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1. Gerardo's Italian Bakery - West Boylston

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Gerardo's Italian Bakery
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Address: 339 W Boylston St, West Boylston, MA 01583

Schedule: Closing soon: 8:00 PM

Telephone: (508) 853-3434

Business type: Bakery

Gerardo's Italian Bakery: what do users think?
Jake Mudarrie: Ordered our wedding cake through them. They never reached out to us to confirm. When we called they were rude and told us it was all set but they didn’t even have the right information. We told them again and it still didn’t come out right. I think we spoke to the manager, he was not nice at all. Kinda like we were bothering/annoying him. Paid 300$ plus for a cake that we didn’t even ask for. Never going there again. Definitely need to work on their customer service skills.
Shaina Wales: Gerardo’s makes wedding cake tasting easy by providing a to-go cake sampler! We visited the West Boylston location and brought home a cake sampler, with so many slices of delicious cake flavors to try, and other various desserts (cannolis, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, tiramisu, fruit tart, etc). Once we made our decision, chose a cake design from their website, our wedding cake and dessert order was just a phone call away. They delivered our cake and dessert assortment to the venue without a problem, and everything was absolutely delectable! Highly recommend Gerardo’s!
Cheryl Fox: We ordered our 25th anniversary cake and it was beautiful!!! Gerardo's also has the best pastries; everything is delicious. Thank you for making our day so special!!!
Kate Smith: Best Tiramisu I have ever had. I can’t wait to go back.
Linda Llovable: Very friendly & attentive staff and a wide assortment of delicious pastries!
Audrey Ward: So good. Highly recommend 💖
Gabriel Federo: Number one place to get desserts from my wife side of the family.
Idalia Guzman: Geraldo's is a professional & very welcoming bakery, with lovely & friendly employees. Extremely organized and beautiful displays with plenty to choose from. So make sure you go with desire for plenty of sweets & money to spend lol. I went in for the first time for a slice of carrot cake & walked out with $70.00 worth of snacks. Everything is either by the pound, or $5 & up for the slice. Buen Appetit
K Wu: We used to treat ourselves to some Gerardo's once (sometimes 2x) a week, but in the last 2 months or so there have been extreme consistency issues with multiple things.I've had an actual rancid cannoli--like the ricotta had gone bad, one was good. A different time it was the cheesecake. Then another time it was the limoncello cake.I don't think we can ever eat here again considering the taste aversions we've developed from these experiences.It's a shame.
Karissa Cook: Gerardo's made our wedding cake and we cannot recommend them enough! Not only was is absolutely delicious, but it was beautiful and reasonably priced. Gerardo was great at explaining our options and making recommendations to design our perfect cake. We cannot recommend them enough whether you are looking for a wedding cake our just a small treat. Do yourself a favor and stop by today! Thank you Gerardo and all the staff at the West Boylston location!!!
Mike Seaman: Real deal bakery
Fred Lattimore: The selection of cakes and pastries here is incredible. We have been going to this bakery for 2 years now and it never disappoints. Everything is delicious and well-made.
J Edward: Perfect every time
Jennifer Carney: The chocolate bomb mousse cake is to die for, so good!
Joan M star: Lots of goodies to choose from Yummy!!!!!
Christine Allard: I have been reading the reviews given here and I want to give you a 5 star review on your professional response to the 2 star review you received. I frequent the store quite often and have always had a great experience. The quality of products is remarkable. The decor of the bakery has the feel of being in Italy. Keep up the good work.
Rand Alfaris: I wanted to give this bakery a chance because its rate is 4.6 so I said it must be a good one. Sadly, I was very disappointed with taste of the products. I wanted to be fair in my rating so my friends and I tried many many kinds of cakes and pastries. I didn’t like the taste, it is more sugar than any other substance. I don’t know what coco they are using but is not tasty.The other thing is, the girls that are working there are a bit rude for some reason. The service is not good, the seating area is on one side and the cashier on the other side and they don’t have or offer trays for large orders. I had to go back and forth which is something didn’t care and I didn’t like to do.The only nice thing about is the decor, but still, even that one thing, after a while it feels lifeless. Sorry it does not deserve more than 2 stars.
Julie Marie: The staff is extremely friendly!The location is nice, clean, and spacious. Theirs a small area for those who would like to eat on the spot.The options are many, the average dessert is 30$. Slightly overpriced, compared to other bakeries where similar quality is found.
greyeyedsniper: Always excellent! Offered to bring a cake for a birthday party, and went with Oreo mousse cake of course. When I arrived I was unanimously met with "I was hoping you'd go to Gerardo's!!". Everything is always amazing, and their case is insane. I've never seen such a large and diverse selection of ready-to-go items. It's so convenient to just know they'll have something amazing at the ready without needing to special order, but the customer service for those special orders is always great so you can't go wrong!!! Check it out!!
margaret guzman: Ordered cake for my husband's birthday. He loves your ricotta cake. Very tasty. BUT it fell apart. And was lopsided. Not your usual quality.
Angel Alvarado: A cure for the sweet tooth. Cannoli's might be my favorite food group.

