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1. Acupuncture & Nutrition - George Mandler LDN LicAc - Stow

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Acupuncture & Nutrition - George Mandler LDN LicAc
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Address: 132 Great Rd #201, Stow, MA 01775

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3PM Mon

Telephone: (617) 913-5970

Business type: Acupuncture clinic

Acupuncture & Nutrition - George Mandler LDN LicAc: what do users think?
Jennifer Tuman: I've lived in the Boston area for 4 years and suffered from terrible allergies the entire time. I saw 2 ENT's, 2 allergists, and a gastroenterologist with no relief. I tried everything including allergy shots and sublingual allergy drops and nothing helped. I was really suffering. But I've been seeing George for only a few months now and my symptoms have gone away! George has significantly improved the quality of my life and I can't recommend him highly enough.
Paula: I’ve been a client of George’s for over 6 years. When I first started seeing him, I was very much afraid of needles, but he came so highly recommended to me that I decided to give it a shot. Soon after, I began feeling great relief and before I knew it, I was seeing him weekly for any other condition that would pop up. George became my first line of defense. He has successfully treated me for a number of conditions and I have no words to properly express how grateful I am to know him. If you are struggling with a condition, do yourself a favor and get an appointment with George.
Julie Manoogian: I first went to Acupuncture with George in May of 2018 and his treatments have had an important impact on my life that I’m incredibly grateful for.I had never considered acupuncture before that, but was recommended by my esthetician during a facial when I was complaining about consistent acne and poor digestion. George is fantastic at what he does - especially because he takes time to listen to clients to inform the ideal treatment plan which may even change from session to session. I had a reduction of stress and my other issues were really alleviated with consistent treatment.In the Fall of 2021 I had significant neck/back issues and was recommended to see a physical therapist. After over a month of working with the physical therapist and not seeing the results i was hoping for, I updated my approach and went back to acupuncture with George. I was so grateful that his treatment was designed specifically for me and my issues, and also built off of my initial experience and what he knew about my body (e.g. tight back).I can’t recommend George enough due to his knowledge, approach, and overall ability to make clients feel comfortable.
Marian Wilson: So many people don’t understand the vast healing powers of acupuncture until they’ve given it a try. This used to be me, until I finally took the initiative to make an appointment with Acupuncturist George Mandler, a skilled and knowledgeable healer - and experienced results.George’s work has made all the difference in helping get me back on track from some health challenges this past year. It is mainly a four point acupuncture technique, and I am amazed how this works ! ! Truly profound. In reading up on this practice, I’ve discovered just how universal acupuncture can be for a wide array of health matters.I appreciate George’s holistic point of view, which has inspired me to play a bit of a detective with my everyday habits, re-stepping up my efforts and awareness for how nutrition and movement directly affect my health and state of mind. The acupuncture treatments, Chinese herbs, and my renewed awareness of the very important role I play in my own healing have been game changers for me.If you find yourself at a crossroads with a health issue,definitely take a quick minute to send George an inquiry email to see if he may be of help to you.Try a session(s) and experience the healing benefits for yourself !
Katherine Nimz: George Mandler is a true healer. He has made a tremendous impact in my life. He has shown me you can recover from the ravages of stress and find renewed health and vitality, no matter where you fall on the continuum. I'm truly blessed to have benefitted from his gifts..
Nicole Butterworth: Highly Recommend! Incredible experience. After 2yrs of chronic back pain, trying physical therapy & 2 rounds of spinal injections, acupuncture with George was my saving grace. I also pursued treatment for menstrual pain. Needless to say, this has been life changing.
Patti Santagate: I have been to many Drs for different ailments, including psoriatic arthritis, none have been able to help me the way George Mandler has. I always feel better leaving his office! I highly recommend him.
