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1. Adventure Day Camp - Bolton

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Adventure Day Camp
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Address: 129 Hudson Rd, Bolton, MA 01740

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (978) 779-5514

Business type: Camp

Adventure Day Camp: what do users think?
Elyse Zheng: My son has attended this camp for the past 2 summers, and it is his favorite. It is a good mix of structured activities (archery, boating, fishing, scout skills like whittling, making a fire, etc) and unstructured play with other kids. There is swimming in the lake with a big inflatable launcher, which is my son's favorite. Co-ed and also has optional busing and extended day. And affordable!
UWS Girlie: Great local summer camp experience! My son looks forward to it every year.

2. Camp Resolute - Bolton

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Camp Resolute
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Address: 75 Hudson Rd, Bolton, MA 01740

Telephone: (978) 779-2777

Business type: Camp

Camp Resolute: what do users think?
John Houlihan: Great night to be under the stars !
Michael Kane: A good spot to camp out with a scout pack or troop. Unfortunately, the water wasn't working at our site. They have some fun play areas for the kids, fishing spots, and trails.
Chrissy: Excellent place to Chill!
Michelle Hedin: I went there for a day of activities for my Webelo 2 and it did not disappoint. They scouts were able to get some many activities accomplished and had a blast!
Damien Knox: Camp Resolute is a great scout camp. The property is well maintained and has been enjoyed by scouts for countless decades. Their waterfront is small but enjoyable. Scouts can do kayak, canoe, stand up paddle board, and more. Mess hall, ranges, and scout crafts are all centrally located for easy access between each other. Great woods for exploring and not super far away so easy to get to.
Chrissy Magnuson: Very Peaceful and Beautiful especially this time of the year! I Highly recommend u Try this place. Yes u can swim but it's for Bolton people Only which Stinks! It's a Cool place to sit in your car and Chill! Read, play on your phone, no one bothers u! Excellent place to see the Fall colors of the leaves!
Allysann Ingram: Beautiful town lake. We love Bolton!
Donald Halsing: I have enjoyed every year I spent at this camp, both as a youth participant and adult leader, from summer camp to off-season activities. I've spent about 3 months of my life, nonconsecutively of course, at Resolute. Extremely nice staff every year! You feel like family here.
Colin Candiloro: Great summer camp and also available during the off season
Abhishek Srivastava: Great fun place for camping..
Joseph A. Notaro: its not wanocksett, and definitely not too far out of the way, but its a nice little camp on a lake
Dan Kane: A great scout camp, close to central and eastern mass, close to highway so makes for an easy weekend campout for troops. Nice sites with plenty of room. For summer camp, a great program and welcoming for provocative scouts.
Roy Adams: As I was there off season,it eas very quite and peaceful
Michael Furmaniuk: Awesome Scout Camp in Bolton. Great summer camp and year round camping.
Infamous Zombie: Yep
Butch Dawbin: Good scout camp in Massachusetts. All should take a look at it
Yasmin D.: Nice place
Eddie Carll: Nice Camp
Peter Cucinotta: Best BSA camp ground in the Metro West Region
Jim Pecora: A first-rate Boy Scout camp conveniently located in central Massachusetts. Camp Resolute has it all, the large Doc's easily accommodate row boats & canoes. The buildings are plentiful, well kept, and well-marked. Camp Resolute is everything you ever wanted in a Boy Scout camp.
Barbara Hagan: Even in a thunderstorm the staff go above an beyond expectations to bring an amazing end to the week!! Go Scouts

3. Tom Denney Nature Camp - Bolton

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Tom Denney Nature Camp
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Address: 44 Flanagan Rd, Bolton, MA 01740