2. Bolton Orchards - Bolton

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Bolton Orchards
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Address: 125 Still River Rd, Bolton, MA 01740

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (978) 779-2733

Business type: Produce market

Bolton Orchards: what do users think?
B: Love this place. best market around! Fresh fruits . pies are delicious. Deli Foods are so good!. They have a whole wall of homemade jarred preservative goods. I always go out of the way and stop by whenever I'm working in the area.
Liam Theis: I hit Bolton whenever I'm headed to the cape or Rhode Island. The apple cider and apple cider donuts are absolutely fantastic. The apple butter is also prime along with the other preservatives. The other groceries can be very expensive ($10 small cut fruit salad) but the apple and farm products are worth it.The have bathrooms out back. Lots of parking. It's wheelchair accessible.
Andrea Elder-Bruns: As I sat down to write this review, I took a quick look at the ones others had left, particularly the less-than favorable ones, and sure enough, I'm clearly not alone in having a disappointing experience that will ensure I will NOT be in a hurry to come back. I was a first time customer, and intentionally passed by an ice cream shop that's much closer to the highway in order to give this place a try. I ordered two dishes of ice cream, one "Junior" ($2.79) and one "Small" ($6.07!) What appeared on the counter were two servings that looked so similar (except for what the dishes were made of), that I didn't think it was my order. When I asked about it, basically having to ask which was which since they were the same flavor, the young lady was clearly frustrated and said, loudly enough for other customers to hear, "I can weigh them if you want." Before I could even respond, she grabbed them and walked to the scale on the other side of the room. No, actually, I didn't "want" this to be necessary and definitely didn't "want" to be embarrassed for seeking clarity about the situation. Apparently the two amounts were closer than they should have been, to which she responded, "well, I heavy-scooped this one," (meaning the smaller one). I was uncomfortable, and said, "no worries, I've never been here before and didn't know" (meaning how the sizes are done). By then the joy of a fun weekend ice cream stop was reduced, and I just wanted to get out of there. If management reads this, please coach your young staff members about basic courtesy in dealing with future customers. If my experience is typical, it's going to be tough to get people to come back.
Gabriel Tome: Good
Angela Rossi: Needed a last minute pharmacy item and this was the last store around. Couldn't believe it, they had what we needed. Store was very clean & workers were very helpful.
Vittorio Bucchieri: Fresh, good quality fruit and produce.
James Marcone: They've been there a long time the produce is really fresh and when the corn comes in I suggest going and buy some delicious corn
Howard F: Really nice country store for baked goods, sandwiches and great produce
Ryan Mitchell: I love this place. Excellent baked goods, fresh fruits/veggies, delicious apples, canned goods, a deli, and more. I come here at least once per week. Great staff, friendly atmosphere. A++
Lisette Azucena: Been shopping here for over a year for apples, they seem to have the most variety and quantities. Also have fresh cider at a good price. The store is well stocked with fresh produce, freshly prepared pre-cooked meals, a very nice deli section and also a fresh ice cream stand. I've encountered encountered mostly friendly people except the ice cream stand where the service is a bit dicey during the off season. Otherwise great service!
Brittni Cute: We always go to Bolton Orchards when we have a special meal we are planning. They supply top quality and hard to find products. The deli counter is esquite. This past weekend we purchased the best prosciutto we have ever had. Kuddos to the butcher. The cut was so thin and amazing it melted in our mouths.
Michael Lyon: Had a roast beef sub. It was sweet.
Catniss Everseen: Great apples and other veggies. Good prices
Drake Smith: Great farm stand with unique and interesting foods!
Bob LeRoyer: Here is something you may not know... You can get that "just picked flavor and crunch" from an apple during the winter months. Forget about those bags of mushy & bruised grocery store apples. Just stop at the Bolton Orchard store and see for yourself. I'll let them tell you their secret. It's safe with me!
Seth Cragan: Been going here since I was a kid. I'm 47 now. Even though the prices on some stuff is a little high, nothing is better than getting there early and picking up a 6 pack of cider doughnuts and a gallon of cider. (It's even better when it is getting close to sell by date... And cheaper... But don't tell anyone 😉)
Cindy Ericson: Loved it
Sally Collura: Great produce and fruit as well as deli, bakery Anna grocery departments
david knowlton: Love this place. Great donuts , breads and pies. I have tried the apple blueberry and blackberry and all are delicious. The also has nice Cortland apples in January! My son grabbed a hot bacon bbq burger and he liked it so much it didn't make it home.
Lena Cardell: Wonder selection of unique and high quality food items at the market, and of course a fantastic selections of apples and cider. The cider donuts are made daily and second to none.
Lee Fitzgerald: Lots of nice food options and the cider and donuts around fall are top tier.

