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1. ATA Cycle - Concord

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ATA Cycle
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Address: 93 Thoreau St, Concord, MA 01742

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (978) 369-5960

Business type: Bicycle Shop

ATA Cycle: what do users think?
Dylan Callahan: I was right at the start of a 400 mile bike trip when my rear hydraulic brake stopped working. No other shop could or would take the time to bleed my brakes. I thought I was dead in the water.But then the gentlemen at ATA Cycle graciously fixed my bike and got me back on the road. I was able to catch up to my group because of them. Very thankful for them.
J. David Rumpf: I went to ATA Cycle because I was feeling pain in some part of my body after long rides. Decided to do a bike fit and It has been a game changer as I was able to understand that my old bike was smaller and purchase a road bike that fits me perfectly.Husam and staff were extremely nice, professional and helpful during the entire process. Husam gave me great recommendations according to my needs and detail explanations to every question.Thank you!
Felix Scheuplein: I had a great experience here and now have my first roadbike that actually fits correctly and it really changed my biking experience in a very positive way. Husam was very kind and friendly and clearly is passionate about getting people into biking and maximizing their enjoyment of it. To be able to achieve that I went through a thorough bike fitting session, which in the end was a good investment for me - now having a bike that is perfect for my body.They worked with my budget and gave me a beautiful high quality bike, which I really love.Thank you, Husam and ATA Cycle!
Tony Yu: I started cycling during the COVID-19 pandemic, like many others. I bought an entry-level hybrid bike from a local bike shop. After about 800 miles, I started experiencing knee, shoulder, and back pain. A physical therapist suggested that I might need to give up cycling. I refused to quit, so I did some research and realized that my bike was not the right size for me. I bought another bike that was "my size," but I still had pain. That's when I decided to get a proper bike fit.I went to ATA Cycle, where I met Hussam, a world-class professional who has dedicated his life to the world of cycling. He uses science to deal with issues. His team is very professional and efficient. After a thorough bike fitting, I was able to ride longer, faster, and pain-free. I'm so glad I found Hussam and his team. They helped me to get back to enjoying cycling, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is experiencing pain while riding.
farhana stevenson: I have been working with Shrey to get a new bike. So far she has been very attentive to my needs and has asked all the right questions to ensure I get a great bike. I am super excited to work with her to get the final product. She really cares about her customers and makes sure she works within their budget and needs.
Petahwil: If you are thinking about getting fitted do it now and go to ATA! Husam knows and has the set up to get your bike (if it isn't to off) or your new bike fully set up to you. This is one of the nicest bike shops I have ever been in. All the bikes, shoes and kits at ATA will make you drool 🤤.
Daniel Otero: Husam the owner is a genius and a Master at his Craft. Gone to other fitter in the area and none have given me so much information about my bike fit. Most definitely going back on future bike fits.
Michael Feldman: Husan and his team were absolutely fantastic to work with. They helped fit me up and build an absolute stunner of a gravel racer. The fit makes it the most comfortable ride I've ever had. What really sets ATA apart is the entire teams focus on perfection from fit, to component selection to build/shop quality. They made sure every detail was right. I ride this bike in the wet and mud...all the hardware is titanium so no rust troubles. Need to be able to be able to grind up steep VT gravel and still put power in on the descents...perfectly selected gear ratio/crank length/body position set up. Discovered a muscle group specific right/left power imbalance during my fitting...left with specific exercises to correct this. This is the second bike it bought from ATA with the first being a tricky fit for my partner who is at the very small end of the size range. Absolutely stellar job both times. I'll be back for more.
Michael Shandler: Husam is friendly and kind which made a big difference to me as a keen but relatively ignorant cycling enthusiast. I trusted right away that he understood my level and he was straight up about the fallacies of my bike (which I had hoped to resurrect with some inexpensive tweaks), but he pointed out that the bike was too big and was exacerbating physical issues that would shorten my biking life. (I knew this to be true but it took him saying it for me to grok as I had invested in the bike just two years ago.) Husam performed a sophisticated digital fitting and showed me the power and comfort of a correct frame size and fit. Though I hadn’t planned on a new bike Husam’s knowledge and experience won me over. My wife supported my choice 100% and Husam built me the bike of my dreams. I told him some of my requirements - like gearing appropriate to hilly western Massachusetts, and my budget, and basically left the rest to him. I’m pushing 77 and this is the first time I’ve owned a bike that actually feels like “mine.” Thank you Husam and the really fantastic crew at ATA. I can tell after just one ride that my biking life will be much more comfortable and faster! I’ll get stronger and keep going for years to come. That is a gift.Now I’ve gone out riding several times on my new steed. Excellent!
Erick Valencia: Great service!
JM P: This is by a wide margin the nicest bike store I have ever visited. The whole group is very knowledgeable and customer service oriented. I have had good experiences w/ all of them and Shrey in particular (Manager). She is super helpful and very patient when it comes to finding the right bike, shoes, etc. I realized that having the right “fit” when it comes to shoes and your bicycle make a huge difference in your comfort and enjoyment on the bike (thanks Husam!). I had a few bikes prior to working with ATA and I never felt comfortable until I spent time w/ Husam and his team.They are also super responsive when it comes to any service requests – Norm, Andy and Drew are great. If you are looking for something cheap or are on a tight budget, there are better options, but if you are a serious bike enthusiast, this is the place to go.