Telephone: (978) 429-3004

Business type: Camp

Tom Denney Nature Camp: what do users think?
Rebecca Duffy: We love Tom Denney! I used to be a camper and a CIT ages ago, and now my son is in his 3rd summer! He came home after week one, sunburned and covered in bug bites, and begged for one more week! Tom Denney is everything summer and camp should be!
Jacob Vincent: Our 6 year old named Tom Denney “World’s Best Camp,” and can’t wait to go back next summer. The counselors there went way above and beyond to connect with him, and they made him feel like a true member of the community. He came home every day thrilled to be caked in dirt and with an adventure to tell us about.
Danielle DeCiero: 2022 was our 4th TDNC year as a family. It is undoubtedly our kids (7&9) favorite camp of the several they have tried in the Metrowest area. They always come home happily exhausted, even after 90+ degree days they have always had a wonderful time! As a parent, my favorite part is how much fun the kids have with the basics: roasting a hot dog and s’mores on sticks for lunch, playing field games, hiking, frog catching, and building a shelter in the woods. The counselors and directors are always amazing, and I feel happy knowing my kids are building their own memories enjoying the basics of nature. Every year they ask us to go for one more week next year!
Jessica Gale: My kids have been going for 7 years and it is always the highlight of their summer. They love all the activities and I love that they are in nature having fun! My kids love the staff and cannot wait to be CITs and counselors themselves!
C Montesinos: I’m absolutely in awe how awesome this camp is!! My son is very shy, doesn’t talk to anyone and not all the outgoing, at first he was skeptical about going to a new camp especially one that is outdoors but it only took him a couple days to get comfortable and it was like he was a different kid!!!! So outgoing and talking to all the staff and kids and was so excited to go to camp everyday! He can’t wait to go back next year!!! The staff is so friendly and inviting and very helpful as well! I would highly recommend this camp to everyone!
Carla Rippin: I cannot say enough great things about this camp !! My son absolutely loved it !! There were Tons of great activities for him and the staff was so kind and friendly ! He cannot wait to go back next year
Julia Kelley: The CIT program is great! A wonderful learning experience thats still a lot of fun. Would recommend!
monica kells: I love this camp! all the staff are so kind and generous3 kids had a great time 💕
Joan Finger: I've recommended Tom Denney Nature Camp to many families who have always been thrilled. Kids come home tired and happy after a busy day. They look forward to going back fo another day or season. I've picked up kids at the end of the day and enjoy their stories.
Flavio Roias: Would not recommend! My sons went there earlier this summer. My oldest had a gash on his leg. We received no information until he got home and told us directly. My other son got stung by a hornet and again we were not notified until we picked him up even though they want us to use the Remind App for all communication.The pick up and drop offs are atrocious! You have to give yourself a minimum of 30-40 minutes for each. I really don't have an extra 2 hours in my day for this. We were notified it's an active road and there have been accidents in the past. It's really just a parking lot and not a road.
Robert Johnson: I have been familiar with the Tom Denney Nature Camp since I moved to Bolton in 1987 and became a director on the Trust. My daughter attended the camp and became a counselor. I am now planning on sending my granddaughter. The camp has always been one of the most important things the Trust does. It has been well run and provides a strong STEM impact on the kids. I highly recommend it to all parents.
Dan Gaffney: What a fantastic camp! We have had all four of our children go through Tom Denney Nature Camp for many years and the one thing that sticks in my mind is that they come home tired, a bit dirty, but they always had smile on their faces. To this day they still burst out in song at family gatherings with some random camp song they remember from TDNC. The camp has created memories that will last a lifetime, and stories that they will be telling their kids about the great times they had at summer camp in Bolton.
Robert Roemer: Tom Denney Nature Camp has for many years been a summer center of open air experience, fun (hiking, games, swimming), personal growth and awareness of nature for children in the vicinity of Bolton, Harvard, Stow and other communities in eastern Massachusetts. Our kids had a great time as campers and grew into counselors as part of TDNC programs. It is important to note that the Camp was open this summer (2020) with carefully thought-out and approved protocols. It was challenging for camp counselors and administrators but was definitely a big "plus" for kids and families who were involved.

4. Pilgrim Day Camp - Framingham

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13 reviews
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Pilgrim Day Camp
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Address: 1 Badger Rd, Framingham, MA 01702

Telephone: (508) 875-4548

Business type: Camp

Pilgrim Day Camp: what do users think?
Jesse G.: Kid loves it.
DY S: Huge day camp with extended day offerings and tons of activities for the kids: pool (with swim lessons), playgrounds, hiking trails, tractor rides, weekly cook outs, battery powered ride-on cars, mini golf, inflatable water slide, two arcade games, ping pong, foosball, and way more. They don't generally mask but do keep kids outside almost the entire time.
Kristina “Chicklassique” Mateo: I went here when here growing up and my nephews go now. I loved PDC. Me and my brothers still remember the song. Alot of great activities . Swimming, arts crafts archery music. It's a great camp.
stephen rothman: Ok pizza
Thomas Woods: Sad my son can’t go this year. Lots of reasons this place has been around so long- and why so many keep going back. Looking forward to summer 2021.
Kathryne Gadarian: My child had money stolen from her backpack at this camp. I am still trying to work with the camp leadership to get them to acknowledge that they should take extra security measures to ensure that campers' belongings are not at risk but am encountering defensiveness. I hope I have the opportunity to upgrade my rating, because we used to love this camp. UPDATE: this camp has completely redeemed itself to me. My kids love it and we don't even live in Framingham anymore, but we keep driving down to PDC every summer because it's hard to imagine going elsewhere. I still wouldn't pack money or valuables in the backpacks with the kids, but it's not that hard to manage that part of it now that the kids are older.
Kristen Riley: I went here as a child and have now sent my 3 year old daughter for her first summer. It was an amazing experience for her and I. PDC brought my shy daughter out of her comfort zone and taught her so much. Over just one summer she grew so much. She loved it. This place is truly amazing!! I loved it so much and so did my daughter. She will be there every summer!! The staff is amazing and I cannot say enough great things about this magical place!!