3. Gaetano's Bakery - Holliston

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Gaetano's Bakery
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Address: 412 Washington St, Holliston, MA 01746

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: (774) 233-0289

Business type: Bakery

Gaetano's Bakery: what do users think?
partehbear (partehbear): Absolutely amazing place. The guy at the counter treated us like family as soon as we walked through the door. Me and my mom were the only ones there at the time so the guy talked with us for a while about our lives and what we were doing up here in Holliston. We were on an emergency trip up north to see family and were pretty stressed about it but Gaetano's really made us feel right at home. He helped us go through all the best pastries and we ended up settling on the lobster tails. They were perfectly golden brown and crispy, and the whipped cream was amazingly soft and smooth. I've never seen such kind hospitality and delicious desserts anywhere else on the east coast (and trust me, I've been searching!).
Josh Depaolo: Love this place. Cannolis were delish!
Howard Kogan: Excellent bakery goods! Nice people.
Hannah: Best bakery in the area! Absolutely amazing customer service even to delivery drivers. Delicious cannolis 😋
Reece Perkins: Wonderful pastry and other thingsA must stop it you are near the area
Patrick Loscocco: I miss the frozen yogurt place
SADOC POGGI: Best of the best
José Carlos: Muito bom
Cobe Gonzales: Fantastic service. I was in a tight spot getting the cake my wife wanted.Chocolate cake with strawberries on top.Had it ready in under an hour.Picked up a couple cannolis at the same time. Everything fresh and delicious.Would highly recommend.Very pleasant and friendly.The owner was one of the nicest people I've ever encountered.I feel the negative reviews are either mistakes or just simple trolls.This place is 20 minutes away and I will definitely travel to be a repeat customer..
Victor Lambiase: Great pastries.Always fresh!Reasonably priced.
Tara Goodwin: Excellent Italian Pastries!
Evangeline Cancel: Great pies and cookies.
Jennifer C: Hidden gem! Great Italian pastries, staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. Everything is delicious! Reasonable prices. The owner is also very kind. First time customer who will be using this bakery moving forward!
Dave Oconnell: People are amazing and I recommend anyone to go there.Tell them Dave A.Hole sent you.
Dean Remy: Great Italian cookies and pastries
Devin FitzM: There macaroons are my wife's favorite and they make an awesome birthday cake. I go for the canolis.
Julianna Molina: The owner who made the cake was very rude and never going there again.And I had a cake down for my birthday and it did it come out the color nor the design we wanted.He said that “we didn’t know what we wanted”.And continued to be rude.Messed up the cake and made look like a 2 year old made it.Necer coming here again.I don’t recommend coming her to order because he is nice in the beginning and then in the end he is rude and doesn’t listen to what u request for.
ADM: Absolutely love this bakery! I’ve been a customer for years. Not only is everything delicious, but the customer service is excellent! I feel like family when I walk through the door and you don’t get that many places these days.
P D: Love this place! As good as you’re going to get outside the North End.
Faith Sims: Its alright. the outside of the cake wasn't what i asked for to be honest, but the inside of the cake was delicious, absolutely perfect. Could do better on outside appearences though.
Laura Sturgeon: Used to go here but something has changed

4. Royal Pastry Shop - Lexington

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83 reviews
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Royal Pastry Shop
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Address: 317 Marrett Rd, Lexington, MA 02421