Justin Spinelli: I just wanted to thank Husam and ATA Cycle for their exceptional service and compliment them on their skill. ATA provided me with a bike fit and assembly that was second to none.I raced in the Giro D’Italia. That was a long time ago, but I still expect a lot out of my bicycles.A good bicycle ride starts with a good bicycle fit. When you purchase a bike from ATA you receive a bike that fits you because of Husam, his amazing fit lab, and his decades of bike fit experience.
Lanita Foley: I am grateful to Shreyas and the awesome team at ATA. Their advice was superb. I felt so cared for and seen. My bike feels so much better to ride. I am looking forward to buying a future bike from them too. Run, don't walk, to them!
Rowan Elowe: I’ve used this shop a couple of times. For casual bike repairs, I recommend other shops in the area for better value and customer service.
Cliff Kites: I found Husam and ATA Cycle after an extensive search for someone who could help me with several painful issues I was having on my bike. After a bike fitting Husam recommended one change to my saddle position that could help, but said there wasn’t much else that could be done with my current bike.He showed me other options that could help me, however there was never any pressure for me buy a bike. That one change dramatically improved my riding and I’ve been riding a long time. Although riding better I was still experiencing discomfort on the bike, so at the end of this season I went back to Husam. He recommended and built a bike that would be more comfortable and support a guy as tall and heavy as me.I rode that bike for the first time today and it was instantly apparent that ATA Cycle did not sell me a bike, Husam provided me with a vehicle to a more comfortable and safe way to enjoy my passion for cycling. Husam’s knowledge of cycling physiology and bicycle technology is second to none.He and the staff at ATA Cycle are clearly all passionate cyclist and truly concerned with improving the cycling experience for anyone who comes into their shop. I cannot thank Husam enough for what he has done to improve what is my life’s passion.
Joshua Dhanpat: Highly recommend! I engaged ATA cycle from getting a bike fitting all the way to getting a bike. They made what I saw as a daunting challenge become an easy and pleasurable experience. The three key aspects that stick out about ATA are flexibility, integrity, and expertise.Flexibility: I am just getting into cycling and am not your “traditional” cyclist build with a height of 5.5 ft and 250lbs. Husam worked with me throughout the bike fitting and building the bike to understand what I would need to make cycling enjoyable for me now (as a novice and at my size) and planning for how I would progress in the future. It was about my cycling journey (now, near, and far), not about sticking a bike in my hands and kicking me out the door.Integrity: There are plenty of shops that will sell inexpensive bikes that are easy on the wallet but fall apart or are just not enjoyable to ride. That is not how ATA does business. They prioritize a cycling experience that is enjoyable, sustainable, and collaborative… and they do that all while being transparent about costs. Husam would go through the pros and cons with me to understand what tradeoffs in my bike build were to get the most value for me within my budget. ATA is not the cheap option - it is the most economical one though.Expertise: Every decision and activity at ATA has an immense amount of thought and a well-established rationale behind it. While I am not a cycling expert, I do have a background in science so I can generally tell when an idea won’t hold water. Each activity from bike fitting to fine tuning the bike after it was built had a rationale that Husam would proactively discuss so that I was informed why we were doing it and how it would contribute to me building a love for cycling. I always pressure tested the ideas Husam communicated to me, sometimes even going home to do more research on these concepts, and I never found any of them lacking.If you want to build a love for cycling while having a partner that you can trust along your journey (novice or expert), go to ATA cycle. You won’t be disappointed.
Steve Davidson: I've been riding for decades and have wasted a lot of money on the wrong bikes. Husam built the most comfortable, fastest ride I've ever experienced....I'm even riding in the winter now. World class.Thank you Husam!
Chung-Jung Chiu: Do not go to this bike store for repair. The first time I went there is to repair a flat tire. They gave me a quote of $20 but they charge me $40 when I went to pick up my bike. I thought that is fine. At least they repair my flat tire. The second time I went there for repair a loose bolt on my rear wheel. They gave me a quote of $20 again but they charged me $50. I paid them without any doubt but when I checked my bike the issue was not solved. They said they have done their best so they have to charge me and no refund is possible.
Molly Finn: I went to Ata Cycles for a bike fitting and learned so much through the process. Husam explains everything simply but thoroughly, with the goal of helping you achieve comfort and joy in cycling. I ended up going back to Husam to see if he could build me a more optimal bike based on my fitting within a specific budget- and he did! It already feels so much more comfortable and efficient. I look forward to years of riding this bike!
Michael T. Bello: I'm so happy I went to ATA Cycle. I've been struggling with comfort on a bike for a long time. After having a detailed bike fit, Husam recommended a bike that actually fits my body. I feel so much better during and after riding. I've only had the bike a few weeks, but it is amazing that on club Zwift rides I’m actually with the B group and not several minutes behind. I've recommended him to several members of my club.
Stephen: I'm a younger cyclist (23) and had a difficult time at other bike shops given my age and budget. Husam happily worked with me through the entire build process, and happily made small adjustments to my bike when I was ran into a few issues. Truly a valuable experience that you cannot get anywhere else.