Danielle Bettio: George was a godsend! I was struggling with terrible topical steroid withdrawal and eczema, fatigue & allergies and his treatment helped tremendously with the chronic discomfort and pain i was experiencing. Was so refreshing and relieving to find a health practitioner who listens to and cares about his patients. highly recommend. the beautiful parks in Stow are a plus :) looked forward to my acupuncture treatments (and Chinese herbal remedies) every week. Felt better as i continued to see him. Thank you George!!
Maia Mamulashvili: I have been working with George for five months now and words can’t express how great my experience has been. He is an amazing practitioner. Before I found him, I had been feeling the most ill I had ever felt in my life - I had severe GI symptoms that had drastically reduced the qualify of my life. After spending a year and a half going through the hospital system which did nothing for my Illness but leave me feeling physically worse and emotionally exhausted and frustrated, I found George.Right away at my first appointment with George, I knew that I had come to the right place. George did what no other healthcare practitioner did for me - he LISTENED and spent the time necessary to make an accurate assessment for my health. He is incredibly knowledgeable and I have learned a lot from him about listening to my body and the process of healing. My GI symptoms including the debilitating pain that I had been experiencing are now gone and I feel healthier and happier overall. I can finally enjoy my life again and it feels incredible! I could never thank George enough for what he’s done for me. I trust him and I’ve recommended him to my family members and friends. I highly recommend him to anyone reading this - give him a chance to help you heal and feel better, you won’t regret it. My only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner.
Micaela Grady: As a 15+ year Meniere's Disease sufferer, finding effective treatment for the frequent vertigo attacks and lingering brain fog symptoms can seem nearly impossible. Most GP's or ENT's don't know enough about the condition to treat it without high risk procedures that are not guaranteed to work. George was the first medical professional I've met, who was genuinely optimistic and committed to helping me get back to the healthy and active person I was before. The combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and diet changes, I feel like I am finally in a place of recovery. I couldn't be more pleased with the treatment I received; and very comforting to have a plan in place in case my symptoms resurface in the future.
Ellen Pillman: George is an extraordinary practitioner. He is thoughtful, listens attentively to your issues, and very knowledgeable. He genuinely cares that you not only heal, but reach optimal health, and it shows in his treatments.George has been treating me for about 2 months and all my inflammation, numbness and pain are gone, without drugs.I am sleeping through the night and I feel happier and healthier than ever.I highly recommend him to anyone considering an alternative to Western medicine or in addition to it. He is the best!
Lindsay Shamoian: One word. Amazing. George is the best of the best. I was actually recommended to George from my OBGYN as I was struggling with painful and heavy menstrual cycles that were really impacting my day to day. With regular weekly treatments, my issues are resolved. I was able to do this without the conventional route of having to take prescribed hormones. George was able to address this by focusing in on me as an individual, rather just my chronic dysmenorrhea. This is something that most western medical doctors aren't able to do. He was also able to guide me though nurturing myself with better foods, supplements and herbs. During my treatment time I was able to learn to connect to my breath and begin to heal. Forever grateful. 10/10 would recommend.
Lydia Napoli: One of the greatest regrets I have is not finding George sooner. It makes me sad to think about my first three pregnancies where my vomiting was so out of control and how my fourth went in comparison. George’s herbs and acupuncture changed my pregnancy completely. I love the sort of calm meditation that was part of the acupuncture and also the ritual of drinking the herbs became a part of the day I looked forward to. I had unbelievable energy and I think it was why I had such a seamless delivery (under 30 minutes). He took care of me postpartum as well and also helped me realize I was indeed B12 deficient which has transformed my daily life as well. He is the only practitioner I have ever seen who listens so well, piecing together clues. And his knowledge of Chinese Traditional Medicine combined with western medicine is a winning and safe combination. If you have fertility/pregnancy woes, see George!
Kokes Zahariadis: George's expertise is the reason why a back injury that had nagged me for over 2 years is gone! Thank you George!