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: (781) 862-9609

Business type: Bakery

Royal Pastry Shop: what do users think?
Donna Alesse: Grouchy woman at pickup for a $40.00 rum cake ( the smallest size) didn't offer a look at it before sealing it with twine as they always did in past, order was wrong, and the cake layers inside were not even,making the overall taste. Won't be ordering again.
Dee: If it's not broke don't fix it. Who in the world thought it was a good idea to put a pastry bottom on cheesecake versus graham cracker? I don't want dough on the bottom of my cheesecake. Take a biscuit, open it, and stuff it with cheesecake filling. Not good. It does not mesh in my mouth either. If it was good, I wouldn't complain... But it wasn't. Feta pastry could have used a bit more flavor, but it wasn't bad. Lemon cake... Was ok. Young ladies at the front counter were great. On to the next bakery...
Maria Peterson: Great Italian pastries, the best macaroons and cannoli in metrowest!
Valentina garcia: Fresh and delicious, big variety of pastries, cookies and desserts, incredible costumer service
Audrey Martignetti: If you want stale cookies go on a Monday. Pizza looked so old that it was white and moldy looking couldn't find the red sauce. Pastries were so dried out that they had no taste and were falling apart. Talk to the owner and she will tell you that they are too busy to restock. She rather profit off of selling stale items rather than keeping a reputation for good pastries and service. Too many local pastry shops to waste money on items that cannot be eaten. Profits before customer service and satisfaction is their motto. They should be ashamed with the prices they charge.
Don MacMillan: Everything great!!! Our family has enjoyed their treats since the 60s. Consistently Outstanding!!!
Silas C: Maybe because I was not going in for a custom cake or anything, but I thought service was decent. Tiramisu and strawberry puff cake were pretty good. I like that they use more cream than other places. Overall, probably
Mitchell Palm: I just bought a ready-made birthday cake from this place. The cake looks wonderful. However, the customer service was very unsettling. I was in a great mood before walking into this store, now I’m fairly frustrated. One lady was quite helpful, the other treated me like I was a nuisance instead of a valued patron. I mentioned it was a Birthday cake, and they never offered to write anything on top. When I asked her to write something, I got this little scoff and side eye like you wouldn’t believe. I really hope this cake tastes wonderful, or this review goes down to one star.
arthur papazian: Rude old woman! Treated me like a street person Friday about noon time 2/3/23. I bought 5 slices of pizza and 3 other times I've been there they put them in a box with wax type paper in between. This woman threw them in a bag sideways. I'm guessing she's the owner. Young people working there were always polite.
Tasha Robinson: Not sure about the ready-made pastries (seems like the only bad reviews on here mention the freshness/customer service), but their custom cakes aren't up to the price tag. We ordered here in May for the convenience of only driving a few minutes to pick up the cake (things can get quite hectic during a one year old's birthday party), but we would have definitely gone to a place further out if we had known the cake would be this bad.Albeit being somewhat recognizable as the design we wanted, it was poorly made enough that I thought my 15 year old daughter would do a better job (in fact, many guests did think she made it). The cake was dry, the frosting was patchy, the lettering was messy, and more. The only things we liked about it were the fondant decor and the cake drip. This was not worth the ~$120 we paid for it, a price that's comparable to one from other, more well-known bakeries. The cherry on top was the fact that only a few teenage part-time employees were present in the bakery when we went to pick it up, making us unable to get at least a few things redone before the party started.I know this is a small business, but the pictures of past cakes they made and the overwhelming confidence they displayed when guaranteeing they could make it to our satisfaction was misleading and we will not be coming back here again.
Francis Bane: Family owned! Wonderful cakes and pastries!!
Jay Kizll: The lady is beyond rude and the pastries are stale.
Lana C.: I walked into this bakery and asked the attendant (probably the same cold, dry, rude lady mentioned in other reviews) what their most popular pastries were, and she pointed me to a section with Italian pastries. I asked whether she was Italian, and she scoffed and gave me a nasty look, saying, "This is an Italian bakery" like Italian is in the name or there's an Italian flag hanging in the shop. Like im supposed to know. Very rude, cold, impatient attendant. Do not recommend.
Qinghong Yan: The pastries are delicious but very rude people. I went on a Thursday morning around 10am, there was only one lady there. She is very cold, rude and impatient. (Later a old lady came out and seemed nice)
Brittany Bryant: We ordered this cake for my son's 5th birthday! I let him decide the flavors of the cake and frosting, and the woman behind the counter was so patient and made his wishes come true! It was also sooo delicious and reasonably priced! We will definitely go back again!
Justin O'Connor: Nice people, delicious pastry.
Frank Fornaro: Excellent pastry. Very curt service from an older server.
Harshawardhan Deshpande: The biscotti here are excellent! Another favorite is the cookies and cream cheese cake.
Dierdrah Bellevue: Where do I even begin with how amazing this place! The ladies working were so nice and so accommodating to me. I had to get some pies last minute for my family and they recommended their favorites that they liked and I brought it over to my family‘s Thanksgiving. Everyone was absolutely obsessed! Now my family wants to come there all the time. The customer service was so sweet and everyone was so nice to me when I came in and so helpful. I am extremely appreciative and it will be coming back so many more times!!!
Daniel Suit: Pretty good overall