2. Landry's Bicycles - Natick

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Landry's Bicycles
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Address: 790 Worcester St, Natick, MA 01760

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (508) 655-1990

Business type: Bicycle Shop

Landry's Bicycles: what do users think?
Jim Coady: I had a great experience recently when I brought my electric Raleigh bike in for repairs and service.
Christine Sousa: Staff is very knowledgeable about the bikes they sell. They were helpful when I was looking for a mountain bike for my son that he can use on trails and jumps. I also like that he was able to take bikes for a ride outside to try out.
John Glynn: Excellent customer service, great selection of cycling brands.
Brian Connolly: Very professional repair shop. Liked getting a text when my bike was ready
Noah Pierson: There was a mishap w/ a work order and Landry's admin immediately worked w/ me to a more than satisfactory solution. No one expects perfection 100% of the time, but it is nice when a business steps up like that. Kudos Landry's.
Thomas Sommerfield: You guys are friendly, helpful and informative. I've been a client for years now and am always happy with both service and product.
Paul Rupprecht: Everything about the service procedure was walked through with me by an employee, and every item that needed to be serviced was explained. Great customer service.
mark distefano: excellent helpvery knowledgeableeasy to work with
Donald Sandler: Landrys is the go to place for Bicycles.Mark and is staff made it seamless and very appreciative of the service we received.
S S: Jeremy went above and beyond for my Bulls brand electric bike and upgraded the software- TOP NOTCH SERVICE - THANK YOU ! Landrys has been consistently awesome for 45 years that I’ve been with them !
Mary Conway: Exceptional customer service! Needed help with my son's bike and we were greeted immediately and the employee kindly fixed the bike while we were there while entertaining my young son's questions.
Eduardo Rodriguez: I ordered online but was helped as soon I walked in and was on my way
Da Mu: The best bike fit (from Andy) I've ever had at any bike store. Andy's combination of amazing knowledge and experience coupled with use of great technology and his attention to detail means that I am able to be comfortable on both a racing road bike and a triathlon bike for hours at a time.The mechanics are equally as capable and provide a high level of care to your bike. Over the many years I've been going to Landry's, the quality has never slipped. They've done a phenomenal job on everything from building up my custom bike (with tough internal cable routing), to tuning my fixie to run like new.
quinn Franklin: Professional Quality service
Sheldon Golder: Just got my bike back after Landry's tech performed an ultimate tuneup plus a chain replacement. As always bike is now better than when it was new.
Steve: Got just what I needed and everyone there was very helpful and friendly! They have a wide selection of clothing, helmets, bicycles, and assorted accessories for all budgets.
Robert Fraser: Andy was awesome for the fitting and everyone was very accommodating from the service team on a few questions I had on my mountain bike.
Daniel Dori: Three hip-hip-hurray’s for Mike at Landry’s Natick!!! We had a bike problem with a kids bike and he went out of his way to resolve it. Above and beyond customer service. Excellent selection. Best bike shop in the area!!! A+++
Ashley Lang: We walked into the store, was greeted immediately by an employee who was not only nice, and knowledgeable but was able to find a perfect bike for me. I had been looking for months! I just described what I was looking for, and he pulled this bike out of the back which was perfect for me. I was able to test ride the bike around outside and the price was great. I am very happy with the bike and the service.
mike sullivan: service team is great - they know their stuff, and they shoot you straight
Alan Cantor: Great service for many years.The best mechanics.

3. REI - Framingham

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Address: 375 Cochituate Rd, Framingham, MA 01701