5. Camp Middlesex - Ashby

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59 reviews
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Camp Middlesex
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Address: 1031 Erickson Rd, Ashby, MA 01431

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: (978) 386-7704

Business type: Camp

Camp Middlesex: what do users think?
Regina DiCicco (Enzo): Great experience for my son this summer for day camp. Good price and very nice staff
Derek Batz: Camp Middlesex is a great spot. Amazing natural environment with an old mill pond and beautiful waterfalls downstream. Hill will definitely give you a workout.
Annalee Stallman: My boys first overnight camping experience they LOVED it and want to go back the next week. Next summer they'll be doing 2 weeks.
lydia summers: had a scary situation, staff did not handle it well after 7 girls were crying for over 3 hours and 2 which threw up, would not let us call our parents or go home.
Jacqueline Fazzina: Great camp, plenty of trails and fields. It has a nice shooting range, decent cabins, and an absolutely amazing fire pit. It does not have a lake to swim in, though. There are currently undergoing some construction.
Jeanine: Amazing camp.
Amanda Huntington: Best councilors ever! My daughters loved thier day camp councilor Ashlynn. They came home every day excited to tell us about all the fun they had. Love this camp!
Karen Pickett: my daughter had the best week there!
Dan Von Kohorn: 4-H Camp. Well run. The kids love it, and they learn farming and nature skills.
Ivy J. (ives): Been here a few times for LARP events. Awesome campsite, with decent (albeit cold, no insulation) cabins, showers, and firepit. The giant hill is a force tho. If you're fine with leg day every day then absolutely recommend this place
John B: Went back just to visit many years later. I attended camp here over 40 yrs ago and nothing has changed. It was great then and still looks the same now. The camp and grounds look well maintained. Some of my best/favorite memories as a teenager happened here. Wish I could go back in time!
Emily Michaud: Fun, creative and active experiences for kids. Great staff and beautiful camp. Love it!
Ori Gallaugher: I keep thinking about this one weird spot. It has consumed my life, I keep having cryptic visions about the back of the art barn, it's so whacked, please check it out. Knocked down one star because of hill. Also! If you go in the winter, watch out for the patch of ice by the mess hall. You will slip on it.
Adam: My son loved it.
Lily McKay: Camps the best!!!
Stephan Richter: What a great place for kids to spend a week in the summer. The property is beautifully located in Ashby in northern Massachusetts. The kids spend pretty much all day outside and have to sleep in rustic cabins without air conditioning. Showering is not really a good option, but luckily they up into the pool every day. Oh, and absolutely no electronics! My son loved it there especially since he was allowed to BB guns.
Sanele Malikoko: Have nice and health food. Staffs are every friendly
Frank McAuliffe: Water flowing well today.
James Morrissey: The kids love it
Kathleen Riley: My kids had a blast
Kara Tetreault: Best sleepover camp for kids

6. Camp Marshall - Worcester County 4-H Center - Spencer

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35 reviews
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Camp Marshall - Worcester County 4-H Center
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Address: 92 McCormick Rd, Spencer, MA 01562