5. Antoines Pastry Shop - Newton

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201 reviews
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Antoines Pastry Shop
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Address: 317 Watertown St, Newton, MA 02458

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: (617) 527-9193

Business type: Bakery

Antoines Pastry Shop: what do users think?
Mariela Vazquez: Absolutely love all the cakes I've gotten from here over the years and pastries are really good as well! The staff is so friendly and welcoming! I find myself coming back often! It's a must try for anyone who hasn't gone here!
Jhett Jones: An amazing find. Everything was so wonderful.
Steven Elliott: Old fashioned is still in style. Amazing bakery, I've been coming here for over 40 + years since I was little. Great Canolis. Tiramisu fabulous, eclairs amazing. I could go on and on. Keep up the good work guys
Mac Nooy: Deliciois!
Han: Forgot to take a picture before serving lol but this birthday cake was delicious, easy to order, great price, etc. I could go on and on. I highly recommend for small treats and for personalized cakes.
Michael Caira: Better than Boston pastry shops
Mike C: Unassuming bakery that has delicious cookies (love that you can pick your favorites in the asst. box), pastries and breads. The cakes look good. The service is efficient and quick. A must stop anytime we are in the area.
Sai Likhita Rokkam: Great neighborhood bakery. Excellent selection of macrons, pastries and cupcakes. Wide variety. Such a gem
S N: Canoli was nice and fresh. Eclaire was good. Lemon square was the best! Service was fantastic and price was reasonable.
Rebecca Noymer: Just had their cannolis for the first time for Valentine’s Day and am blown away. Better than any cannoli in the north end. Will absolutely be back to try more desserts!
Angela Wood: Always amazing
Reda Ibrahim: Authintic, friendly and and best pinioli cookies in town!!
Phoebe Foley: Each Christmas season we buy the most delicious gingerbread men at this bakery. We fine the staff wonderful. Always eager to gently help you.
M P: My boyfriend has been coming here since he was a kid and brought me here for the first time today. Walking in is the most glorious experience. The sheer quantity of pastries is amazing but the best part of the few steps into the shop is the incredible smell. Yankee candle WISHES they could capture this scent. The young woman at the counter who helped us was so helpful and kind! She helped me grab an assortment of goodies(we even picked up one of her favorites, the lemon square and it was so good.) Everything we bought today looks incredible and tastes even better. If you’re in the area you MUST stop in! 10/10
jennifer long: The best bakery around! Better than the North End for many different Italian , old school authentic bakes! But they have other things too that they excel at!! They are consistently fresh and of high quality and never disappoint! (and I'm not easy to please when it comes to authentic Italian pastry)
Katie Passerello: It's not the holidays without Antoines. 40 year long tradition in my family.
Brittany Heller: The best. Kind,helpful service!Thanksgiving eve was crazy busy of course, but the staff remained cool and collective and had a great ticket system to helping customers. Pies and lobster tails are delish!
Christina: Wow. Delicious. The best lemon meringue pie I've ever eaten and I've eaten many. Also ordered 2 cupcakes and gingerbread. This is the bakery of my dreams!
rachael davis: Made such a beautiful custom birthday cake for my daughter! Chocolate with raspberry filling was delicious and more than enough for whole party (40 p). Very affordable as well
Rüdiger F: Die Ausstattung erinnert an die 50-iger Jahre, das Backwerk ist aber sehr lecker

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