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (508) 270-6325

Business type: Bicycle Shop

REI: what do users think?
Bret Hekking: Best outdoor gear store in the area. Join to get an annual dividend on puchases.
Nathaniel Hodgson: I bought a Cannondale Synapse on sale from the Framingham REI. It’s been a nightmare. They told my daughter not to touch the kids bikes if she wasn’t going to buy one. They over torqued a pair of junk pedals on that took me two hours to get off. They were no help fitting the bike. Go to a real bike shop and save yourself the headaches, their incompetence will become your problems.
John Palombo: Was in need of a lighter weight Kayak paddle to replace aluminum paddles we have been using. First checked REI online inventory and found Werner brand in stock and highly rated. Compared prices of identical paddles on Amazon, and they were the same. At the store, I met a really helpful and knowledgeable salesman, Doug, who showed me different varieties, composites and weights of paddles. There was no sales pressure to buy one vs. another. I'm very satisfied with the overall experience at REI in Framingham! Thanks, Doug!
erin m: Great products. Super helpful staff
Brenda Silveira: Everyone was very helpful . I had a great experience with Elissa K. She was extremely personable and knowledgeable and I literally left the store laughing and smiling !
James: Shelves quite empty and store clerks difficult to find. Looked like a store that’s about to go out of business.
Jim McGrory: High quality gear for all my outdoor fun.
William Blasius: This store is the best. Super engaged, helpful staff. Good mix of affordable REI stuff and over the top brands. Love their commitment to getting returned and lightly used gear back out into circulation.
Jorgen Hansen: REI is the 'go to' store for outdoor activity clothing and equipment.
Eduardo M. Gonzalez: REI is always good. Quality stuff and knowledgeable, kind staff. What else can we ask for in a shopping experience?
Matthew Zirolli: Great store location, great staff, great gear!
Andrew Zoller: Awesome customer service. Massively good knowledge in the trail shoes department!
Brent Lowry: Definitely gets a five just because of the rock wall. Two floors and endless options. Pricey so get your membership.
Ali Bacon: I was able to return a ReSupply item that had been double-charged back in October with no questions asked— this is why I buy REI! The staff was respectful and efficient; thank you for understanding this extenuating circumstance. I will keep on coming back!
The Professor Sky Clemencia: Would not honor their “satisfaction guarantee” policy. Spoke to three different people at the store. They offered my a 10% off a new shoe. I found the nice, but rude at the same time. Not exactly a coop I would want to be apart of.
Cindy Chen: Not a great store. Why are customers being pressured to join some membership? All I needed was a backpack.
Michelle Glover: Don’t want to be rude but I think it’s pretty bad when staff members are giving people the wrong advice when buying expensive products. I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus so I won’t get into specifics but I’ll just say I’m not coming back unless I want to buy something without the need for qualified advice. I’ll go to SkiHaus if I need help deciding what to buy.
David Bryant: Mind Blown!I used to be able to walk in a store and buy stuff, but not anymore.I came to REI to buy a backpack. An friendly and helpful associate assisted me in picking out the right item. I went to the counter to pay and I was told it was a members only item and that I could not have it...unless I wanted to pay $30 for a membership.There was no special deal, the backpack was the same price from North Face."Are you saying, you'd rather me go to the mall and buy it...then to buy it from you?""Yes", she said. "It's a members only item."🤯
Don Nolin: They are busy every time I come here.
Taiki Shickele: Horrible customer service destroying skis and claiming “it happens on all k2 skis” DO NOT GO
Sandeep Bhagyawant: Good store to check out in person and buy.

4. Cycle Loft - Lexington

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730 reviews
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Cycle Loft
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Address: 43 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (781) 272-0870