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (508) 885-4891

Business type: Camp

Camp Marshall - Worcester County 4-H Center: what do users think?
Danielle Gosson: This was our first and last year at camp. Where on earth was the staff? I stopped in to use the restroom and it was disgusting, I wanted to ask someone about this, but there was no one to be found. One of my kid's cabins smelled like urine, from a kid who had an accident and didn't tell anyone. Did no adult notice this smell, there should have been a counselor in each bathroom. the icing on the cake was the rash on both my kids. They needed to see their pediatrician for steroids and antibiotics after camp. I think the health department should stop by here.
A Jones: Camp Marshall has really gone down hill as other reviewers have stated. It's really sad. Our daughter has been attending camp for 8 years and this will be her last summer. Chronic staffing shortages are a big problem, and all of the counselors are new and not much older than our daughter. I get that staffing shortages are a problem everywhere, but camp mgmt and the Board of Directors really need to step up their recruitment efforts to retain some quality counselors. I hear the horse camp is not much better, sadly. Since counselors are only there for the summer their enthusiasm and motivation for the job is low. The last straw was when our daughter notified us that a long time camp director left, which was very sad and disappointing. This director was well liked by the campers. It's very frustrating to have to be informed about these kind of staffing changes by our daughter. I get that I'm not entitled to specific details regarding a staff departure, but the lack of transparency is shocking and disappointing, especially with a director-level departure. It would have been much appreciated if camp management sent a simple notification to camp families that this director had left. Our daughter's excitement and enthusiasm for camp is gone, and it's really sad to think of how much money we have spent at Camp Marshall over the years to have our opinion of camp end like this.
Heather :D: My daughter had a bad experience at overnight camp . I called and asked someone to check on her , they told me they did and she was fine , and was not true . We paid for a horse camp and they did not ride the first day , the second the instruction do not show up and the kids was at the barn for 4 hours with out doing anything at a weather of 90 degrees, the third day they ride for 10 min and nothing elseThen at the night they called and said my daughter was sick and I should pick her up because she had fever , went home her temperature was 98Plus they had nothing to do but could not buy snacks and the problem the food portion was small and she did not ate well . So definitely she won’t go back again .
Lily Gachau: The camp was super fun for me. Everyday it’s a new experience! From making new friends with the people in your cabin and classes to doing tons of fun activities in classes. This camp has been a very good pick for me for the last 4 years. Oh! Let me not forget the amazing food and the extremely kind staff. Not only do you make new friends with kids but you also make friends with the counselors and staff. This camp make for a unforgettable summer!
libby russekl: didn't enjoy the camp at all.
Brenda Delossantos: My first time and it was amazing!
Tess Murphy: I had so much fun here! And I really loved he equine program!
Heather Buckley: My son attended 2 summers ago. I realize it has been a couple years but as I was researching camps I felt the need to share our experience. My son was 8 and this was his first camp experience. I was concerned from the moment check in begin. When we went to his cabin there was a strong smell of urine and there had been no cleaning between sessions. I went to camp, it is not supposed to be dirt free by this was actually unhealthy and was a clear indicator that the counselors didn’t not take pride in their work. On the day we came to pick my son up he was disgusting. His soap and toothbrush came home unused. Again he’s a boy and I sent him to camp to get dirty and have fun but there should have been some guidance around hygiene. But I could overlook all of that!! When I arrived, there was no direction and when I went to his cabin, nobody knew where he was. I wandered around and finally found a counselor hanging out with other counselors who said oh yeah- he was moved to another cabin. Nobody knew why or give me any explanation or even knew where my son was!!!! As I mentioned above we did eventually find him. There was a closing ceremony at the end that included awards. There were some valid award, best archery etc but then there was a bunch of ridiculous awards for cutest kid and other would immediately ruin kids self esteem. Not all kids got awards so it wasn’t an attemp to find something for everyone it felt more like a popularity contest. Lastly and this is partly why I’m choosing to write the review... my son just shared with me that there was a kid in his cabin who called him “superjerk”. And the counselor even called him that on 2 occasions!!!! What?!?!?! It wasn’t until my son broke down that the counselor stopped although he never corrected the other kid. 2 years later I finally understand why he refuses to go to another camp!!! The counselors are below par and more interested in socializing than actually interacting with the kids. And btw - they couldn’t even swim in the lake due to bacteria levels which is a common occurance. I would highly recommend going to any other camp!!! I would give them zero stars!
Jess H: We got married here this past 10.7.17. To say this was the best decision we have ever made is an understatement. Camp Marshall and its leader rental coordinator, Kenneth, are amazing to work with. We were able to keep our wedding with 75 people for a super reasonable price. Camp Marshall is the best DIY wedding venue out there!! If you have the opportunity to have your wedding here TAKE IT. They have a water front venue for your ceremony, and a barn for your reception. YOU CANT GET THAT ANYWHERE for the price Ken offers! Not to mention how vocal Ken is when helping with details or just helping out in general! We weren't even going to have a wedding, but we stumbled upon Camp Marshall and all of our wedding dreams came to light. We were able to have a wedding, invite who we wanted, decorate how we wanted, have the food we wanted, have the alcohol we needed ;), and everything we could have possibly dreamed of. I could go on for days but pretty sure they might cut my character limit off at some point! If you need more info ask Ken, he can give you my contact info. But overall, hands down the best wedding venue in massachusetts!
