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1. ISAL USA - International School of Advanced Learning - Boston

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ISAL USA - International School of Advanced Learning
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Address: 20 Linden St 2nd floor, Allston, MA 02134

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: (855) 595-5885

Business type: English language school

ISAL USA - International School of Advanced Learning: what do users think?
Anastasia Babintseva: ISAL is a wonderful school with professional teachers. I studied here from March to June 2023, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their language skills. The teachers are all highly qualified and experienced, and they create a supportive and engaging learning environment. I learned a lot in a short amount of time, and I made some great friends along the way.
Cássia Ishigaki: Incredible teachers and an exceptional team, you learn knowledge together with sincere friendships from different nationalities. I loved this place. The amazing people I met in the USA were at this school.
Taisa Lopes: ISAL is a good school. They have amazing teachers, the teachers encourage their students. you could meet people from many different countries. I loved studying there.
Juan David Hincapie Gomez: Excellent language institute, the teachers are very academic and explain the topics very well, they do daily application activities. I hope to return and continue my process of learning English.
Luiz Guilherme: excellent teachers and great classrooms
Thiago Pires: Excellent English school, helpful staff and excellent teachers
Weverson Nosseis: I started studying at ISAL in September 2019. I had a elementar English vocabulary by that time, but rapidly I began to develop new skills. With everyday practice, within one year I got accepted to a college in Boston. During the 10 months I was at ISAL I got not only English tutoring, but I also made great friends, got to know a lot more about other cultures, tried new food (my friends and I used to share our lunch), and also got directions and tips about what should I do, and how to prepare to college. Last December 2022, I just got my Associate In Science degree.Thanks ISAL, all the professors and directors for your classes and instructions.
Diego Villarreal: It's an excellent school. I was able to improve my level of English. The teachers are dedicaded to your success and it is a very good environment to study. I made really good friends there. I recommend ISAL as an English learning school 100%
Vitalii Dyakov: The best place in Boston to learn English! Thank you so much guys!
Ketlhin Thurmann: Excellent English School with great teachers and professionals. Sasha and Max always very professional, attentive and sweet. In one year I learned and developed a lot my English at ISAL. I really recommend it!
Алексей Смирнов: Great school :) I have increased my English and it was a really cool time.
Javkhlan Batsaikhan: iSAL will help you to achieve your learning goals.I enrolled in iSAL for more than six months to get a higher score on the TOEFL. I loved everything about it.First, administrators and teachers. My teachers were committed to helping me prepare for my specific academic goals. They also used a lot of examples about American culture and everyday language which I found to be both interesting and enjoyable. Both the administrators and teachers at iSAL are knowledgeable, engaging, and very helpful. As a result, I improved my TOEFL score and was accepted by the college I applied for. Thank you for your dedicated help iSAL.Second, international classmates. At iSAL you will meet an eclectic group of people from all around the world. My classmates were from many different countries, including Brazil, Belarus, Chile, Columbia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, and of course, Mongolia (that's me). The best part of that is you will be ready to go to your next academic goals with lifelong friends and mentors.Simply, thank you, everyone!Javkhlan
Alex Orlov: A very good school, these 4 months were unforgettable. My English level has really grown!
Thays Tabosa: Cheguei na Isal sem saber falar nada em inglês, foram 06 meses de uma experiência incrível!!!Os professores são ótimos e a didática também, as aulas tem muita interação entre os colegas que são de vários países, isto faz você pensar, criar frases e situações em inglês. Foi maravilhoso estudar na Isal.
Cibelle Araújo: I learned a lot in 3 months of study. As all learning depends more on your interest.
SHAHIN MEMMEDLI: My first school in Amerika,I like Isal.Thanks for all.
Roberta Soares Sieverdt: They are the best school in Boston!! I couldn't have had a more incredible experience than the one I had with them. Practical and quality teaching. Always very helpful with everything I needed. I will really miss being at ISAL.
Fernanda Cristina: I loved studying at ISAL all these years, it was an excellent learning experience!
Maiara Cotrim Lütkemaier Batista: Ótima escola! Professores super qualificados e atentos no que precisamos para evoluir com nosso inglês . Comecei sem falar nada e hoje sou capaz de falar e entender . Super recomendo !Great school! Teachers are qualified and attentive to what we need to evolve with our English. I started without saying anything and today I am able to speak and understand . I recommend it!
Tariny Botelho: I had a great time and experience studying at ISAL. They help me a lot to improve my English skills. Teachers are very qualified and helpful. If you really want to learn English I highly recommend ISAL.

2. Worcester State University - Worcester

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Worcester State University
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Address: 486 Chandler St, Worcester, MA 01602

Telephone: (508) 929-8000

Business type: University

3. Framingham State University - Framingham

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Framingham State University
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Address: 100 State St, Framingham, MA 01701

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: (508) 620-1220

Business type: University

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