Business type: Bicycle repair shop

Cycle Loft: what do users think?
paul ryan: Long time customer. I always receive great advice and service here.
Nathaniel Welch: Cycle loft has a great repair team and an awesome collection of bikes for sale. I got my Specialized Sirrus 4 there last year and am having a ball riding it. Stop in and check out their selection .
pegaret p: Great service people! And thanks for the B2Vt support!
Lindsay Gee: Added a rear rack to Brompton bike and they had parts in stock and completed work in a day. Great communications about the work and letting me know when done.
David Peterman: Excellent service
C W: Went here to try out their Terra Trike bikes and Alex was very helpful and knowledgeable! Thank you!
Nate P: I took my sons bike because the chain kept falling off. The mechanic quickly diagnosed it and took care of it in about twenty minutes.
nancy simon: Consistently good quality products, dependably excellent repair/customer services over our 23 years of coming to Cycleloft. We have purchased bikes, shoes, clothing, sunglasses, socks, helmets, over those years but the primary reason we recommend Cycleloft is the genuine people who make the company so reliably good. Welcoming, knowledgeable, eager to understand and meet the needs of the day. They carry a broad range of bikes in every category to help you find the right product for you. They just make it easy and a pleasure to shop.The service department is like no other. Well-stocked for the parts you need, ready and responsive to get us back on the road as quickly as reasonably possible.No matter where we live, we always come back to our Cycleloft friends. Thanks for being there!
Susan and Steve Pearl: Cycle Loft is the ONLY place to go for service and sales. The staff are very helpful and courteous and the prices are reasonable.
Giancarlo Patriarca: It’s always a stress free experience at the LOFT! Love everyone there!! I’ve been riding everything from downhill to bmx and enduro in between. These guys have built all of my wheels and built my trek session after ordering me the frame direct from Trek. I have not had a SINGLE issue & if I were to have a problem I know with all of my heart that they would make it right. Jeff the owner is quite a stand up individual and he hires hard working, competent staff. I would recommend Cycle Loft to anyone, no matter of their skill level or experience. You will become a life long customer
Jorge Romero: Their staff are terrific, I’ve never had a bad experience there. They’ve always helped me with anything I needed and answered all my questions. They treat me with respect. It’s my favorite bike shop.
Jimmy Figueroa: Great customer service I’m so happy I found them
Katherine Wafula: They will help you with anything to do with a bike Anthony the owner is amazing.
Milton Alvarez: excellent help. They found exactly what I was looking for.
Rodc: Had my wife's bike in for some adjustments. Tech grabbed the bike and took care of it right on the spot!
aziza elalaoui: The best service we had ! It s worth it to go there !
Jhon Coleman: The store was great and so was the sales rep.
David “Revere Kitesurfer” Dyer: Staff is great.
william Verissimo: great service and fair price, I recommend !!!
Bryan Falchuk: So helpful to have someone guide me on my product selection. He wasn't pushing me to the most expensive thing, but rather helping me make sense of the options and pick what fit my needs best.This is why I love having a local bike shop I can trust that I know I can turn to. They also have a great product selection in stock. I've never been unable to find what I need when I drop in.
eric .Landes: I purchased a GoPro-style light mount adapter from Cycle Loft online. As it turned out, the part was out of stock but they expected it to be in in the two weeks after my order and offered to keep the order open and send it when available. This is not unheard of, but is a rarity in online shoppping. As promised, a few weeks later the part came in, the transaction was complete and I received the part without having to do anything additional. Not usually something to leave a review over, I was impressed that it actually happened and that they were on top of it—especially for such an insignificant part. Thanks!