diana rasoul: I started seeing George summer 2019 du to whiplash from a car accident , when George fixed this problem I continued with him for some emotional imbalances. With his Korean acupuncture style he was able to release all the blockages I had , I am so much in balance now and in a so much better place! It was a life changing..Two months go my dad got sick with covid and was hospitalized for a month, I was going back and forth with George using tele medicine, he was following up with every single symptom and prescribed herbs for my dad who is diabetic with weak Kidneys and very compromised Lungs. I was able to deliver the herbs as tea to my dad in the hospital every day , doctors there were amazed by his fast improvement in his lungs and oxygen levels ! He had to stay longer though in the hospital to address his sugar levels which rocketed after administering steroids to him, but even his sugar started leveling up after introducing the herbs.I don’t think my dad would’ve survived the covid without George’s help and his herbs!Dad is 79 years, and he is back now to his usual daily independent activities! I can’t thank George enough 🙏🏻
Lisa Santhana: George Mandler resolved my long-standing health issues that had western medical doctors baffled. I can’t say it any other way. I saw George regularly for at least a year (even longer now) and never felt better in my life. I have been able to take some time off from treatments bc I have felt so good, but I always come back to him anytime I feel anything negative happening to my health. He deserves 5 stars for everything. My Husband is now seeing him and already understands why I was so dedicated to my treatments with George.
Laurie DuBois: George is an amazing healthcare practitioner. He has a very calm demeanor and really listens to you. His treatments and customized herbal treatments were very good. I would highly recommend him. Also, his office has great Covid protocols and I never felt uncomfortable or concerned with an in office visit.
Samantha Murphy: I have had chronic issues going on that nobody could figure out for about a year and I was so desperate for help. Dr George was able to fast track me on my way to health in just two weeks before I headed back to school. This is my first acupuncture experience, Dr George made sure I was comfortable and explained everything he was doing so clearly. I will be coming back for more treatments!
Sandra Austin: George is a truly an excellent practitioner. First and foremost, he really listens and takes great notes, which he refers to regularly at each visit. He is intelligent, well studied, and very reflective on his approach to treatment. Acupuncture with George twice per week during chemotherapy was instrumental in treating side effects of both chemo and neulasta. Having had several rounds of chemo without acupuncture and then more rounds with acupuncture, I was amazed at the difference in how I felt. Post chemo, George helped me to quickly return to excellent health. His staff is very helpful and the office is convenient, comfortable, and a very relaxing environment.
Eileen Lindsey: After fighting Covid-19 for ten days on my own, my body was tired and showed multiple signs of low immunity. I am a healthy 52 year old with no underlying health conditions and was struggling with the side effects of this virus. Once I began treatment with George Mandler, my recovery began. Without the herbs prepared for me by George, my path would have been different. This was the strongest virus I have had in my life and I credit the treatment from a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, George Mandler, for my recovery.My 21 year old son who is also in good health, was seriously affected by the Covid-19 virus. He too was fighting the virus on his own and was given albuterol by his M.D. to help with his breathing difficulty. This caused problems with his heart, which led to a night in the covid unit at the hospital as they tried to treat his tachycardia and viral pneumonia. The next day he started taking herbs prescribed for him by George and started to get better. This totally changed the trajectory of his illness. Without the treatment from George Mandler, I can honestly say, I believe his illness was on a different path.My son and I, both owe our health to George Mandler and the treatments he prescribed for us. Please take advantage of this option, it will make fighting this virus easier and restore you to good health.
Fawn MacAdie: I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatments from George for over five years now. Within the past five years he’s treated me bi-monthly through my entire pregnancy with twins and beyond. During my pregnancy I was able to grow healthy full term twins along with help in easing some of the discomfort of carrying two babies through acupuncture from George. I’ve continued seeing George on a regular basis to help get my hormones get back in balance along with sleeping and overall health. He has helped me and my body through so much and I highly recommend acupuncture treatments from George. The benefits I gain from his treatments last long after I leave the table and have noticed a major difference in my overall health and well-being. You are in great hands under his care!

