I was googling to see what kind of pole classes Boston had to offer just to *check it out*. I wasn’t ready to commit to actually trying it though. After looking at a couple studios, I came across Boston Pole Fitness and they were(are) doing a special for 3 classes for $45. That’s a STEAL! Everything in Boston is so expensive as it is, I felt the special offer was such a bargain for my buck! Especially just to try out pole to see if I like it or not. 3 classes was the perfect amount to get enough of a taste of my new profound hobby.I took 3x intro to pole classes, each with a different instructor. Maryssa, Alina, and Emma. Each was fantastic. They all made the class feel like a welcoming and supportive environment which was really important to me as I felt vulnerable in this new hobby.A typical Intro class is structured like: group warm up, then the instructor teaches a few new moves (beginner and do-able moves, but still challenging) and then they take the last 10-15 minutes for everyone to “freestyle” and encourage people to take videos of themselves to see their progression.After my intro classes, I did take another class, the Climb Clinic, and I had SO MUCH FUN. These pole classes definitely unlock movement I never even dreamed about accomplishing. I feel more confident and accomplished after ever class. I’ve loved all the classes I’ve taken so far, and the instructors. I intend to go back for the foreseeable future.
Red Mill: I wanted to like this pole studio, but it was not my favorite. The layout is awkward if you need to look at the teacher while following the class (even w the mirror) and it's honestly dark and gives a bit of a dingy-feeling even though it seems simple and clean enough. The studio is in a strip of shops in a rugged area of Allston (wouldn’t recommend this place after sun down and the closest T is outdoors and at least a 20min walk past some interesting characters on the street).The scheduling itself is problematic bc all the classes are supposedly booked but even when I was listed as like #8 on the waitlist, I got a notification at like midnight saying I was off the waitlist. And after reading about the refund policy troubles from earlier reviews, I didn’t want to chance losing money over their scheduling late notice.The choreo classes were pretty fire but I wouldn’t recommend taking Alina as an instructor- she could use some people skills. She is rude, arrogant, singles students out and it can be difficult to understand her instructions with her accent when she rushes the class. Moreover, when the class was having trouble pinning down the choreo, instead of helping us or slowing down a bit so we could catch up she just kept insulting everyone without giving constructive feedback. There were points where she would just point at someone and outright say “whatever you’re doing is not working” and when the girl was like “what isn’t working?” she would say she “forgot” or didn’t know. Like I'm pretty sure majority of the people who come to these classes are there to feel empowered in our bodies and feel sexy- this teacher did the opposite of that. However, I will say the choreo was fun once you got past the teacher. Regardless, I was on the fence but after this class I prob won’t come back. I knocked off a star purely bc of that specific teacher, Alina. Baby girl needs to be humbled.
Klutzz Love: Amazing instructors. Supportive class.Why the one star? Stacy Hamilton!!! The owner.I had to cancel class due to a medical issue and dispite giving plenty of notice, the app took a few as "late cancel"Ten emails with Stacy later and I'm pretty sure she's according me of cancelling on app and then attending for free.She isn't able to answer one direct question and I feel like I just argued with a toddler.I see tons of other reviews on tons of platforms about this and had heard through word of mouth as well.
Ashley Jones: The lack of communication and professionalism is lacking. I would not waste my time there. Impossible to talk to a real human.
Vivian Cheng: Only one BAD experience with instructor Marie Glorieux — I will never take a class by her again.I’ve taken 6 classes with Brighton and Newton instructors and I am soooo having a good time! Lots of fun, bring your best, get ready to work and play.
Karina Santana: I signed up for my first pole class 2 months ago. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I went for it, and I am sooooo glad that I did. I’ve walked out of every class feeling strong and empowered. The environment is just so uplifting and welcoming. I honestly can not see my life without pole now.
Kaitlin Youngs: Such a good time! Classes feel inclusive, safe, fun, and exciting. Definitely sign up!
Vivien C: BPF classes are full of people with different experience levels, body types, backgrounds 3 thank you for being so inclusive, can't wait to keep getting better at pole :)
Lyric: Top tier studio! This studio is such a beautiful, friendly, and intimate environment. The instructor was very professional and offered me as much help as I needed. Would highly recommend.
Cindy Garvin: Such a warm, welcoming community! Each class I’ve been to, people have been supportive and encouraging. People cheer each other on when you achieve a new move and the instructors are great at scaffolding moves so that they’re doable.
Rakel Aquino: I’ve started doing pole about 6mo ago and I fell in love for it.The instructors are amazing and some of them are Spanish and Portuguese speakers, which is awesome because I am Brazilian, but they’re all great ❤️
Alexandra Maywood: Some of the pole instructors here are very catty and rude. The Brazilian woman who teaches here once raised her voice at my friend for asking a question which is very unprofessional.
Abigale Millerbernd: BPF is so wonderful! I take classes at the newton location and the space is always clean, the instructors and always friendly and willing to help in any way they can!
Emily Yerington: I took one class at BPF about a year ago, just looking for something to shake up my exercise and instantly fell in love. I’ve now been attending classes regularly for a little over a year and not only have I seen physical changes in my body (getting stronger) but I also feel so supported by the community of instructors and other students.
Erin Fogarty: The manager at the Brighton office of Boston Pole Fitness, Olivia, is extremely unprofessional and rude. She tried to tell my friend, who's birthday I'd bought a package for, that they could not reschedule, even though they were before the 12 hour no cancelation policy. She told them that they could not reschedule for a class that would be more than a month from when the class package was originally bought and that there were no refunds. So I got on the phone with her and explained that we were with in the class cancelation policy guidelines and it was not a month out yet since we had originally bought our packages thus we should be allowed to reschedule. When I asked her why we would not be allowed to reschedule she kept dodging the question repeating the month out policy that did not apply to this circumstance while talking over me. I said that policy does not apply to this situation and you're not answering the question I am asking you so could you please answer my question directly. In return she called me nasty. I asked her to please calm down that I had not called her any names, sworn, or raised my voice. She said I rose my voice so I explained that I hadnt she had just been talking over me so it may have felt that way. I asked her to please be more professional and respectful in the future. We got classes rescheduled, but no apology. I've worked in customer service before and understand it can be challenging, but there is no reason why the manager, Olivia, should have lost her cool like that and called me a name. Her customer service skills are poor at best. I would not recommend this company they are disorganized, dysfunctional, and sketchy. In addition to that, if the manager Olivia is any indication of the teachers they hire then the classes are not worth your money.
Elizabeth Jean: The teachers have all been great, it is definitely a judgement free zone regardless of your size, experience or dance skills. Theres a variety of classes and many different instructions. Great prices, highly recommended.
Nitika Gupta: I went for a single private event class and had tons of fun! We learned individual moves and then combined them into a routine. Great experience for a group and work out! Highly recommend 😊
Breena Brown: such amazing, supportive and kind people!! an incredibly fun way to exercise your body and explore your creativity ♥️
Trang Ngo: Great studio! The instructors were very helpful in guiding me through the techniques and giving me pointers on how to improve. I love that there are a variety of classes and locations, so it is easier to fit classes in my schedule.
Tina Nguyen: I have so much fun taking their flexibility classes with Claudia. Gabby and Von have helped me learn tricks that I didn’t even know you could do with your body on a pole. It makes me appreciate how strong my body really is. Overall, the community is super supportive!

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