5. Walmart Supercenter - Hudson

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2376 reviews
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Walmart Supercenter
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Address: 280 Washington St, Hudson, MA 01749

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: (978) 568-3383

Business type: Sporting goods store

Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?
Jose Godoy: Good
Douglas Hoffmann: It's OK bathrooms were filthy but it's a walmart
rachel marie: Self checkout is nice to have for sure, however I'm not a fan of that being the only option. There should be at least 1 register with a cashier running it. Now they all just stand there in the self checkout area. It makes no sense. Otherwise my favorite store😊 employees are mostly super friendly and helpful.
Nathan Sirmopoulos: It's a nice place. Never crazy busy.
James Desay: Very expensive
juan b delgado: Cheap articles to buy, good price.
Juan Jiménez: Friendly folk, good prices.
Erik Antelman: Every time I go there they never have hand baskets. It's like they are discouraging buying less than a cart.
lor: most of the Walmarts around are the absolute worst to shop at by this one is definitely one of the better ones!
Kim Dunn: Can get just about all you need
Joe Mc: Very well stocked today!
Tammy Mcbride: got what I needed. good price
Ryan Silva: É um ótimo local, geralmente tem oq eu procuro e é aberto até as 23h de segunda a domingo. Recomendo!
Matt Wells: great Walmart location. Supercenter has everything. Carts can be a little hard to find at times.
John Marley: Top , tem de tudo
Patricia Tondim Garcia: Ótimo
John Auger: Super nice and good prices
Wellington Lourenço: Falta operadores de caixa,mas e legal
Sean: Low prices, lower quality
Andrea McNeil: Ɓ N nñnn
Jane M. Voyta-Petersen: No bags, waited 50 minutes for my curbside order.