2. One World Acupuncture - Leominster

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One World Acupuncture
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Address: 646 Central St, Leominster, MA 01453

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Tue

Telephone: (978) 722-4682

Business type: Acupuncture clinic

One World Acupuncture: what do users think?
Annie A: She’s the best!
erin ryan: What a fantastic acupuncture center. They are professional but more important they are talented! I cannot recommend them enough.
Hannah Brotman: I went to a free day and bought a 5 visit pass for a special price. I was told it didn't expire. And wasn't told whether or not it was transferable. With the shuffle of apartment issues, I lost the business card and then found it after about a year or so. I then emailed them and asked if I could use all the visits as a gift for my friend who suffers from a chronic illness. And they said no. It had been a while since I had purchased the package deal so I also wanted to make sure it wasn't expired. And they said it definitely wasn't. And I could use it any time.Then another time a year later, I emailed to make sure they were still valid so I could use them. And I said I would be interested in purchasing some visits for that friend and using the ones I had purchased on myself. I was told that it must have been purchased more than 2 years ago so therefore they have no record of my purchase. When I bought them, I was told I didn't need any paperwork to verify the purchase because they would have that on file. So. I was told my purchase was no longer valid and I could just buy more for myself and my friend. I am out 80 dollars and very disappointed. I'm sure their services are OK. But I am not going to be purchasing more visits when I already did, and they refuse to honor them. Gift certificates in this state are to be honored for ten years. Purchases such as this should also be honored. This was only a couple years, not ten. At this point I just wish I had my money back. And the fact that I didn't immediately use the visits should not be an issue. Things happen in life. And we lose track of things. But if you as a business, sell something to someone, you should have record of it well past two years. And if something has an expiration date, the customer should be informed.
Michelle Comeau: Tess is amazing! She is knowledgeable, professional, kind and friendly. Extremely happy with some results so far, and it's only my second visit. Looking forward to my future visits.
Jim Lillie: Outstanding
Bill Hearn: Great community acupuncture. Tess Bois is awesome! Moved to 98 Adams Street, Suite 104, Leominster, MA.

3. China Acupuncture Health Center - Westford

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China Acupuncture Health Center
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Address: 175 Littleton Rd, Westford, MA 01886

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: (978) 692-8889

Business type: Weight loss service

China Acupuncture Health Center: what do users think?
Shirley Guidoboni: Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience. I have been seeing Joy over several years for both chronic and acute medical conditions. Joy is not only a skilled clinician and practitioner, she is kind and compassionate. Joy truly cares about each individual patient. As a member of the health care community myself, it has been a blessing to find someone who has the experience, skill and empathy that is crucial for healing and recovery. I initially saw Joy for chronic post surgical adhesion pain (which I was told I would have to "live with") What transpired was nothing short of a miracle. My pain level decreased dramatically and I was able to function normally .again. Since that time I have seen Joy for neck/back and knee pain with the same great results. I have referred family and friends to Joy as well.Thank you so much Joy!
Dina Kanabar: Very disappointed. Not going there again.Went to another practitioner and in 3 treatments felt so much better. Had elbow problems.
Nancy Kirwin: I first met Joy in 2010. With her help I was able to take my dream cruise to Alaska. I was afraid, because of debilitating back pain that it might have to be cancelled. Instead, with Joy's amazing gift, I had a wonderful nearly pain free experience.About a year later I underwent back surgery. The surgery was successful and, again with Joy's help, healing was hastened. I remained pain free until recently when the Spinal Stenosis returned in and around the surgical area. Again, I have turned to Joy for relief and it is working beautifully.In addition to being a skilled acupuncture practitioner, Joy is a warm and caring person by nature and is truly concerned about each of her patients.Thank you, Joy, for a life of being able to garden, cook and enjoy life.Nancy Kirwin, Wilmington, MA

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