Kymber: I have been coming to Camp Marshall since I was 5 and I absolutely love it and recommend it! Camp Marshall has taught me responsibility and has given me memories that will last forever. At Camp Marshall I assure you there's activities for everybody to enjoy! Surely every camper will have a fantastic time and will meet new friends! At camp they teach you leadership skills, horsemanship, and much more. The food is also great and the camp is very organized. The staff is friendly and always gives you a warm welcome. I highly recommend this camp to anyone who is seeking adventure and fun!
PaigeYeetsPotatoes: I absolutely love camp marshall! I've been going for 6 years and i am still a camper. I just came back from week four and i got so attached to my friends that i made and we never seperated. We were crying when we had to go home.
Ryan Dowen: This year was my 10th year attending Camp Marshall, and for good reason. As a camper I absolutely loved the activities I took, especially riflery, challenge, (low ropes course) and boating. However, my favorite part of camp was always the friendships I made (that I still keep to this day) with other campers and the counselors that became my role models. Camp Marshall is my favorite place on earth and I would recommend it to anyone.
Hannah Kelley: I have been attending Camp Marshall ever since I was a camper until now being a counselor. I first went when I was 8 years old was unhappy so I didn't return for a couple years. When I did return at age 11 as a daycamper. I absolutely loved it. I made new friends from my town, Pennslyvania, and other towns that I sill have to this day. The next summer I did my first week of overnight after a week of daycamper which was very nerve racking but the staff was remembered me, were comforting, and the evening activities was really good. I have attended ever since doing 2 more summers of overnight, a summer of CIT (counselor in training) which I chose to go to camp for 4 weeks because I loved it so much, and now I am lucky enough at 16 to be a staff member who attendeds all summer. From camper to staff I have found that the staff keeps strictly to traditions of this old camp, remembers almost everyone, and makes sure that every child is having a fun time while having a fun time themselves. It's means so much to me that I can finally be that person that I used to look up to and wanted to be. The most important thing I have gotten out of Camp Marshall is my life. When I did first attend at age 8 even though I left for a couple years after I did however see the rabbits in the farm barn and wanted one. I got a rabbit and joined the 4-H program which has inspired me to work with agricultural animals for the rest of my life. If I did not first go to Camp Marshall and choose this path I would not be who I am today. At 16 I'm the farm barn counselor at camp, I work at a dairy farm, and I have an agricultural internship at a history museum paving me on my way to my hopes and dream. I have attend many other camps in my life and have not yet found one with the same sense of family, love, and tradition as Camp Marshall. I would want not to know who I would be if I have never first attended this life changing camp.
Jinta Kingfish: Attended as a camper, C.I.T., and a counselor. I have gained both leadership skills, responsibility, and wonderful memories. I definitely recommend this camp to anyone. The one thing I would be cautious of, this camp is designed for kids who are more independent and self-sufficient, because it is an overnight camp and there is not constant communication between child and parent. However the experience can definitely be helpful to children moving into the more independent phases in life like middle school, high-school and college.
Arianna Navedo: I was a camper at Camp Marshall for 6 years and it is my first year as a counselor and i would totally recommend this camp for any kid to have a great time! We have fun themes every week and so many funactivities! I love how close we all are and i really feel like this place is my home! I would recommend this camp to anyone it is a great summer camp go to for the summer! I love it!
Andrea Patton: If I was looking for online reviews, I would want to read about this experience: My almost 9 year old daughter just returned from a week of half and half (horse and regular) at Camp Marshall. I'd talked to the director last spring to learn more and she was going with a friend so it seemed like a comfortable introduction to sleepaway camp (which we know well from her older brothers having attended numerous northeastern camps).From check-in, however, my concerns began to mount and I would never recommend this camp.There was trash - not dirt, dirt is part of camp - strewn on mattresses in her cabin when she moved in. No cleanup from week before. One counselor was MIA and I never met her, and the other was nice enough but never smiled and only spoke when spoken to - no welcome for my daughter who was nervous.The waterfront was closed b/c of bacteria 4 out of five days. Someone in her cabin was stealing from the cabin - nothing was done about it. One of my 8 year old's counselor's called her a "bully" in the middle of the night for asking other girls to turn off their light and stop talking so she could sleep. Many counselors were apparently on their phones a lot of the time. And the crowning event: a separate counselor and a cook yelled at my daughter and told her she was "mean" when she didn't like the lunch options.When my daughter was upset about being yelled at during lunch, she was allowed to call me and ask to go home. This is the very first contact I had with the camp all week - no warning, just put my daughter on the phone crying. I feel there is no (effective) training from counselor to director. Thankfully, there were no true emergencies. I was the only one who came up with strategies to keep her there so she could feel she had finished what she started - they had no ideas, no execution.I would never, ever send her there again - she couldn't wait to leave after five days - and I would never recommend it to anyone.
Johanna Darling: Love it.

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