6. Walmart Supercenter - Leominster

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2891 reviews
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Walmart Supercenter
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Address: 11 Jungle Rd, Leominster, MA 01453

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: (978) 466-1313

Business type: Sporting goods store

Walmart Supercenter: what do users think?
Achilles Olsen: Nothing special really
Idalia Guzman: Totally found everything I needed and more.🤣🤣🤣 .Went in a hurry & was able to get what I needed and back out in 9 minutes. Awesome
Louisa Dell'Amico: June 24 and their entire seed displays have disappeared. Gardeners plant seeds in August for cool-weather fall crops. Guess there aren't any gardeners in management.WalMart left 2 bags in the hallway of my apartment building, but there's no one in the building with the name that's on the tag. There's also no address on the tag, so I don't where it was supposed to be delivered. I called customer service at Jungle Road in Leominster 3 times, and each time, it rang about 20 times and then disconnected. So I called pick-up & delivery about 3 times, and again it rang about 20 times and then disconnected. If you're not going to answer your frickin' phones, then don't provide a frickin phone number. Within a couple hours, one of the bags disappeared. Nice going WalMart.
Alexander Bernal: Great shopping experience!! Very helpful and friendly
Jerry Rogich: This morning plenty of cashiers for a Saturday. Lower priced items sell out quickly so best get there tues or wend after stocking.
Nancy Bray: It's Walmart... need I say more?
Janelle K: So much more variety than my usual store. It was a little overwhelming how many more products this store carries in comparison to the smaller Walmart stores (like in Gardner or Orange).The shopper staff were pretty rude, pushing my cart out of the way and taking up entire aisles chatting with each other with their giant carts. Store was hard to navigate because of them.
brandon osborne: I don't wants wrong with this place but they seem absolutely committed to the worst customer service possible
Mass Engineer: A spacious Walmart serving South Leominster, Sterling, Lancaster and surrounding towns. The hair salon is closed, the great stylist that was there moved to Lunenburg Crossing, next to Lunenburg Walmart; my wife won't go to any one else for a haircut. Some food prices are better than the local value-oriented supermarket we buy most of our groceries from.
Pecham: Walmart deserves a 1 star rating. The service provided by the employees was poor. The atmosphere was unpleasant. The employees looked miserable. As for parking, there was plenty of free parking. Regarding wheelchair accessibility, there was wheelchair accessibility at this location.I would not recommend this location to anyone. The service was terrible.If you are looking for a better shopping experience, I would recommend going to a different store.
Carol Kenyon: I like the prices. They have a lot of variety. I do not like the loud music playing. It is bad.
Opughku: Shoutout to James from the Walmart in leominster. A couple of friends of mine were at Texas Roadhouse and we wanted to get cowboy hats, we were in a rush so we didn’t lose our reservation. We ran in around 7:30 he was the first guy we saw and we asked were any cowboy hats. He realized we were in a rush and stopped what we were doing and gave us some quick and easy directions.
Stephen Moore: Always good. Typical Walmart Superstore with great selection of stuff. Check out lines were long but it didn't take long
Catherine Casamassa: Only have 3 stars due to the fact theparking lot is literally a dumping grounds for trash.... Normally things like that don't bother me BUT it was so bad, i was disgusted. Not only Walmart should be ashamed but the customers who are doin the deed. Have some pride, stop being a absolute slob!
Michelle M Miles: It is a WalMart. It is organized, clean and the staff is respectable!
william rodriguez montosa: Una experiencia desagradable con el personal de pick up y el supervisor de ellos deberian ser un poco mas responsables me dejaron esperando sobre 30 minutos nuncs llegaron
Mayra Valentin: Mi tiendas favorita donde consigo de todo y a buen precio.
Carlos Cortez: Walmart Supercenter where you find everything you need for a pantry and household items cosmetic cell phones computers bicycles and many more things is very complete and organized
Jason Desaulnier: This Walmart actually has products in stock unlike Gardner MA store. Only downside is lack of self checkout stations
J Phillips: It's WalMart... They have everything and it's cheap. Why else so you go there? Good ammo prices too!
Michael Williams: Watch out for the corporate brand rip off schemes! Starting to even rip us off on the smallest inexpensive item, like hydrogen peroxide. Equate brand, multiple bottles and won't even said when it hits an open wound! Please spare me with the "oh, it's an accident or there was a problem with manufacturing.. it's deliberate on corporate side and will always be deliberate. We now live in a one-hundred-percent rip-off society

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